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Every time that I watch the Fellowship I find myself eating throughout almost the entire film. That to me is alot of eating for 3 + hrs.
Ah yes i eat a lot to. By the way thats a great avatar!!! Now im waiting for the extended edition of the second part to come! A friend is lending it to me.
I don't usually eat much during the films; it's usually only candy and soda. (I have both Extended Versions and the TTT theatrical on DVD).
When the fellowship first came out on dvd my sister and i had all these chips and drinks etc. So know your not the only one.
If you need me to eat something,just give it to me and turn on the tv. Alcoholic Smilie
I'm not too bad when watching films, but when I'm at sea I cannot walk through the galley without grabbing a bag of crisps or a sticky bar.
I enjoy eating and watching movies at the same time, like popcorn and pepsi. Smile Smilie It's totally natural but health nuts say its bad to watch television while eating (causes you to eat too much, like I don't do that when I'm not watching the telly).
i hardly eat during the movie. maybe some popcorn but that about it. i can't pay attention to the movie while i eat. Wiggle Smilie
I agree with I. It is hard to concentrate when u r eating an watching tv at the same time. I will eat chips and popcorn but not alot. Waving Hello Smilie
Soda only... With popcorn I get distracted because it's very messy...And with candy...Well during intense battle scenes I usually drop the candies in my excitement...So soda for me...
But when ever I am watching anything , I need my trusty soda.
Pepsi and popcorn for me, I don't have any problem eating and watching movies. Cool Smilie

Just don't let them put butter on the popcorn, I made that mistake once, it gets on everything and you have to leave to go and wash your hands.
The only way my mom gets me to eat anything healthy is by giving me the TV and some healthy food.
i dont usually eat when wayching a movie or t.v. but if theres food or coke im gonna eat it no matter what im matter of fact i gotta go eat its 2p.m. were i am and i missed lunch and breakfast.
I don't really eat while watching movies or T.V. Actually I don't watch the T.V. that much anyway. Wiggle Smilie I never have that much time. I'm either hanging out with friends, doing homework(BLEGH!!!!!) or on the computer. Big Smile Smilie Sometimes I eat popcorn during a movie but that's usually just when I'm with my friends. But I don't like drinking thoughout a movie because eventually I have to go to the bathroom and then I miss a good part of the movie. I hate that and it always happens too!!!!! Angry Elf Smilie Personally I think that eating around the television isn't terrible or anything as long as you don't GORGE yourself. No offense but that's jsut kinda gross. And when I say gorge I mean like seriously disguting gorge. Like crumbs and food particles pooling in your lap, mouth gaping wide open with gross stuff coming out kinda gorging. I don't think any of you do that (hopefully not) and if you don't I think you'd agree with me that that is......uh....just about the most digusting picture you have ever gotten in your head of someone eating. OK I'm rambling so I'll just end it there. Tongue Smilie Wolf Smilie
I just mainly have a tea and immerse myself deep into the movie. Then after I might have a bite of something, but not really.
I rarely eat during the movies but drink a lot of water. That's a habit
I never eat nor drink when watching PJ's magnum opus, due to a high risk of regurgitation.
Ummm...if I DO have anything, it will be a cup of tea and a munchie. Not like, a whole meal and not throughout the entire film.
Oh popcorn! You start on it and for an average-length movie, you just keep on wanting more adn more of it. It gets addictive. And chips are the same, of course... But I doubt even I could stand chips and popcorn for 3+ hours. And for the Black Rider scenes aqnd the Orc scenes, there is the risk of regurgitation, as Vir stated. That's why I usually find it easier to just suck on a candy at those points.
Now that makes sense that such a sweet creature as you would suck candy. You are sort of like the tiny hummingbird, drinking the nectar. How adorable. I suppose though a single chip would be as big as you or certainly fill you up.
Vir, sometimes just thinking about you makes me smile , even when I absolutely don't want to. You remind me of a little Hawaiian boy I was nanny to, he simply did not wish to smile or be happy. Never. And when he had to play baseball everyone fled when he struck out. He was thin and so angelic looking but watch out. It took me nearly two years to get him laughing and then he didn't want me to leave, so he burned my bedroom down. Stop laughing and applauding Vir!
But like him I think you are a dear underneath all that felt.! Smile Smilie
Yes...sucking candy...THAT is an enjoyable way to watch a movie!!
i usually watch the movies while enjoying a glass or two of nice whisky.
16 yrs old Lagavulin double matured Distiller's Edition, single malt
that or Smokehead from Ardbeg
I never eat during the movies
I eat during every movie... not much though. maybe a bag of chips and some soda. but i usually drink coffee when i wacth tv,movies,computer screen. infact in drinking coffee now Big Smile Smilie
When I read a book, I create images of the places and characters in my mind. Of course I had my own images of the LOTR characters and places. But after seeing the movies, something changed. When I read parts that weren't in the movies, I see my own images. But when I come to the parts that were in the movies, those images change to the movie scenes. It's so strange! it's like there are two Frodo's and two Sam's, and Aragorns and ...Pixie Smilie
Does this happen to you?
Exactly, that is why I try to read any book before seeing the movie. I do this that I might see the author's characters and scenery through my eyes, before seeing them filtered through those of the director.
Movies are better with food, imho. I mean, you get fat, but the comfort of having food in your mouth is sometimes better. But then, the crackling sounds of the popcorn or crackers often annoy me because I can't hear the movie properly.

