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Well I'm pulling hard for Best Picture but I definitely don't expect it. Fortunately, Beautiful Mind is starting to get the press that it's a shoo-in, and the senile members of the Academy seem to have an aversion to going along once that kind of thing gets started. But I think PJ has a real good shot at Best Director. He's gotten some press for what many critics think is a superhuman effort, what with the marathon shoot, the special challenges of bringing Tolkien to the screen, etc. And I expect lots of tech awards. McKellen--why not? As good a chance as any of the others.
Fantasy ``The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,'' about an epic battle for world domination among wizards and sorcerers, earned 13 Oscar nominations, including best picture, on Tuesday, putting it ahead of the pack in the race for Hollywood's highest film honors, the Academy Awards.

I just submitted the whole article for the main board. Cool Smilie[Edited on 14/2/2002 by Grondmaster]
I reckon Best Director, and maybe effects, but not screenplay adaptation (I will scream if it gets that)
I think either best picture *or* best director (I'm thinking they'll want to give Ron Howard best director, but not both director and picture, so the other will go to LOTR). If it does get either of those very big awards, it will be re released and hyped in the papers and make lots more money!
In my county, we still have eight screenings being offered daily.

Oh, and a little light on the subject. If you will remember last summer and fall, that everyone was bemoaning the dearth of good movies in 2001. The reason we are doing so well is a non-plethora of competition. Cool Smilie
Eight screenings? Hmmm... oh gosh... we only have 2 per theater in surround sound and stadium seating... and we only have about 35 theaters (locally, I suppose you could travel 30 minutes more to find maybe 15 more) to pick from! What will we do? [Edited on 16/2/2002 by swampfaye]
what 13 things did FotR get nominated for?

I kind of hope Beautiful Mind wins best picture...I really liked that movie...I mean, FotR was great and all, but I really thought BM was better...FotR can win everything else, though.
(drumroll please...) LOTR's 13 nominations are...

Best Picture
Best Director (Peter Jackson)
Best Supporting Actor (Ian McKellan)
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Film Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Original Score
Best Original Song ("May It Be"- Enya)
Best Art/ Set Direction
Best Visual Effects
Best Costume Design
Best Makeup
Best Sound
Best Adapted Screenplay? No way!!!!

Remember Elrond *shakes head in disbelief.
You think there was a *better* adapted screenplay there in the mix? It's not about weather you liked it or not, it's about weather it was teh best against all it's peers.
Eeek. Not best song, surely? Worst song ever in the history of movie soundtracks, maybe.
Well, as far as the screenplay nod goes, it was kind of a slow year for adaptations. The really strong stuff is in the original category, like Memento's sole nomination (grr to that being the only nod, BTW. what kind of old fogies are voting these days?). I personally thought the LOTR script was an impossible job well done, but I'm rooting for Ghost World to win. Hasn't got a prayer, but it deserves it.

And the song... well, okay, it's Enya and I know ya'll hate her (I like her, actually), but believe me, the competition is worse. Paul McCartney's "I'm bloody rich now so why bother writing good songs" tune from Vanilla Sky, Sting's "I still have talent when I'm not writing songs for car commercials" song from Kate & Leopold, Diane Warren's "Whitney Houston/ Celine Dion/ Faith Hill/ some other screamer syrup-fest" song from Pearl Harbor, and the annual nod to Randy Newman, who will only win if the apocalypse is upon us. Enya really is the best of a sad lot.
I think Randy Newman is a great songwriter (especially for movie music) but will someone PLEASE stop him from singing his own songs?!?! It just sounds like a half country half folk song trying to be pop music... gag

I like Enya too, though her music does get repetative. They (Howard Shore) made her do the song with no synthesizer and voice overs. Sounds great to me. And elvish even..
But I really like Randy Newman.....
Saw the movie yesterday for the 3rd time and first time in 7 weeks. It is just amazingly powerful. Here are some new observations:

1. The theatre was half full, which is remarkable given that it has been around here since 12/19 (Kansas City). And many people didn't have the President's Day holiday off from work. This thing is still putting fannies in the seats. My guess is that most of the audience had seen it before; and it is showing to a large diehard population. My excuse was taking a friend's kids that hadn't had a chance to see it yet. Any excuse will do!

2. I was noticing how the score is really outstanding. It just seems so appropriate to the different scenes. There is signficant variety in it matching the variety of moods. I hope it is recognized with the Oscar.

3. Sean Bean's performance holds up even better than under first impression--he really gets it right. Some of Viggo's lines are really flat and off ("it is a Morgul knife"). Aragorn is a much tougher part to do. Maybe a more accomplished actor would have done better, but given how impossible the role is, I suppose I should give him a break.

Over on the One Ring, they have news from a PJ book signing--TTT trailers in mid-March--I expect a lot of hype and re-release for the Academy Awards, also hyping the trailer--and 30 minutes of extra footage in the DVD--more Aragorn, Pippin and Merry particularly. I assume there has to be more in Lothlorien as well, but they didn't say so.

The trading card game has a bunch of scenes from Lothlorien that we never saw, so I am hoping that we will get to see that on the DVD. PJ has not decided if his "directors cut" (BTW this is going to be releasedd with the regular movie, which I really like) will have 30 or 40 extra minutes.

So... I figure I'll be buying the original release in August, the special release in November and then the TTT release and special release, ditto for ROTK and then the boxed set and then the boxed set special edition... I figure to be up to my eyes in LOTR dvd's... what about you?
I suppose that is what will push me into going to DVD's. Not sure if I want that many copies though. Wink Smilie
I don't think LOTR got any oscars, do you? :P
Well, it did get four, none of them major (although some would argue Cinematography should be).
Only four??? That's rather disappointing, innit? Very Sad Smilie