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Once there was a time when I used to spend time in the local library, and one day I discovered finnish translated Dragonlance books from one shelf, and I decided to read one book. It was quite good, and since I haven't yet read some series through, like: A Song Of Ice And Fire and Wheel of Time, I'll definitely keep reading more DL books.

They're so magnificent and catchy. At the moment I'm finishing the first book of the whole series. Dragons of Autumn Twilight. I've a collector's edition, which features the first three books as one. It has only been bit over three weeks, when I found a new spark and it reignited my desire to read books, and I'm pretty sure that I won't stop at Dragonlance Chronicles, I'll conquer all of the mentioned book series and venture forth into the unknown areas of the world of books! Smile Smilie

So, pass by and share your thoughts about DL. Tell me what characters are your favorites and so on. (I've read massive amount of the books in finnish, but that's the core of my problems, since I want to experience it all in english). My knowledge isn't that vast, but it'll definitely increase in due time.

Thanks for reading.

I wish I'd read  these books so I could contributeSad Smilie

Hey, Odette, they're very magnificent books. I could borrow mine to you once I've read them all. Smile Smilie

I just finished reading of 'Dragons of Autumn Twilight'.

So now I'll begin to read the second one, um.. What it was.. Oh yes, Dragons of Winter Night. Smile Smilie