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I have just found out about the Fellowship of the Ring and the Two Towers Extended DVD secrets. I don’t know if anyone here knows about them, but I haven’t found any topics about it. They are secrets found on the DVD made by MTV. There are two of them in the Fellowship of the Ring DVD’s, the first being a MTV remake of the Council of Elrond and the second being that super trailer of the Two Towers they were showing in the Theatres after the FOTR. The Two Towers DVD was really funny, showing Gollum recieving the MTV award for best animated character preformance.

If you already know this, it will be redundant, but if not I will explain how to find them:

-Take out your Fellowship of the Ring Extended DVD
-Insert the first DVD, the first half of the movie
-Go to scene selections
-Jump to the last couple of scenes where you can’t scroll down any more
-Then go down to what you would think would jump you up to scene 1, but it will show a ring by the logo on the bottom.
-Press enter and Peter Jackson will personally congradulate you on finding the "Secret Goddies".
-Laugh your head off

The same goes wil the second part of the Fellowship of the RIng Extended DVD, and only the first part of the Two Towers Extended DVD.

Just to summarize, the main idea is going to scene selections of the Extended DVD and scrolling all the way down to the last scene, then scroll down again and you will get an icon by the logo (e.g. A Ring, Orthanc, depending on which movie), and pressing enter.

It is really worth finding, it is hilarious!
Big Laugh Smilie
Does everyone know about this then? If so, did anyone happen to find the second hidden clip in the Two Towers Extended DVD?
I think Plastic Squirrel mentioned the ones in the Fellowship, but I hadn't looked for them. I did accidently find the Gollum secret in the Two Towers and though it was very funny, I thought I shouldn't propagate it to this family friendly site due to the bad language. I laughed so hard I thought I'd die. Big Laugh Smilie
Ya, that is true, the Golumn one is kind of over the edge offensive, I didn't like that one as much as the Fellowship one, that is not as harsh.
It is definately offensive though, that is why it wasn't put in the mainstreem DVD.
I have seen the Gollum thing on MTV. I will try to find the fotr things too, when I get my hands again on the SEE DVD's.