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Thread: Artist renderings.

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There are various artists gifted in bringing Tolkien's lush World to life in oils, pencil and ink. ’Wonderful gentle souls like Alan Lee, Jay Johnstone, John Howe, Kim Benson,’Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Ted Nasmith are only a few easily found online, some with calendars and books of there own featuring wonderful renderings of Middle Earth, it's characters, dwellings and supernatural beings. ’ ’’ If you could request an image from one of these ’wonderful artists ( or any other artisan ) what or who would it be? ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ ’ Mine would be an image of the halls of the Dwarrodelf in its full glory, full of light, prosperous Dwarves and perhaps some Elf Lords visiting during its days of splendour. ’My other choice would have to be ’the Meneltarma, perhaps with Tar-Palantir, the last Elf friend and honourable King of Numenor, ascending to pay tribute to Eru Iluvatar. ’ ’ What would you like to see and why?

Thoughtful thread dear Brego. Hmm, let me see. I guess I should request a detailed picture of Cirdan the Shipright as he laboured on the last ship. I think he is beyond lovely and mysterious and gentle and fierce at the same time. I would like to see the spray of the sea portrayed in the air around him, the liquid light upon the slapping water, and Cirdan's noble proud face and figure lost in work and thought.

Lovely vision Leelee. Perhaps even in his haven harbour on the Island of Balar, which I don't think we have ever seen except for in our minds eye.
Lothl’rien in the later days of the Fourth Age; all Elves gone, the once smooth bark of the mallorns gnarled and twisted with age, drifts of dull golden leaves shifting in the wandering wind, lesser trees growing in the clearings where vine-choked mallorns have fallen, ancient, rotten flets breaking apart in tired age... a land said to be cursed by Men and tales of the fair folk all but dust and children's fancies. All shall fade...
All would fade indeed Fornad, sad indeed. But where there is decay, nature brings new wonders and life. This new life however could never compete with the splendour and perfection of Elveness, frozen in time by the ring of Adament, and the protection of Galadriel. The addition of a forlorn and lost Queen Arwen would complete the image. Powerful indeed as this scene would probably be the last thing she would see and be her ultimate reminder of her Mortal choice. PJ gave us a haunting glimpse of this and I must say it truly rammed home exactly what she had given up.

I think Valinor.  I dream Valinor, I whisper Valinor, I trace Valinor with my fingertip across the air.  Haven't we always dreamed of Heaven?

The beaches of Eldamar, a wandering Teleri or two.

Also, a gentle valley in Lebennin, on its way to the Sea.

Lake Evendim among the hills, with its beautiful new city Annuminas... little boats...

Beautiful words as usual Marghana, brings a tear..... How about Awakening in Cuivienen. Wouldn't that be lovely. Just bright starlight and peaceful Elves wandering the shores, exploring their first home on the blessed shores.

Uff! We can only choose one image, don't we? Difficult task Brego, wonderful thread by the way.

I will choose Ithilien during the ancient times of splendor and also years after the union of Faramir and Eowyn. I mean, I would like to see how a place can go from golden days to oblivion - destruction and finally raise again. Yes, Ithilien would be my choice.

Valinor would be my second option maybe. Good place Marghana. I think in brief we might open a thread in which PT members can put their pictures of Tolkien places or characters showing their drawing skills. Me, I cannot paint whatever but would enjoy it a lot.

I should like to see the great tree at last finished by Niggle after he was called away from this life. He worked on each leaf sometimes for days or weeks, all those years. I would like to see that.

I have to get that book Leelee!!!!!