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I'm not a geek...I'm a dork. Big Smile Smilie

My friend gave me a FotR calendar for Christmas...and isn't Borders the greatest store on earth? I could seriously live there...if it had food...and a place to sleep...
I've had Tolkien calendars every year for ages now, and I don't consider myself a geek anymore. Though this year I couldn't find a non-movie related one, so I've got a Muppet one instead, woo-hoo!
Writer's block?
i never get it. partially because i never write anything other than english essays and they're really easy...
i think i will redecorate my room.. get a new bed and paint the walls bright pink and yellow.
mum will have a fit! tee hee.. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Pink and Yellow! Big Smile Smilie Have you heard of Mr Blobby over there? Or that old joke, what's pink and yellow and runs down windows?
who da hells Mr. Blobby and i don't know that joke.
argh, ok, perhaps pink and yellow was a little too far. how about sky-blue or dusty pink?
Sky blue would be better. Not dusty pink though... maybe royal Chelsea blue, far better. And put up some piccys, make it look more homey! Smile Smilie
i have a reproduction of Starry Night. maybe i'll get it framed and stick it up. it's my favourite painting, ever! but the reproduction hasn't quite got all the right colours. could look really cheap. hm..
Trust me, you stick it behind glass and nothing looks cheap! (I've got stuff I did on my PC framed and it looks really good!)
My walls are covered in posters, and it looks really great, even if I have to say it myself! You can't even see the wallpaper anymore! Great, believe me! Whenever you wake up and look around, there's always sth new to discover! Smile Smilie

My brother got me a LOTR poster!! (I have a great brother!) Must make some room to put it up! Big Smile Smilie
you're not a geek. i will give loads of money for a cheap replica of the ring. now, tell me, where is that bookstore...
Actually, Ted Naismith puts out a LOTR calendar each year. If you like his artwork, which I do, it is worth the $20C. The problem is they get picked up so fast you don't dare wait for the Boxing Day sale. Borders bookstores are located all over the US. They have a website and from there you can locate the store nearest you.
i will give loads of money for a cheap replica of the ring.
It all depends on the meaning of "cheap"; however, the following URL has The Ring. Cool Smilie
Geekiness is a good thing in my estimation. It means you are not a follower of trends and you are true to yourself. Wear your geekdom as a badge of honor! I
Yeah, what wrong with geeks? I've alwys been called one.

Didn't you have a great sig. a while back Prog? Something like "You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same." That says it all, really. Cool Smilie
He still has Golly, read the page, go on, read it. Wink Smilie
Oops. Hee hee. *embarrassed laugh*

I forgot that you can't see the sigs. on post reply mode.
Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie

I sure want to get one of those Rings on a chain, you know, would look nice, I think. And they're less expensive. Still cost enough, but not as much as a golden or silver replica of the One Ring. And I like the one on the chain. Tongue Smilie
They are pretty cool, aren't they? But not really worth the trouble of fighting off those pesky Nazgul...
Big Laugh Smilie

Hmmm I'm not so sure yet. Tongue Smilie Don't think they'll find me here in B*lgium anyway.
Talking about geeks: did you check out the article about Lego Legolas? Now that's geeky! However cool it is... Cool Smilie

I wanted to comment. How? Smoke Smilie
I think you have log off first. I know I can't comment when I'm logged on.
Hmm. I'll try that, thanks Golly! Big Smile Smilie
Green! Green, I say! I am completely Green with envy!!! I don't have anything close to your collection of Maps. MERP is so hard to get my hands on.

Val, that level of mapping is completely cool. I bow before your greatness. May I achieve something cool as that. My weakest understanding is the places in ME. Where things happen and how long it takes to get from place to place. I have the Atlas Of ME and it helps, but my strengths are language, people and objects.

As to levels of characters, I am not running the MERP system but one taken mainly from Harnmaster. It's very complex and I have tried to simplify it because it has many qualities that appeal to me. I really don't like leve-based systems like DnD. I like constant growth systems like Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, World of Darkness and Harnmaster. As you use skills and spells you have the chance of growing more competent at it.

As to high end role playing, I actually mean trying to help these guys refine their actual role playing skills. Being patient, waiting their turn, enjoying the role-play of others, not interuppting and keeping focused. It will not be easy. But i feel that it is worth the effort.
I admit that I need more stuff. Particularly maps.
My prize possessions are the MERP manuals that I managed to collect over the years. I have about thirty of them, and the colour maps in them are beautiful. They are really detailed so that the mountains and trees etc are all profiled, and even the lesser used paths and villages are on them.

My quest was to get coverage of the whole of Middle Earth, but unfortunately they were produced with a few gaps in them. Nevertheless I have most of Northern Eriador covered from the Blue Mountains, across Arthedain and Cardolan, down to Tharbad, and through Rhudaur and Dunland to the Misty Mountains. In this area I am missing Harlindon and Minhiriath.

