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I thought so. That`s been bugging me for ages that has.

Thatnks for the help Rhodry. Big Smile Smilie
Yes, I think that too, but she speaks like the Ents!
Big Laugh Smilie lol!! Slow and conspicuous?
Sepdet's pet theory #9281:

The Elves of L’rien speak in a slow, stately, and sometimes unnerving fashion in the movies. In the books, time in L’rien does not flow quite the same way as it does in the outside world. It seems as if the Galadhrim are talking in a slightly different timeframe from everyone else.

Unfortunately, while Cate Blanchett makes this work, Haldir and Celeborn tend to sound like they're on drugs.

Legolas has a quick passionate tempo and Elrond a rather formal and ringing style with many rolled r's. The best that can be said for Arwen is that perhaps she has a bit of the L’rien pacing because of her mother. She doesn't speak like papa.

(In fact I think it's because she's not quite as skilled at making a foreign language sound native, but I don't think that's Cate Blanchett's problem.)

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ohmigosh, your scaring me! Wink Smilie heehee, j/k. nice theory!
Nice theory, I always thought that Legolas spoke very fast all the time....I would have liked him to speak a little slower so I could listen to his voice for longer and enjoy it....SIGH....*Sheryl wakes up from a dream of her Legolas and her....*She won`t say anything else... Wink Smilie Well, maybe that`s how people from Mirkwood spoke? I`m not sure, you can`t really compare him to anyone can you, so you can`t tell.... Sad Smilie
You have got the Legolas bug bad Sheryl, really bad!
Yea. Shes kinda like my friend...i made her an "L" poster that was covered in pictures of Legolas for her birthday. She loved it. Wink Smilie kinda like you, Sheryl! Want me to make you one too?