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I have checked the cast lists for all three movies at: FotR TTT RotK

I can not find the character of Erestor listed as played by anyone. In the book he only shows up in the Council of Elrond and in Elrond's going to the wedding party. So I don't know if he actually ever appears in the movies. Someone would have to check the credits on the EE FotR DVD or pirated TTT DVD to gain more info.

Sorry, but come again. Happy Elf Smilie
Yo Grondy or someone else! Can you enlighten me here? I have no clue about who Erestor is.....
okey....well then I know where to expect him since I am re-reading LOTR nowBig Smile Smilie
Thanks Perry!
Yes indeed....I have already now read about Erestor....
Unfortunately, I cannot read the first post of this thread, but I'm going to say yes, I saw "Erestor" in FotR, though he didn't have any speaking lines. I'm pretty sure I did. His character (as seen in the movie) can be seen here, though I can't remember if he actually got in or not. Nam’ri’!

The "Erestor" image can be found here

Other Elves on these card sets, such as "Golradir" (where did THAT name come from?) are undoubtedly in the movie, though they were not in the credits. Or the book, for that matter Smile Smilie

I actually checked the council scene and saw an elf next to Elrond that i believe might be Erestor. You see  him when Elrond says "Bring forth the ring, Frodo." And in the extended scene when Boromir is walking towards where the ring is placed. Also he is the only elf other than Elrond wo stays sitting.