From there, I have from Mt Gundabad, south down the length of the Misty Mountains and across to Helm's Deep. This series also covers Fangorn and an entire module for Moria, although I am missing Lothlorien.

Going east I have from Gundabad, across the Grey Mountains and the Withered Heath and as far east as the Iron Hills. Coming south from there, I have the whole of Mirkwood and most of the Anduin Vale, the Wold and the Brown Lands, the Dead Marshes and the Nindalf. Further to the East I have the River Running, Dorwinrim and the Sea of Rhun.

I am a bit lacking in Gondor, but I have Belfalas and that section of the White Mountains, Ithilien and across into Mordor, and a whole module dedicated to Minas Ithil. Far to the south I also have maps of Far Harad.

At one time I had them on my wall, with homemade maps filling the gaps, and they managed to fill a section over eight feet wide. Lost in the midst of this great expanse used to be a small piece of blue tack. This used to represent the characters, and on a good night's gaming they'd probably manage to move two or three inches.
I hope to teach them the finer points of high end role playing.
What level are you looking at? The highest my players ever reached was 22-26.
Actually, Melliot, I live in Columbia, Maryland USA. It's really funny, too. Columbia is a suburban city between DC and Baltimore. It's broken into sections, like the shire, called villages. Each village is dedicated to a major writer, with the roads being named after lines out of their works. I live in the Village of Longfellow.

On the other side of town, ther is a newer section called... Hobbit's Glen. Any guess who's work that's based off? That area has Rivendell Road, Riddermark Way, Merriadoc Way, Glamdring Ct, etc. Big Smile Smilie But I was saddened to find that it doesn't have any Hobbit holes. Sad Smilie Ah, well. Oh! But they do have a tavern! Yay!

Pretty cool, huh?
I would love to live in the Shire too, Glorfinel. So where do you live, I love to meet new people. If you live near one another, we could meet. But you probably live in England, and that won't happen, for a bit. I can't there from here, until I save a bit more money up.
Yes sir, MR. Val, That was indeed I.

My friend, it is with great sadness that I hear that you stopped gaming. I still find much joy in it. Been doing it for... 17 years now, I guess. Man, do I feel old. I am actually gearing up to run a LOTR campaign for a group of younger fellows (19-22) at my school. (yah, 32 and goin' back to school.) I hope to teach them the finer points of high end role playing. I have 35 pages of notes for the campaign so far. It's set 100 years past the WOTR and involves the search of the lost Palantiri and the purging of Moria. I am making the system myself by plagurizing the good ideas of others.

Anyway, I think that the TGRS would be a riot. For you sake and that of others that have passed their zenith of geekdom, we could include all things once possessed and prized. I admit that I need more stuff. Particularly maps. But I only have so much wall space. Oh! Wait! Ceilings! Yes!!!

Yay, Melliot! More Geeks! Geeks are cool! I'm a geek and proud of it. I think I'll let my Geek flag fly! My guess is we're all just a bit geeky here. You know. So many of you all seem so cool through your posts. I wish that it was possible to actually hang out with you all at a pub and be pleasantly social over a mug of cider and a pipe of Old Toby. Smoke Smilie

I want to live in the Shire. *sigh*
I guess I am a Tolkien Geek too. I have so much material scatterd over almost room in my house. I have stuff for family trees that I am making, and maps everywhere, even on the walls in my hallway. Books, I have no idea how many of those that I have. Just entirely tooo many.
A TGRS. An interesting concept Glorfinel.

A few years ago my living room and study were described by someone as being fire hazards due to the number of posters, books, calenders, Middle Earth Roleplaying manuals and character sheets etc. I was also a little concerned about being raided due to the number of homemade swords, maces, flails and staffs I had littering the place.

When I moved to a smaller place a couple of years ago, however, and stopped Roleplaying, most of my stuff got stored away in boxes in the bottom of a wardrobe. Saying that, though, my floor is currently littered with a dozen or so books that I use while in here.
I mean I did get 78 of them with out cracking a book...
Where you the person who e-mailed me, Glorfinel?
Hmmm, So Val! I think we need to come up with a Tolkien Geek Rating System. The TGRS. Points based. Based off of ratio of space in home to Tolkien based stuff. I live in a room of about 300sqfeet or 2250 feet3ed by volume.

I have 4 full sized Tolkien posters on my wall:
Movie -Legolas, ME Map
Hildebrandt art: Smaug's treasure horde, FOTR

Also on walls:
A Map to Bilbo's quest, a calender with Boromir presently on it, and fully functional, fullsized movie Glamdring and Sting replicas

Gandalf, with light up staff action
Lord of the Nazgul, with stabbiddy-Frodo-with-Morgul-Blade action
Lord of the Nazgul (from a pre-movie set) He's got a red gem in his head so his eyes can glow red it you put light over it.

