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The only reason I own a DVD player is for the extra bits you get when watching a DVD - extra scenes, deleted scenes, bloopers - you can't live until you've seen them, plus you get little shows on how the films are made - so come on TomBombadillo - fork out for one, you know it's worth it!!!
Still, echoing possibly thousands of fans moans of despair: "AUGUST??!! That's AGES away!" Sad Smilie
Its very cheap :
- in AUD 5
- in USD 3
AUGUST??? I can't possibly wait till August!!! Sad Smilie AAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!! Smile Smilie

What about these extra scenes? That would mean I'd have to buy a DVD player... Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
I don't think it's worth it. I'll still have two cupboards full of VHS then. And there are some great films on those. Big Smile Smilie
I've only got two CD players and they are both in my computer. I didn't own a CD until I bought the computer two years ago next March. I've got about 600 audio tapes. Do I need a DVD player? God only knows. Smile Smilie
I'm also in that dilemma. Buying the player is one thing, but the prices of DVD is $$. To really enjoy the DVD you need also a good tv with a big screen. I guess my only solution is to marry some rich men ...
Plural? Is that entirely legal? Wink Smilie
3 dollars US? No way, DVD's are always 14.00 or more, for LOTR I expect the DVD will cost 23.00 (and the VHS version 19.99)

And I read in one of the UK mags that you will get it there in July (only we have to wait for August in the US) but that yours may not have the TTT trailer. I think they are just pulling legs there... it will certainly have the trailer on all versions. But since you get the TTT early you will get the DVD early too.
great. that means we'll get it in australia sometime in November. Sad Smilie
I can't possibly wait till august!!! Sigh. Guess I'll have to. Sad Smilie But wait a minute, if it comes out in July in UK, we'll probably get it then too! One month less to go! Smile Smilie