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I don't have the soundtracks Arco (Very Sad Smilie ), but I'd like to help you with any of the Quenya stuff, if that's possible. I'll download Lothl’rien now and see if I can be of any assistance. Smile Smilie

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Thanks, Pere. I'm also trying to listen and 'decipher' the words; I could use the help. Smile Smilie
It may take a long time, I haven't got very far yet.
I was guessing it would take time; I'm not very far either.
Do you have the song?

Anyway, there are three vocal parts to the track-
0:00 - 0:44 [need]
1:14-2:16 [need]
2:32-3:52 (Which I have through sheet music)

So, if you decide you can be of help, let me know.
Just out of curiousity, I got something for the first 2 'musical phrases,' (Quenya) they sound something like:

N’ man ei ta(i)tha i aeron
S’ mana a(i)thra aiya

Now... I'm not very good at listening and figuring out what they're saying, but I'm basing guesses on what I have.
The first line could be N’ mana i taitha i e’ron, maybe?
That's Is (what?why?) the (?) of the sea(s?)
The 2nd= S’ mana athra aiya,
Now why (something about return?) behold

That's sounding sorta good, but I'm wondering if anyone hears something different than me, or perhaps if what I guessed could be translated or arranged more accurately...
I mean, it's not like I'm fluent in Quenya. AND, the only Quenya-English / English-Quenya online dictionary I know of is now offline. Very Sad Smilie So, can anyone help, and / or does anyone know the address for good Eng. -Q. and vice versa online dict.'s?

PS. Does Quenya have 'th'? Or is it turned into S?
[url=]Here can be found the best Quenya wordlists, available for download as RTF files.

I make the first line either: Who is the ’taitha? of the seas? or The ’taitha? of the seas is for something.

For the second: Now what is ’aithra? [hail? awe?]?

Aithra seems unlikely (as does taitha) as practically all instances of -th- had changed to -s- by the time of LOTR. With this in mind, I have come up with these alternatives: aista, the verb to dread, but this seems unlikely, as the root forms of verbs were never used in Quenya. The noun dread would probably be laistal’. The distinctive sound rules this out. Also aira, which can mean either red or eternal. Neither, however, is very helpful.
I think something like this works:

Na manen taethar i Aearon!
Si mana athan aear...

Melmelma n’ren sina
N’ra ala E’ro....

Now, I am positive the first Quenya line is correct, but I'm not that great with Sindarin, and the first word could also be A or N’. I don't really know what words EXIST, so...
Also, si could be s’.
I'm sure about the rest except the last line:
I got THAT off a website, but where they hear E’ro I hear something like Mithrandu, which obviously is not a Quenya word... I don't know.

Here are what I make of the lyrics:
To / It is how they tie the Great Ocean
Here/now [?] beyond (the) sea...

Our love for this land
Something or other etc....

Edit: Maybe 'S’/Si ma(n) n’ athan aear'? (Here / Now who/what is beyond (the) sea)
ok i am alittle confused about what lyrics u want but i have the english lyrics to lament to gandalf featured in lothlorien

Solo Text Translation

Olorin who once was...
Sent by the Lords of the West
To guard the lands of the East'
Wiset of all Maiar,
What drove you to leave
That which you loved?

No more will you wander
The green fields of this earth
Your journey has ended in darkness.

The bonds are sundered
The spirit is broken,
The flame of Arnor has left this World.

A great light has gone out.

Chorus Text Translation:

Our love for this land
Is deeper than the deeps
Of teh Sea.
Our regret is undying.
Yet we will cast all away
Rather then submit.
What should be shall be.

hope that helps and is what u were looking for! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Yes, I already have the English (and Sindarin and Quenya) lyrics for that part of the track; I am trying to decipher a part of the music where the lyrics haven't been given.