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S'just Gold innit? And a load of magicky power as well, of course, but physically just really clever gold.
Might be special gold that reacts to heat.

There is a trivia section under "General Discussion" if such things interest you hugbunni.
Cannot be ordinary gold. Ordinary gold would melt when thrown into any fire. This Ring can only be melted in the fire of Mt Doom. And when you throw it into any other fire, the letters show. Must be a magic trick... And there's sth else. The Ring is dead old, but yet there is not a single scratch on it... Cos whatever you try, you cannot break it or even scratch it. (movie: see Gimli trying to destroy it by hacking it with his axe). ??? Good question... Smile Smilie
heres the answer.
as i recall, the rings of power were created by humans. well, the sustance anyway. the "gold was created by mans greed!!! in thier quest to discover how to make gold with the 4 substances, fire water air earth, this was made. hence they can only be destroyed in the fires of mount doom. theres also somthing about a fifth element that was added. cat remeber what it was Sad Smilie talk 2 yall later. Wink Smilie
The fifth element is surprise, I thought everyone knew that Wink Smilie
the ring is made of mans greed witch froms the gold part and pure magic

At lest thats what i understand from the book(s)

evenyone knows that dont thay

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Hey folks this came from the Encylopedia of Arda marbe this will answer your question more clearly.
When Sauron chose the land of Mordor as his dwelling-place in the Second Age, Orodruin was the reason for his choice. He 'used the fire that welled there from the heart of the earth in his sorceries and his forging' (from Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age); the most famous result of his forging, and in fact the only one we know of for sure, was the One Ring, made in about the year II 1600. So powerful was the sorcery used in the making of the Ring that it could not be unmade, except by casting it back into the same fire that had forged it.


Hope that does it. So the ring was a combination of magic and earth's fire and so on... wild uh? Smile Smilie
Works for me Smile Smilie and in answer to your sig, most questions can be answered in the encyclopedia of Arda (which is where I rip off all my info from and try to look clever)
While on the subject of the Rings, a reminder about a common misconception--the elven rings were wrought by Celebrimbor (in Westernesse? somewhere other than Middle Earth, anyway) and thus we don't know what they are made of. The other rings were, like so much of what Sauron did, a "copy" of the good guys' stuff. What I don't get though is how the One Ring has a power that can affect what the 3 Rings did; i.e. the work of the elves "fades away" with the passing of the One Ring.
As from the Encyclopedia of Arda : 'used the fire that welled there from the heart of the earth in his sorceries and his forging'.

Shows how powerful the sorceries that it empowers the other rings.
Celebrimbor forged the rings in Eregion I thought. In fact I'm pretty darn sure, and that's very much Middle Earth, and cos Sauron knew the secrets of the rings of power, he was able to forge the one ring to rule them all.
The fifth element is surprise, I thought everyone knew that Wink Smilie

I thought Leeloo (and therefore "life") was the 5th element.
Depends on what book you're reading really.....
Big Smile Smilie Uhuh.
So what was it then: a bit of life, a lot of man's greed, a touch of surprise and a twinkle of magic? Would that make a Ring? Oh yeah, and fire. Magic you would need to make those things into a Ring. Sauron forged his own Ring, right? So he wouldn't have made it the way the elves and men made their Rings. Smile Smilie Wouldn't power be needed as well? Cos it's a Ring of Power?
I still say you need a bit of actual gold as well, cos you can't make a ring out of just concepts can you?
That was what I was trying to say.... Smile Smilie
I heard to one rinf was made from mithril (did I spell that right) and Saurons BLOOD!!!! :0:
Kinda yucky!
Apart from whatever other magics Celebrimbor added when he forged the three elven rings, the material constituents were;
Narya (ring of fire):- a large orb-like ruby in a delicate red-gold setting.
Vilya (ring of air):- a large clear blue sapphire set in pure gold.
Nenya (ring of water):- a clear, multifaceted gem of adamant set in a delicate band of mithril.
It clearly says in The Fellowship of the Ring in chapter 2 I think that the ring was pure gold and then Sauron put all his evils in it!Very Big Grin Smilie
I guess it wasn't all of his evil because he still appeared to be pretty evil without the ring. I wonder he was less evil or less capable of evil without it though? Welcome Ladyoflegolas! (I may have already said this.....)
Thanks 42, I don;t think youv'e already said this! Smile Smilie
I happened to be reading about the ring in Tolkien's letters this morning. I will go back to it tonight and post his answer to this question. Later.