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Thread: LOTR the musical? how is it gonna work?

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I haven't a clue, but I think I can hear Tolkien rolling over and over and over and over.
Have they no shame?
That would be almost as bad as a Disney animated musical entitled 'The Lord of the Rings' or one by Rankin-Bass even. Elf Winking Smilie
But probably better than the PJ flicks.
maybe, but I think that some parts of it will be like an insult to Tolkiens work, although I hope for the best.
Still, not an insult to Tolkien at the whole, like the movies.
yeah virumor i hear ya but how de you think they are gonna make invisibility, or well for starters there are way too many settings in the story, and plus it is gonna be a musical like singing all the way through the show.
As long as Orlando Bloom doesn't sing, it's ok for me.
It will be terrible.
I'd very much like to see this. I love musicals and have acted in 8 differents musicals, or so. Hopefully they'll make it a good one, or atleast make the songs good.
I do, however, understand Anatea's questions. Invisibility can be quite easy to fix, by holes in the ground, etc, etc. Just use your imagination. Smile Smilie And as for the settings: they can easily be changed, using just lights and sounds. For example: Moria. Use black curtains in back, red lights and spots, cavely sounds, maybe some batsounds, fix some bones and you're basically there. Mordor, pretty much the same thing, use mountains in the background, though. Lorien, forest in background, leaves on floor. Rivendell, same background as Lorien, use watersounds. Anduin, watersounds and a long, blue pice of fabric on the floor. yeah, I could go on and on. Smile Smilie
I just don't think thats a good idea.... Sad Smilie Shaking Head Smilie
Lord of the Rings plays already exist. The Hobbit plays already exist too. Singing included.
I've heard about the Hobbit play. Have you seen it Vir?
aire, you're right about the whole settings thing, but how will they be able to change it so fast. I hope that they make a great job out of it! if you want to check out the official web page
they will tell you about auditions, news, information, and tickets before they sell out to the public, so you can have the best seats!
I like your avatar V. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Thx, Peredhil.

I have seen parts of that play on TV. Strange experience that was.
I found it somewhere on the internet, i think Has been quite a while ago.
hey nice avatar there V-man Wink Smilie
I had no idea they already had a musical of LoTRs!
Maybe i'll be able to see it someday.