The One Ring
Elrond's Ring - Vilya
Ring of the Nazgul
The Ring of Barahir

Books on CD
Hobbit BBC (only OK, the gandalf voice was horrible)
LOTR BBC (Freakin' Fantastic, Every voice was perfect.)
Tolkien reading selections from Hobbit, LOTR and Christopher reading the Silli Marilli... Or was that Milli Vanilli...

Books... a lot. 38 total... Sorry I just can't list'em all. I really should be doing homework... Anyway... If we did this, I'd list'em then.

Also there could be a test! Like the Trivia quizz that you made! But a new one. What can you answer from head honor system. I mean I did get 78 of them with out cracking a book... (sorry, I'm just really proud of that. Heh!) We could seek out Ultra-Geeks!

What do you think? What is our geek rating?
Gee, why don't I have a LotR calender? And where do you get all those posters, I want one for when I go away to school (you know, to put up in the dorm where normal kids put up pictures of supermodels). Where do you get all this stuff?
As to high end role playing, I actually mean trying to help these guys refine their actual role playing skills. Being patient, waiting their turn, enjoying the role-play of others, not interuppting and keeping focused. It will not be easy. But i feel that it is worth the effort
I see what you mean. I used to find that the bigger the party became, the harder it became to control them. Until I got used to handling 6-8 players, at times I used to struggle, everyone calling out their own ideas and actions, interrupting etc. I found two things really helped, and once I adopted them, I noticed instant improvements.

Firstly, I made a rule that anyone calling out was doing it in the game as well. Doesn't go down well if they are trying to be stealthy. I implimented a rule that if they shouted out an action out of turn, their character would then perform that action hastily, and therefore at a penalty.

At the same time as the above I also implimented an initative system whereby the players decided their character's actions, each of them telling me in turn. I'd write down all their actions, having already sorted out what the bad guys were going to be doing, and then calculated which segment of a round each action would take place in. We'd then play out the scene in that order, although to keep the atmosphere the players never knew which segment they would get their go.

This latter rule was one of the best ones I used in my opinion because it kept everything orderly, and once the actions were decided, things flowed really smoothly. Also, because it was possible for someone using a big unwieldy weapon, or casting a difficult spell, to be knocked unconcious or killed before they got to have their go, it encouraged players to select lighter weapons sometimes rather than the biggest thing they could wield, because these generally take less initive points, and thus come earlier in the round.

And if you want to panic them, throw some undead at them, particularly something like a wraith that can drain them of levels. They hate nothing more than losing a level that has taken them weeks of hard gaming to gain Very Evil Smilie (just don't do it too often otherwise they get fed up and go home).

Do you play MERP or Rolemaster at all. Both, but particularly the latter, have brilliant scope for character advancement. There are so many (at least a hundred) skills that can be learned by any of the scores of character classes. Any class can learn any skill, but some skills are cheaper for some classes to learn than others, and things that really clash, although they can be learned, the cost is almost prohibitive. The system makes AD&D appear very linear and rigid. No two Rolemaster characters are ever alike.

Anyway, that's enough because I'll be boring the none-gamers to death (even though this is a geek section)
Thanks Val! THose are some great recomendations. I will incorporate them into the style of game play and see how they work. I really want to run a fellowship sized group, but I must admit that more than 5 players really taxes my abilities. I have 8 players, so far. I actually hope to weed it down some, but if I can keep control, it could be alright.
I had a friend that tried and tried to get me to join his role playing group. I kept promising that I would but, as I had never role played before, I wasn't sure what to expect, so I kept procrastinating (my forte) and never did try it. He even offered to let me simply spectate so I could get an idea of what role playing was all about, but I chickened out, mainly because I didn't know any of the people there besides my friend and I used to have a thing about being in large groups of strange people. Wary Smilie ( now I take meds that help me deal with my phobia... but I digress )

I'll admit that the whole concept is very appealing to me. I've been told it's like writing a novel from the inside out. It's just, I don't know any role players! And, as everyone knows, it's no fun to roleplay with yourself... Orc Going Huh Smilie
I've been told it's like writing a novel from the inside out.
It's funny you should say that Prog, because that's how I started writing. The first thing I wrote was a comical look at a AD&D quest that rambled through several dungeons and several hundred pages without really going anywhere.

The second one was a more serious attempt at writing, but again rambled along in the footsteps of the party. Parts of it were quite good, but there was too much rambling going on in between, and because it was a fly on the wall story, often a main character would die unexpectedly to be replaced a few pages later by some unknown character who seemed to be calling the shots.

