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I really enjoyed the music from the movies and I thought it was very cool that Howard Shore recieved an award for his work. I wanted to shed some light for, anybody who missed it that really cares or knows what I am talking about. The music that was used for that battle scenes was in 5/8. I thought this was really cool and was a nice change Mr. 4/4.

Sorry if I bored anyone. haha
I know what you mean. I really enjoyed the up-tempo also.

Howard Shore is a genious! There is no arguments involved. He created the largest and most complex epic score ever written.

I know what you might think, there were other epics, and they had great music too.

You have to think about the individual songs. Before LOTR, most movies had a couple of songs, but mainly one theme repeated in different ways.

A great example of this is Pirates of the Carribean. Great music, but it is one song presented differently various times.

What is great about the score in LOTR, it has so many different songs, carefully crafted to match certain moods, characters, emotians, and locations. I have never seen anything like it.

Shore definately deserves every one of the awards he was nominated for!
While I do enjoy theme, development, and recapitulation, which how a lot of classical music is written, and is how these other movie's scores have been written, Howard Shore did use many different themes. He still went back to many as you will note with the battle theme and the Theme from the shire.
However, when I mentioned that the battle theme was in 5/8 I did not mean the tempo. This is actually a time signature marking. I thought it was interesting because being as it is not a "normal" time signature he did a great job being discreat about. You know, so it didn't "feel" weird. Big Smile Smilie.
You say sorry if i bored anyone? Have you read my old post on music?!?!?!?!!? It was like 1500 words! I think everyone enjoyed reading your post, and I am very glad someone else noticed how beutiful the music is!

I've said it once, twice... and I'll keep on saying it: THE MUSIC WAS JUST SUPERB!!!!!
There is a particular piece which occurs a few times - I think it is first used in The Flight to the Ford. At the beginning of the track is the most beautiful combination of voices and the only way I can explain it is the voices harmonise and then warble down a couple of notes........ a sort of trickle, water flowing over rocks type sound......... I get goosebumps every time I hear it.
Mmm, yes, I love that part as well. I think it's a fragment of the Sindarin translation of a selection from the Lay of Leithian:

Tin’viel elvanui, Elleth alfirin edhelhael, O hon ring finnil fuinui, A renc gelebrin thiliol...

Tin’viel the elven-fair, Immortal maiden elven-wise, About him cast her shadowy hair, And arms like silver glimmering...

Big Smile Smilie
whenever i listen to The Breaking of the Fellowship it makes me want to cry!! at the end of it I think it is cool when it goes bump bum bum bum bump bum bum bum with the drums because it goes perfectly with aragorn legolas and gimli cause it is like they are running!! it sounds like their footsteps!!! I thought that was clever!
Just this...Its great!!!
I LOVE the music in the fotr! I bought the CD and love the Rivendell music and the Lothlorien music. I think Howard Shore did a great job. The music really hits u. Wiggle Smilie
I simply love listening to the music ! And I so agree with all of you . Happy Elf Smilie
When Gandalf is rescued by the Gwahir , you her the wonderful voice of a choirboy and meanwhile the music is in the background. and when I hear the music in Rivendell I want to be an elf, whenever Arwen is longing for Aragorn the music is soft . I also like the drums that gets stronger when the orcs and Uruk-hai are marshing ! The use of Celtic music is great !!! Elf Winking Smilie
I also really love the music in the movies. My favorite themes are what I call "The Shire Music" (used for all the touching/poignant moments with the hobbits) and the Edoras/Rohirrim theme. (Hopefully everyone knows what I'm talking about here...) Even hearing them on the soundtrack, I get goosebumps. I'm glad someone made a thread for the music!

