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I think I would choose FotR especially Extented DVD edition.

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This is a no brainer for me, without a shadow of a doubt FOTR (the extended DVD version) blows TTT away. I expect that the extended version of TTT will make me like it a little more, but IMO, TTT is already the weak link of the three. As long as ROTK is better than TTT, I will be happy with the overall effort of the three films collectively. If PJ hacks up ROTK the way he did TTT (which I don’t think he will, in fact I’m expecting ROTK to be the best of the bunch), then I personally feel that the three films together will be a waste. No matter what happens though, FOTR on it’s own is an absolute triumph. The extended DVD version of FOTR has already become my favorite film of all time!
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So far I like The Fellowship of the Ring best, but if the extended version of The Two Towers is better, than maybe I'll like that one! Big Smile Smilie
I haven`t seen the extended version of FOTR, so I can`t recommend anything on that. Between the normal versions of TTT and FOTR, I like TTT the best! I don`t know why.One thing I was disappointed about, in TTT, was that it seemed more modern. I didn`t mind though. Even though it seemed more modern, I liked those parts. Cool Smilie
I haven't seen the extended version of FotR, and for now, at least, I actually like TTT better. That may change upon viewing the FotR version, though, based on the wonderful things I've heard of it.
I like them both for varying reasons. FOTR because it follows more closely the book but also because it introduces us to the whole picture of Middle Earth. I liked the characters - how they were defined and the way the story progressed. The extended CD version is an all time classic.

TTT is in itself an masterpiece - the grandness of scale and the attention to detail in the battle scenes makes it something special. Parts of this movie sort of reminded me of a style of Western - the Indians surrounding the Fort and good old John Wayne Aragorn defending the gate while the cavalry ride to the rescue at the eleventh hour. Good fun escapism.

I am very hopeful that ROTK will be the ultimate. We will need to wait and see.
I liked them both but I think FOTR is better.
FOTR, TTT was a big dissappointment, but maybe Jackson will put some things rght in the extend version (I hope so). Ad mainly because of TTT was badly shortened, like Boromir died in FOTR and there was no shelob., i really would have liked to she that big bad*** spider and the look on sam's face when he hears his master isn't dead and ending with sam asleep in front of the doors.

TTT 's ending in the movie was lame just escaped/released from faramir... that was so lame the changes to faramir.

But the begining blowed me away and set the mood for the movie, but it was a pety my expetations weren't coming true

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TTT was a big dissappointment
That was probably because you knew what to exect for the second one. When I first saw FOTR I was completely blown away by the scale of it all. This effect was lessened in TTT because I had seen FOTR on the same grand scale.
As of right now I like the Two Towers better, but that's probably because it's still new. You know what I mean? It'll probably be easier to judge once RotK comes out, (so I'm preoccupied with something else).
Both are not bad, but i have to voice my opinion. The Fellowship of the Ring was great, especially the Extended edition, but it wasnt excellent. It would be better if the Hobbits Frodo and Sam went through the Old Forest, and met Tom Bombadil. the audience who didnt read the books would be intruged by him and Goldberry.
The Two Towers was great also. But it would have been better if Faramir wasnt so twisted. Smile Smilie but they are both neck and neck[the special extended edition of FOTR]
It would be better if the Hobbits Frodo and Sam went through the Old Forest, and met Tom Bombadil.

I did miss Tom Bombadil when I first watch FOTR, but when I thought about it, IMO it's kinda better that he wasn't in the movie because I have this image of him in my mind and I would hate it if PJ change it. It's even possible that Tom in the movie wouldn't be able to come across as magical as he is in the book.

