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Thread: Which actor/actress would you like 2 meet?

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Sorry Arcor, but I`d have to say Orlando Bloom, coz he`s just hot and I`d like to meet Ian (Gandalf, I think he`s name`s Ian...) and Elijah.
I don't know as I'd care to subject myself upon any of them in person. They have all tired of answering the same questions over and over adinfinoyance. Other than my 'Well done', I suppose we could talk about the weather, the price of tea in China, of shoes and ships, and sealing wax, and cabbages and kings. I think we would quickly bore each other. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

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Haha,Grondry Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hmm,who would I like to meet from LoTRs? Defintly not Orlando. Most likely Sam-Wise Elf Smilie
I for one have always wanted to meet Christopher Lee anyway, so I'd have to say him. And Peter jackson (he did do a cameo, so he's technically an actor as well...)
Viggo, I get the feeling from watching the ext DVD that he's a really intelligent thoughtful bloke.
I think Viggo too, Rhodry. From seeing the extended DVD, I get the impression he likes the outdoors, fishing etc and he seems to have a great sense of humour. Carrying a sword around everywhere with him sounds the sort of thing I'd like to be able to get away with too.

Dominic Monaghan seems like someone you could have a lot of fun around too.
Heh, you got Liv Tyler right! Elf Winking Smilie
Cute icon Grondy! Wink Smilie
I'd want to meet Orlando Bloom, I think that guy is sooo fine. Either him or PJ, just because he directed it and I'd like to hear his opinion on what he thinks of LoTR and Tolkien.
I'd have to say I would either like to talk with Christopher Lee (I LOVE his portrayal of Saruman, and he's a Tolkien nut), Ian McKellen, or Miranda Otto. But I'd have to make a list of what to talk about, since I'd most likely just sit there staring and thinking, *wow* I'm sitting next to Gandalf. Wink Smilie
I think meeting Christopher Lee and Ian McKellen would be cool because they've done tons of movies and have a lot of experience, but meeting Viggo would be great as well because of the type of person he is outside the films.
yep, I agree with that. but then again, I think I`d become a lil infuritated, if that`s even a word, if I met PJ...I think most ppl would, but not very angry, if u know wot I mean.

Apart from getting autographs, I wanna just get to know them, they`re probably just ordinary ppl. Big Smile Smilie