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The Academy is notorious for patting insiders on the back. And they *don't* like scifi/fantasy. Moulin Rouge (even if you liked it) never even made the top five best sellers of the year. I can't understand why they reward stinkers with awards. To Ignore LOTR is to relive the release of the original Star Wars, which was also snubbed by the Oscars. Speilburg couldn't even get a nomination until Color Purple. Lucas has been snubbed for decades. No matter how much they say they have "changed" HOllywood is still as close as you can get to a caste system in America and they will continue to spit on the peasants if it pleases them....
Well, I liked Beautiful Mind (and Moulin Rouge, even though it gave me a migraine), but yeah, grrr! Dumb Hollywood Foreign Press. But I wasn't surprised. After all, LOTR is "only a fantasy film" and Beautiful Mind is major Oscar bait.

Mel Gibson is going bald. Poor old Mel.
A Beautiful Mind - is this similar to the movie American Beauty which also won the Golden Globe? and OScar?? Have not watch the movie I think the American Beauty is such a lame story.

I suppose it shows how stuck up the A****** can be. God, I can get cream here. But come on, I would not spend that money to watch it at the cinema - a complete waste. To me, the cinema is for action pack, fantasy kind of movies.

American Beauty was truly terrible. A Beautiful Mind was alright, but LOTR not getting anything was kinda weird.

If the "establishment" didn't like the book, then I will be surprised if they like the movie. It really depends on how young the voters are, whether they read and loved the book in their youth. Cool Smilie
True, although Baz Lurhmann isn't much of a Hollywood insider. It was a bad year for comedies, and picking Moulin Rouge let the voters feel edgy. Unlike Beautiful Mind, a nice safe choice. LOTR hasn't got much hope at the Oscars, I'm afraid, outside of tech-type awards. Now if I could vote... Smile Smilie

Then again, it's not like I'm unbiased, considering I'm, well, /here/. I'm sure there are lots of sad Harry Potter fans, Memento fans, and even I Am Sam fans who all think they were robbed, too.
I have been unable to find more than 4 movies which I liked from last year, none of which are really oscar material, or even golden globe (unless they bring in that special animation one Big Smile Smilie )
I can't believe Nicole won best actress and i reckon Moulin Rouge got best comedy/musical because being australian is 'in' right now in hollywood!
poor peter jackson.
oh well, at least Enya didn't get anything either.[Edited on 24/1/2002 by Rosie]
I don't think FOTR has any chance for best movie and "Beautiful Mind" is highly likely. It was good, and Russell Crowe is a fine actor, but what will clinch it is the PC theme of overcoming mental illness. Tolkien's thematic material can't nearly measure up to that--only the Christian theme of good being the master of evil; the corruption of power, the meek shall inherit, etc.--at least in the fevered PC minds of the academy.
They do say LOTR has a fair chance to winning sth at the BAFTA awards. Stupid enough they didn't win a Golden Globe. But hey, who cares anyway? It's silly, but it doesn't really matter to me...
Sing along, chaps!
Big Smile Smilie
You know Swampfaye you post a very genuine question that has bothered me for years. I have watched mumerous movies porduced that do very well at the box office with great acting go up in smoke at the Oscar's to some artsy film that makes little since other then to make people cry or cry and laugh. I usually find myself hating the films that when. What ever happened to the appreciation of a well produced ahead of it's time well acted film. Good example, one of the greatest films of all time and one that swept the Oscars, MOSES w/Charleston Heston. Was this not a film ahead of it's time, well produced, well acted, long and well scored? Hollywood needs to go back to the days of appreciating the hardwork that goes into the entire making of the film and not just rather or not it made a few fellow actors cry or laugh. The Oscar has become a joke and not even the best of actors takes winning or loosing it that serious anymore. That should tell us something. We shall see though, we shall see. Smile Smilie
How many oscars did they get now? I missed it all. Smile Smilie