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Thread: Re-Release of FOTR with Scenes from TT

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In an ideal world you would read it there first; however, seeing as how neither the world nor human nature is ideal, you can post your questions here with only a slight chance that someone will point out that the answer to your question has been up on the main site for umpteen weeks. Smile Smilie

Oh, and I have not heard your rumor, but have no difficulty believing it. Were FOTR to win an Oscar, then we can expect a return engagement and the addition of a teaser/trailer would be a good business practice. Cool Smilie

The following link contains a review of maybe the rumored trailer.

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It's been rumoured since well before the release of Fotr, I think we have had a news item about it, and it's certainly been mentioned in the forum somewhere.
So how come mr Grond failed to notice??? Wink Smilie
Don't need to make the newbie go surfing for answers...

TTT trailer will be on new reels (New Line confirmed this in Cinescape mag) if the movie wins an Oscar. Now, I suppose they meant one of the bigger named Oscars (best pic, actor, sctress, director, filmadaption), because it will definitely win "an oscar" and be re released as an "oscar nominee" but I can't speak for what will happen overseas where it's alread won awards...
As is my usual practice, I opened my yap prior to researching the site. Found the article about the additional trailer, and I'm really excited about it. Sounds excellent

Sometimes I like trailers better than movies - not likely in this case, but I think there should be a special Oscar category for best trailer.
Only if they come with a pause or slow button, so that I can attempt to assimilate a modicum from what is flashing across the screen. Big Smile Smilie
I second that. The movie is wonderful but it is high pace that just when you're catching your breath, another row scenes gone through.
And they can call it the "In a world" category, since all trailers seem to start with that voice over, "In a world . . . "
Big Smile Smilie
I read the review of the trailer, but can we actually see it too? Or do we have to wait for the new release of FotR? I do hope not... Smile Smilie