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Hello fellow fans of Tolkien and Middle-Earth, The purpose of this thread will be to discuss what our thoughts on King Dain and King Brand's effort to thwart the might of Sauron's minions in the North. I believe that their effort to hold back the invasion of the north is unappreciated, but it certainly plays a major role in the backstory. Discuss your thoughts on what might have happened had the two ferocious allies not been where they were. I am new to this site, but I am considering creating a forum about a story near Dale and Erebor, detailing the effort of the northmen and Durin's folk. Please give me your thoughts. P.S: there may be time set-backs as I live in Australia. Sincerely, Your bearded friend, Gror Falkbeard.
If they weren't there, Mirkwood and perhaps Lorien would have fallen to Sauron. After all, those forces attacking Dale and Erebor was supposed to unite with the army attacking Mirkwood after their victory.

I really like the dwarves. They are very good soldiers. They also seem to be the race which most makes things happen. The Noldor tried to defeat Morgoth, but were ultimatly defeated. The Sindar could not keep peacefulness. Men can't keep Numenore, and fail in destroying the ring. But Dwarves? They don't do much, but what they say they will do, they do. Through persistence and stubbornness, they get the job done. That is a really cool trait, and I admire them for it.


Where were the armies of Mirkwood?


Undoubtedly one of my favorite traits of the dwarfs as well, although their hardiness and stubbornness is not always a good thing. 

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Sauron's forces were laying siege to the elves of Mirkwood.

Thanks Glorfindel,

Now I am not trying to take away from any other Guilds currently running, but would it be cool if I started a guild about the war, where the dwarves, elves and northmen had their stories justly told in greater depth?

Feedback would be epic?

you could write some fan-fic about it, that's usually something fun to do.

Cool, I shall try that

So, i think that king Dain had a great friendship with Brand because of the fact that he was slain defending the body of his stricken ally. If Pellennor fields was lost than all of Eastern ME would of been under complete rule for the forces of Evil. The dwarves were outnumbered and they retreated to the lonely Mountain. so there they waited for the Men of the West to win the "Greatest Battle of Our Time!"

I feel the same way, the friendship was true and very real; and indeed Pelenor Fields was "the greatest battle of our time" but what would have happened if the battle of Pelenor was won but, the battle of Dale had been lost, what would have happened."When you think of the great Battle of the Pelennor, do not forget the battles in Dale and the valour of Durin's Folk. Think of what might have been. Dragon-fire and savage swords in Eriador! There might be no Queen in Gondor."I felt proud when I read this, the scenario was comment worthy, or so Gandalf thought.

After Gimli Dain is the best dwarf, he is a venerable old dwarf, but can still wield a weapon. So i think he was slain when he was 250 years old. I always thought about what happened to his kingdom in the Iron hills. They might of been able to hold out against the onslaught. Also i like the forum, mate. Really cool and of the subject.

250 is not venerable, it is middle aged. He was having a bit of a mid-life crisis and behaved rather rashly on the battlefield.

I thought that an old dwarf lived to three hundred years, I know Dwalin was past 310 when he died in the fourth age, but i cant say that Dain would have been a "middle aged dwarf" he was getting to the point where he may have been deemed to old to wield a weapon in battle.

@Amras: " Also i like the forum, mate. Really cool and of the subject." I give my thanks for those posting on this page, it makes me proud to call myself a Tolkien fan. I give all my thanks to this website and those on it.

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