...Or was I only supposed ot be discussing FotR music?
I love the fellowship- and the hobbit-theme. but as soon as I hear "the breaking of the fellowship" I'm on the verge of tears. *burstsoutcrying*
In general I think that Howard Shore did great work, the music is really wonderful.
The music in the scene "The Departure of Boromir" was very touching to me. I also love the track "The White Tree." Howard Shore is a musical genius! He greatly deserved his Oscar.
Adreia is right. The music in LOTR is so powerfull that i sometimes just wonder if they took the music straight out of the books! The music and the story fit so well together, more than in any movie iv seen before. Its amazing. I specialy like Pippins song in the halls of Minas Tirith, so moving. And the battle music...marvelous. I will always love it.
I totally agree!!
I love the music to LOTR and I've been listening to it from the beginning, nearly every day!
I look at it this way: Howard Shore just "translated" Tolkien into music. And he did a very good job. It's definetely the most powerful and amazing movie score writen to date.

I'm glad that so many of you enjoy it as much as i do.
...I love it too! And I'm soooo glad that somone made a thread about it! I'm sure Tolkien would have loved it too! Every time I hear Enya I just want to fall in love with a ranger and elope to some far-off wood somewhere...I guess it's just the way that Shore not only encapsulates the story and the characters in the music, but also the places and the magic of each race.
Every time I hear Enya I just want to fall in love with a ranger and elope to some far-off wood somewhere...

Maybe that's the reason why Galadriel demanded a Dwarven lover upon her return to the Undying Lands. Her favourite band was Nenya.
lol, Miruvor, I never noticed that Nenya and Enya rhymed.

But her voice is really really good... I never really get how Howard Shore seemed to have made everything just perfect! I thought it was utterly impossible to make the LOTR music perfect before I saw the films, but now, it's just, totally different, everything is just as I'd like it and I wouldn't chabge a single thing!
you're right, he just got it...
but talking about lotr music... my cousin is a musician and he told me that he was performing the lotr symphony with an orchestra... but he said it wasn't by howard shore. (I never heard it - unfortunately) so, is there another symphony, an older one, inspirated by the book when there wasn't any movie yet??? does anyone know that??????
but he said it wasn't by howard shore. (I never heard it - unfortunately) so, is there another symphony, an older one, inspirated by the book when there wasn't any movie yet??? does anyone know that??????

Sure there is. There's the Tolkien ensemble, for instance.
Yup, I think I've downloaded a few songs from the Tolkien ensemble. I didn't really know what is was though... It sounded all right, though in a different style from Howard Shore.
Hello friend!!!
Music of Howard Shore is the best part of the whole movie and only thing I
thought that would suck but OH HOW WAS I WRONG!!! Shaking Head Smilie
Does anyone else think the theme for the Shire is reminiscent of "This is my Father's World" (an old hymn)?

BTW, I love the sound of the solo string instrument in the music of Rohan (I can't remember it's name, but it's a folk instrument -- not a classical violin or viola). Beautiful intro as the camera sweeps toward Eowyn standing out in the wind at meduseld.
The music was indeed an integral part of the experience of these movies. I don't agree that nothing else about them was good, though. But I found the main theme to be quite moving, as well as the theme for the hobbits. And let's not forget the stirring sequence during the Bridge scene!
We all remember trailers for the FotR and how they looked perfect and how we all tought "this is it, this is LOTR reborn" and how it sounded so perfectly.I didnt know it then that Howard composed special music for the trailers, so I was sitting in the theatre at last watching FotR awaiting scene from the third trailer (and first btw) when trol bashes in Balin`s tomb and when it finally came nothing one big nothing I was so disapointed that I almost left, whole scene lost its touch beacuse of it.
The bottom line is that I think that theme from the trailers is most adventures and middle-earthish of all, every once in awhile a play that trailer and enjoy that few seconds of music.

SHAME ON YOU PJ!!!!!!!!!
Music creates a part of the atmosphere in a movie, and the music in LOTR trilogy was WONDERFUL! It actually transported me onto Middle-Earth, giving me so many new deep emotions, that I really felt I was IN the story, not just watching it.

