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Well I'm new too, so I guess I'll answer you, tho it's a awkward one! Smile Smilie
In the book Frodo is brought to Rivendell by an Elf Lord called Glorfindel. He is then healed by Lord Elrond. The flood of the Ford is brought about by the power of Lord Elrond with the help of Gandalf.
Now in the movie, Arwen comes to the Ford of Bruinen, carrying Frodo. SHE is the one who brings down the flood. She says something along the lines of," come back into the light" or some such, and then something about Grace being passed to him (Frodo) so he would be spared. Then you see her father Lord Elrond Halfelven. I believe that here you are to assume that somehow Arwen has strengthened Frodo to survive the rest of the trip to Rivendell to her father.
Now, although I love the movie, this is my one problem part!!
Arwen is not a great healer like her father, nor is she of the High Elves, so there really isn't any reason why she'd be able to heal or even pass on ANYthing to Frodo. Still, thats just me nit picking.
I've probably completely confused you now. Smile Smilie[Edited on 17/1/2002 by catz]
Thanks a bunch catz!!! No you didn't confuse me, it was good to have that cleared up. I am sure there are heaps of things you could nit pick about in the movie compared to the books but there always is I suppose.

Thanks for the welcome PS
Pretty close Catz. And welcome to both of you by the way.
Look around the forum a bit, you'll see we've picked holes in everything we could find! Smile Smilie
Welcome both of you.
(PS: I made it to a guide now!)
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This was a tricky part, yeah. But there were so many... Smile Smilie
Hi everyone!

I'm back after a short break. Too much work and hurt myself after my jogging expedition on Saturday - mind you, I am a swimmer not a runner.

Anyway, the movie they had to spice it up for the general public - who do not even know who JRR Tolkien, let alone LOTR.

There have never been many female characters in his books or romance. If the movie followed through with the book there won't be much viewer. You can't just rely on good looks - such as Aragorn (Viggio Mortenson) or Legolas (Orlando Bloom) or Arwen (Liv Tyler).

So, if you want to make a movie, any movie - make sure you insert some spice or it won't be seen...
Sad but true I'm afraid....
About the issue of "Grace" and Arwen keeping Frodo alive. I believe in the appendices, where more is written about Aragorn and Arwen, Arwen makes "Luthien's choice" (after the Ring has been destroyed, this is done in Gondor). Because Frodo is forever injured by knife and sting, he is given her place in Westernesse, and she chooses mortality with Aragorn. Doing this in the middle of the action is a nice touch, I think, but I didn't even completely catch what was going on until my second viewing, and after having seen the scene in Rivendell with Aragorn where she also explains her choice.
Thanks for the info. I've always wondered about that - would love to have those 2 together.
Yupyup. True, all of this, I reckon. If there's no sex in a movie, then lately it's not a good movie. Guess FOTR is an exception... Big Smile Smilie
Really!! Smile Smilie
o ya sweet movie i just misted tom bombadillo. Cool Smilie

You can't just rely on good looks - such as Aragorn (Viggio Mortenson) or Legolas (Orlando Bloom) or Arwen (Liv Tyler).

So, if you want to make a movie, any movie - make sure you insert some spice or it won't be seen...

You haven't seen the drooling sites for Legolas and STrider that number the thousands! And your last statement isn't entirely true, in fact I can prove you wrong on several occassions: Red October, Black Hawk Down, and I won't even mention Disney movies (i lied, Emperors New Groove, Monsters Inc...). It will be more appealing to women with at least a little romance, but not necessary ... we really aren't THAT shallow.

If there was any real romance in LOTR it was between Eowyn and Faramir. Arwen seemed to already have her romance in a previous episode. Her apearance was never very "romantic" in the book...

All that being said, I don't think the romance spoiled the story at all, I think it actually made me like ARagorn more. I didn't like him in the book, it was almost like he had no real reason to be there "except" for Arwen (because Elrond said he wouldn't give her to any man who wasn't a king, or something along that line...). At least in the movie he is concerned with saving the white city and helping man.
I didn't mind Eowyn-Faramir, but I thought that the Arwen-Aragorn romance was a bit boring (in the book). I'm glad Tolkien left it till the very end, or in the Appendices so it didn't muscle in on the real action.

To tell you the truth, I didn't even like Luthien's romance with Beren, thought it was a bit yucky & a tad implausible. I'd rather have Luthien whup Morgoth's arse because she was a great spellcaster-warrior & wanted to perform great deeds for posterity, and not because she was just a lovesick girlie. At least Eowyn went into battle for the right reasons.

At least Eowyn went into battle for the right reasons.

What? Topping herself cos big hunky Aragorn didn't like her? A Good reason? Again I have to say, Oh dear god...
Go to battle and do something proactive or stay at home and be an old maid with a broken heart... hmmmm... I think the choice was pretty clear.
Just more proof that men really don't understand a thing about women.[Edited on 9/2/2002 by swampfaye]
Heh heh. Nice one faye!

Ok then Plastic, try 'mostly the right reasons'.....

Besides, Eowyn had always wanted to fight in a battle - she's a trained warrior, is she not? Aragorn's rejection was just the last straw, that all. Whereas Luthien was quite happy to be prancing around in Doriath, picking flowers & singing to the trees until Beren came along.
Okay, okay, but she did go to die, it says so in the book. And an old maid with a broken heart is at least still alive, plus if she'd got her wish she'd never have met Faramir and found happiness. And I really would rather not understand women cos the way they think is truly f***ed up! Big Smile Smilie (P.S. Tolkien was a man, he created Eowyn, so he understood her Big Smile Smilie )
Plastic- I'm guessing you're single? or gay? or a monk? Big Smile Smilie

Nope, I'm with Ungoliant and swampfaye on this one. Even if Eowyn did intend to get herself killed, fighting and dying in battle would be a heck of a lot more useful than staying home and pining. An old maid with a broken heart might be alive, but she's also eating up the groceries. I lean towards thinking that she would have gone to battle anyway, broken heart or not. Aragorn's rejection just made her decision a little easier.
Jehanne, I've been a happy monk of the holy stratocaster for just over a year now, and I can't believe I never thought of it before, it's made life so much easier! Big Smile Smilie
And would Faramir have been as impressed with her if she hadn't gone into battle? Some guys like gutsy women who can hold their own in battle... and to have killed the witch king no less. Anyway, didn't Faramir go into battle with the same desires? Aragorn had to heal his heart before his body would be healed and he would return to the land of the living... that means to me that Faramir had lost the will to live. (and maybe that's the empathy he and Eowyn had going).

Wonder if they'll skip over the Aragorn/Eowyn thing?
Why shouldn't they skip over it? They've skipped over ever so many *more important* things... Wink Smilie

The Eowyn thing in the book didn't really get to me, I suppose. It took me a while to even remember it... Big Smile Smilie And as Ungoliant said: I'm just glad there isn't too much romance in the book. that's not what I read the book for, let's put it that way. And the Arwen/Aragorn thing spoiled the movie at one point. The Rivendell scene, if you know what I mean. *puke
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