Having learned from my previous two efforts, when I wrote the final one, I made sure the elements of the game covered by the story had been played out in full before I wrote them, and cut out all the aimless rambling that the party had still managed to do while playing. In addition, their characters in the book occasionally did things that had not happened in the game, and this was particularly evident as the book drew towards its conclusion.

The funny thing is, though it was by far the best written one of the three, it was the least well received by the players of the game who complained I had not portayed their characters as well as they would have liked (ie. they appeared too human rather than super-human), or worse, their character had been totally written out.... and the ending was all wrong.

People outside of the game who have read it have generally liked it, so I think it's a bit like the cases of the book vs film protagonists that you occasionally hear of.
Wow, Val... I have just started writing in almost the same manner. I am taking a creative writing course at my school. At the first oppurtunity that came, I decided to write the first chapter of a book about the adventures my most favorite Shadowrun character and his companions. His name is Silvershade AKA Gildallan Starsilver and he is an elf of Tir Na Nog. A lot of terrible stuff befalls him but it leads to some awesome mythic happenings and a story of redemption. So far the first chapter has been received really well. I have a few friends that keep asking me to get the next chapter out, but school has had other plans. Only for one more week, though.

Some other stuff that I've written included a heavily mythological short about Hades (Greek God of the Underworld) getting dragged to a multi pantheon party held in the Norse Realm of Valhahlla. And some horror/sci fi based off of modern style Call of Cthulhu.

I'v also written a fair bit of poetry that's pretty good. I definitly stick to rhyming poetry of the epic style. And, being a singer, I write a lot of music.

I must admit that Role playing, RPG GameMastering, writing and acting are all fluidly connected in my eyes. I want to make films, too. GMing is a lot like the basic creative beginnings of film making. I was hoping to be the one to bring LOTR to the screen, but I do not begrudge PJ for doing it as it is such a fine effort. I just wish that he incuded more of the poetry and song. Of course I could sit through each movie adaption if they were 5 hours long, if they were done well. I think my goal now is to make a Shadowrun based film. Shadowrun being a blend of Fantasy and sci fi, sort of like a mix of LOTR, the Matrix and the Six Million Dollar Man. I think that it could be ultra cool.

I'd love to write a futuristic view of ME were elves, dwarves and hobbits return and a new age begins... actually, that is incredibly close to what happens in the future history of Shadowrun...
You`re not a geek! Your a normal LOTR fan! Don`t ever think you`re a geek, just because you have bought a LOTR calander! Big Smile Smilie

As you said, you`re enjoying it and keep enjoying it! Wink Smilie
[bThe Geek shall inherit the earth!

I'm a geek, tolkien calendars, maps, Books strewn accross the floor, the old collectors item games workshop fellowship of the ring set(now about 15 years old), role-playing, wargaming (both minatures and airguns), computer games, graphic design, Star wars(boo down with the trekies) and the occasional pair of socks with characters on them.

you have socks with LotR characters on them? That's absolutely wonderful! Where'd you get them?
I`d like to know that to. Could you tell us? Big Smile Smilie
i share similar worries about being a geek which i have vented on my introductory page. i was directed to this page, to be honest it hasnt done much to relay my fears.

incidently i haven't got a calendar but i have some lotr posters that came with the DVD.
What defines a geek? Is it their need to possess anything remotely connected with their chosen Geekgod or is it attitude?

I suspect it is mainly the latter but coupled with a sprinkling of the former.

I am not a geek. I lack the attitude. I did, however,buy the model of Minis Tirith from a charity shop while I was in Bristol the other weekend being mostly ungeeklike. It only cost me a few quid and now I keep my dragon jewellery in it. I didn't know it was a secret pot thingy... cute.

I've got two LotR calendars this year - Forces of Light and Forces of Dark.
Definitely a geek, I'm afraid Vee Animated Wink Smilie
Noooooooooooo! I can't be!

It's quite alright, Vee.

I am also a geek, and proud of it! And for those of you who are trying to separate yourselves from geekhood by saying you are only a dork, I have news for you-dorkiness is only a breath away from geekhood-so get over it. You are a geek-in-training. If you cannot handle being a geek, I suggest cutting yourselves off from any pursuit dealing with literature, computers, science, history, mythology, geography, paranormal, or electrical. If this proves impossible, you are a geek, and I LOVE YOU!!!
Woah Laurel.... wait up there..... Could you say 'I like you very much' instead? (I"m immature. Can you tell?)

Don't be silly, everyone. WE're all geeks. And dorks. And weirdos. And freaks. And the bell rang. Just handle it. It's okay... find your happy place.. go there.... be happy... envision yourself connedting with the environment....
hiiiii Big Smile Smilie