Oh, and I loved the songs which accompany the Arwen and Aragorn episodes.
Yeah, the Evenstar melody was sooooo melancholy. I liked all the ones with the choirs and solo voices in them. The music for Lothlorien was amazing, it was just so soft and calm, a sort of "flowing" feeling. And Anduril's theme was great too. that was one part of the soundtrack I kept on playing over and over.
(I can't remember it's name, but it's a folk instrument -- not a classical violin or viola)

ummm, the a folk instrement.....
and a classical instrement
its anykind of isntrement
all in one
the fiddle is just a different name for violin
there the same
and i think it was on a vioilin
but im not sure
i can play it on my violin and it souds pretty much the same
i can play it on my violin and it souds pretty much the same
What, all squeaks and squawks? That's a joke son, not meant to be personal. Elf Winking Smilie
I never noticed that the battle scenes were in 5/8. That, and I'm just glad that I've found someone who speaks musician.
I agree, it is a nice change from common time. Happy Elf Smilie
Oh yeah, sorry I'm a little behind......I'm a newbie.
Welcome to PT Inwe Waving Hello SmilieSHARE AND ENJOY !!
Elrose, I know the violin is a folk instrument. But it's also a "classical" instrument, in the sense that it is often used for what is commonly called "classical music" (most movie scores with symphonic or orchestral music is in this vein), and you can get "classically trained" on the violin.... whereas the instrument used for the Rohan scene I'm talking about was NOT a violin (although it was similar). It has extra ("sympathetic") strings, and it's a "folk" instrument from ... I can't remember where, either Norway, or some country close to it. I'm calling it a "folk" instrument because it is NOT commonly taught in "classical" (western european style orchestral, chamber, & solo) music. Anyways....

While the tune can be played on the violin or the viola, and it sounds OK, the timbre of the instrument used in the soundtrack is distinctly more "echo"-y than any violin, viola, or fiddle, because of all the extra open strings that ring on different pitches from the violin's open strings. There's a short blurb about it in one of the bonus material DVDs.
I believe that soundtrack instrument may be the
Viola d'amore [It.; F. viole d'amour; G. Liebesgeige]. An instrument the size of the treble viol but having sympathetic strings made of thin wire that were stretched behind the bowed strings, producing a silvery resonance. Unlike the viols proper, it had no frets and was held like a violin. ...... J.S. Bach called for it in his St. John's Passion; ..... Hindemith wrote a sonata and a concerto for it. - from the Harvard Dictionary of Music Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged by Willi Apel ISBN 0-674-37501-7
Also, Let it Be by Enya was used well.
I'm listening to Concerning Hobbits from the Soundtrack The Fellowship of the Rings..And the Instruments are so beautiful and light..specially the flute and fiddle when it gets into a faster and joyfully rhythm .I can almost see the hobbits..and wanting to be celebrating the unconcerning life with themHappy Elf Smilie
I love the music of all three fils, I can even play most of them Smile Smilie

I'm listening to "The Two Towers" soundtrack right now and agree with everything said about Shore's soundtrack. It is utterly fantastic. Two pieces that I love are (and pardon me not knowing the actual titles... I"m pretty bad about such things) the little number that plays when Gandalf is leading the Rohirrim to battle against the orcs at Helm's Deep and the lighting of the beacons. To me, the scene/soundtrack combination of the Lighting of the Beacons is the best in moviedom. Every time I watch Return of the King I watch and rewatch that scene over and over again.

I also like a lot of movie soundtracks, especially ones with good orchestral arrangements and great melodies and symphonies. Howard Shore is a great composer, and if I'd have to say three of my favorite LOTR-trilogy soundtracks, then they would be: Nazgul, Saruman's theme + Weathertop and Khazad Dum (last track of those which play while the members of the fellowship are in Moria).

I love that part called IN DREAMS within The Breaking Of The Fellowship soundtrack. Edward Ross' voice is just angelic.

