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Well said that man! I prefer Bakshi's version, at least it's truer to the book.
And a big welcome to Magnet. Smile Smilie You are right of course. But then Tolkien was a philologist who carefully chose his words to paint a thousand pictures in our mind eye. That's darned hard to match in a three hour movie.

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I agree about Bakshi's version - funny that it should seem better after years thinking it mis-represented the books. Compared to the Jackson effort it's spot on. Almost.
Yeah, he cut bits out but didn't change half as much. 'cept Legolas being at the ford instead of Glorfindel, but that's more understandable than Arwen.
yeah... indeed the bakshi movie is better tolkien stuff than the new movies, but the new ones are better as just "a" film.

I've partially given my thoughts about the new movie in a other threat
Ooh! Boring threatened the Movie Wink Smilie Off to have a look......
This one is better looking, and a better Movie though ain't it?
Smile Smilie

it's much better looking and i hope we get to see RotK this time Smile Smilie and yes it is far better a movie as for the threat I think I meant Thread or something like that.. (sorry me English isn't my goodest subject at school)
Sorry, I just love to take the piss out of typos, can't help myself! And the other two are already shot, they just need the post production doing, and judging by the reaction to the first movie, there won't be any problem seeing Rotk, without any f***ing singing Orcs this time!!!!!
I liked the singing Orcs... Smile Smilie
I haven't seen the Bakshi movie, so I can't judge on that point, but I still think this movie is really good, and true to Tolkien, maybe not true enough for the die-hard fans, but still... As a movie, it's great!
Orcs should never sing, and they did the whole Rotk as a f***ing flashback! How cheap? But I have found myself humming "Where there's a whip, then there's a way" from time to time! Wink Smilie
But I have found myself humming "Where there's a whip, then there's a way" from time to time! Wink Smilie
If you will recall those were goblins singing that diddy as they marched Bilbo and the Dwarves down into their caverns from the crack that they opened in what they called their front porch. Goblins can sing; orcs can't carry a tune fer love ner money. Big Smile Smilie
*stupid Actually that little ditty is called "Down to Goblin Town". "Where there's a whip" is from Rotk, and is sung on Sam and Frodo's Orc march through Mordor.
Oh Goody! You found my mistake of the day. *blushes brightly* See what happens when i shoot from the hip instead of varifying the facts. Smile Smilie
yaay Grondies only human after all Big Smile Smilie

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I suspected that for a long time, but now it has finally been proven! Big Smile Smilie
Why can't Orcs sing, anyway? And if Orcs can't, and Goblins can, what about the Uruk-hai? (don't I recall them singing somewhere as they carry Pippin and Merry away? Again: I don't have my copy, so I can only suppose...)
*drink :P
Orcs shouldn't sing, and neither should Goblins cos it's way too cheesey and crap. And Grondy just does way too much research for his own good! Wink Smilie
i just noticed the random quote bit under the that brand new, or have I missed it for a while?
I just noticed it a couple days ago so it has probably been there for weeks. lol
We're telepathic!
i just noticed they change every time you get to another page. Fun! More things to read! (slows down your posting though, think that's why Taz put them there) Big Smile Smilie
which quotes??
<- The ones over there on your left.
yay I found them whoopie Smile Smilie
Enjoy them! Hey, why aren't they there when you're replying to a post? Taz?