Anyways, I do like FOTR better than TTT because in TTT there are some scenes which kinda drag sometimes, although Helm's Deep was great. Of course, TTT Extended Edition might be better though it will then be compared to the FOTR E. Edition.
i am shocked. 80 really. Tom Bombadil is my second favorite character! i was POed. really.
I liked the first one better because the trilogy went from Frodo being the main character to Aragon. That and the first one is always best becuase you don't know what to expect.
I think this is a hard choice because the movies are so different from each other. In the first film there are a lot of different characters and we get to know them as a Fellowship. There aren’t so many special features in the first film; it is mostly an introduction of what’s to come and based on building up excitement for the audience so that we will keep on coming back to the cinemas for the next film. The second film is one big special feature and we get to see amazing graphic and awesome battle scenes! I really like the first film cause it stays more to the book and it is’heart warming if you know what I mean? But the second is also great! I just can’t come up with a good reason just now’I really liked the Balrog, Gollum and the battle scenes’yup. But this is my opinion. Smoke Smilie
Am I the only one here who likes the fact that Tom Bombadil wasn't in the movie??

In the book, nothing is pointless, but I feel that if he were in the movie it would only be filler. So I'm glad that PJ kept him out.

No you’re not the only one Ringfacwen, I totally agree with you. Although I was disappointed that Tom wasn't in the film, I understood immediately why PJ didn’t include him in the film. For the sake of making the movie, it just wouldn’t have worked (unless FOTR was like 5 hours long).
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I liked the LotR: The Fellowship of the Ring the best. I loved the way Hobbition was presented and to me battle scenes were ho hum, like those are standard fare in many movies today. Of course I've only seen LotR: The Two Towers once, maybe I will change my mind after viewing the DVDs a few times. Elf Winking Smilie
I liked the two towers better it had more action and better special effects Big Smile Smilie
I'll reserve my judgement until I have seen the extended version of TTT. That extra half hour made a great difference to the first film, so it might do the same to the second.
I'll reserve my judgement until I have seen the extended version of TTT. That extra half hour made a great difference to the first film, so it might do the same to the second.

Good idea Val, I think that's what we all should do, it will be interesting to see what new parts will be in it.
Ringfacewen, I can`t really comment because I haven`t got up to the part where they meet Tom. I`m sure that I`ll have some thought or two when I`ve read the whole book. From what I`ve read, I`m not disappointed. I know there were some extremely big changes, but, I somehow, wasn`t disappointed. I like the book, I think it`s hobtastic! Big Laugh Smilie I love the films to and neither of them were disappointments to me. I don`t realise most of the changes yet, but I think I`ll still be satisfied, when I do. I can`t wait till ROTK. I`m sure I`ll cry buckets, when there`s sad parts, if there`s sad parts.

C ya l8tr.
...I can`t really comment because I haven`t got up to the part where they meet Tom. I
Sheryl: I thought you finished FotR and TTT, and were just waiting to read RotK until after you had seen the third movie. If that is the case, then you must have skipped Chapters 6, 7, and 8 of FotR Book I, for that is where you should have met Tom Bombadil. Elf Winking Smilie
I`m on chapter six: The Old Forest. In other words, I said I haven`t been introduced to that character.

Do you get me now? I`m going to read the book until as far as I get, before ROTK comes out.

Sheryl xx Cool Smilie
Okay, sorry I misunderstood you Sheryl. Keep reading. Happy Elf Smilie
LadyFeawen posted on 5/3/2003 at 19:16 in Tolkien Characters vs Other Fairy Tale Creatures under General Discussion
What Lord of the Rings movie did you like most?The Fellowship of the ring or The two towers?

Hmm...I sure hope there is/will be an extended version of TTT.I never saw the extended version of FotR though.
As for chosing between one of them...I would say I like them both.FotR was better but TTT has great effects...

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I view them as one big movie, so my favorite movie ever seen is Lord of the Rings!
Elda, I`m 99% sure that there will be a TTT extended DVD. I haven`t seen FOTR extended version either, I wish I had though. Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

I will soon, hopefully........

Gayaiaion, that`s the best way to see the two parts of the movie, well I think so. The reason I think this is because, you don`t go comparing them with eachother and if you link them, you`ve got a whole, extremely long, movie.

If all 3 parts were linked up into one, I think I would just about survive over a nine hour film. I know what would keep me awake, ORLANDO/LEGOLAS..................

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