Glad this topic came up because I drive myself crazy listening to all the lotr soundtracks over and over again.

Don't you just love the theme as the fellowship enter the Dwarrowdelf in Moria; Gandalf says he will risk a little more light, and the music swells up.....also the lighting of The Beacons in ROTK; isnt that theme just amazing....and when Arwen  sees the vision of her son Eldarion....and...oh, sorry, I'll shut up now.. I always get carried away...I suppose that's the point tough really , is it not; to get "carried Away" by these books/movies...

The lighting of the beacons is a classic's awesome.

They have so intricately developed the music with characters,nations,wars and moments,that if you just hear it audio,you'll know whether it's the Rohirrim or the Gondorians.

The lighting of the beacons is a classic scene. it's awesome.

Odette your spot on I simply love the score and the scene in the film, even though a massive amount of poetic license is used....  crossed a few timezones in middle earth.

Rene Flemming is used a lot in the sound tracks, very Elvish voice.  And Gollum's song is possibly the saddest song ever written.

I fell in love, hopelessly in love with both Howard and Renee. Superb, divine, lifting one's soul to the stars and beyond.(does that sound a little like Buzz Lightyear?

A little Lee Lee...

Sheila Chantre (I think thats how you spell her name) sang the Lament to Mithrandir in Loth Lorien with a huge backing choir.  I loved the eastern sounds that Howard chose to differentiate the Lorien Elves from the Rivendel Elves.  Then there is the cross over during the psychic connection scene between Galadrial and Elrond where you get a little of both themes woven together...  Absolute Heaven.

oh yes....Renee Fleming....When Gollum takes the ring at The Cracks of Doom.....and when Frodo is picked up by the Eagle (is it Gwaihir...?)....and have you listened to al the music on the End Credits....Into the West  with Annie Lennox....then there is all this amazing music on the DVD while they roll the list of names of The International Fan Club...(which I am ashamed to say does not have my name on it)...oh I could go on for hours..(and I usually do...until peoples eyes start glazing over......)

You know Alana,your enthusiasm is just infectious.I've  been reading and watching Tolkien since I was in my early teens and I still can't get rid of the hangoverSmile Smilie

When I just happened to see your last post on this thread,I was taking a break from studying and watching the LotR ext. version on my computer and Annie Lennox just amazes doesn't she?When I first heard that song,I didn't like it,possibly because I heard it in a rush but now I'm addicted.Complete bliss,that.

Another of my favorite musical moments is when Frodo rescues Sam from drowning and behind the emotional dialogue is that heavenly bit of music,which reminds me of all the friends I've lost touch with over the years.

And wait,also Elendil's oath.I believe Viggo himself sang it?

Now I should get a lid on me.

Another two small segments of music I love are.

The Ents are going to war!  I thnk it may be a Boys Choir, absolutely moving to the extreme, I always think of Yavanna when I here/see that scene as the Ents are like the children of Yavanna...

Also The White Rider rescuing Faramir and some of his men from the Nasgul on the battle plain, peircing music just light the piercing light of Gandalf's staff as it wards off the fell beasts.


Love it!

Oh thank you...Darling Odette,,,isnt it great we can talk like this...?

Oh yes...that music when Frodo pulls Sam out of the water..I cry every time....

Yes, Annie Lennox is amazing...that song, Into the is like an anthem for anyone who has lost  a loved one.........sorry, I am crying again..I do that a lot.

Yes , Brego I love the ents going to war.....and oh, yes, Odette that song Viggo sings at his coronation....

"Et Earello Endorenna Utulien, Sinome muravan Ar Hildmyar , Tenn' Amber-Metta"

"Out of the Great Sea to Middle Earth I am come"

In this place I will Abide, and my heirs,

Unto The Ending of the world"

My love to all Tolkien fans everywhere...

In the extended version there is the funeral lament in old English sung by Eowen.  Very moving...

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