But reading the books before you watch the movies is a must. My friend saw the movies first, fell in looe with Faramir, read the books, and the books were completely lost on her because she didn't pay much attention to anything else, and now of course, she's got a new object of admiration, and has forgotten about LOTR completely.
It was a pleasant surprise to see the actor who was cast as Faramir in the movie 300 as one of the Spartans. Completely different from the weak, whiney wimp from PJ's movies.

No more "I don't want to kill, but I do so because daddy hurt me. Boohoohoo!" but a real man falling gloriously after decapitating about 40,000 Persians.
Oh Vir, that is hard to hear. To me, every single life is of great value and hopefully redeemable. I do see the need to fight and fight hard at times for one's freedom and country and so on. But to think in any way that to kill another mortal is in any way gratifying-that is something I cannot even comprehend. I have not seen this movie, but heard that it was merely a rip off of Gladiator. In fact when a family member went to view it she said at different parts half the audience would verbally respond out loud with the part in Gladiator they thought it ripped off. Did you really like it then?
I usually like to have popcorn or pretzels with a movie. I'm a sucker for salty food. Have you ever noticed that when you watch a movie where there is no food and the characters are starving, it makes you hungry? Happens to me.
Oh Celebrian that is so endearing. How sweet. I just worry and worry how they will get some and because my sons and I work on the street and help out as much as possible my mind will go there as well.
I tend to like salty, savoury things better than sweet as well but once in a while, just once in a while I enjoy some decadent chocolatey wonder. My second son Clayton-Ashley is both a chef at one restaurant and a pastry chef at a bakery. They have this type of cake called a Shadow cake that is too wonderful. It uses only natural REAL ingredients, dairy butter in the batter and icing and cream as well and very good chocolate. It graduates from nearly black brown at the top to white cream in the middle and then back again.
Now THAT is something I would not mind having while watching a movie. Along with a perfectly brewed cup of tea.
Hmm... so next time I wanna put on some weight, I'm going on a LotR EEs non-stop marathon and then Star Wars after that. I'll just need the fridge and the loo at a conviniently accessible location.
Ah yes! The loo! It's a most annoying aspect of having a nice beverage while enjoying a movie. I'm a tea person, and I think I must have a rather weak bladder or something, because I usually need to go and relieve body fluids at least twice during one LOTr movie. And it gets sooooooo annoying! I hate it when you have to pause it and then go, and listen to that disgusting flush (which totally ruins the mood) and then come back to it again...

Perhaps I should really just stick to candy alone... but then, you see, the roof of the mouth and the tongue get so sore...
I'm still baffled that people can keep control of their innards when watching these films.
When viewing the EEs of each of PR's three LotR movies, I'd suggest you time your trips to the little boys'/girls' rooms: just prior to the beginning; then again when it is time to change reels, er DVDs; and finally during the credits, unless of course you want to see if your name, as a fan, appears in those long lists of credits .
Oh so I'm not the only one who has scanned that looong list?

You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, Grondy.
When viewing the EEs of each of PR's three LotR movies, I'd suggest you time your trips to the little boys'/girls' rooms: just prior to the beginning; then again when it is time to change reels, er DVDs;

No luck Grondy as the EE fits into a single DvD. Dunce Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Mine came on four DVDs with the two halves of the movie on the first two disks and all the extras on the second two.
I also have that Grondy, you get 12 discs in all... as well as a chapter list showing which scenes are newly added and which are extended... About 12 hours worth of movie in total, now that is what I call over-eating during films Orc Smiling Smilie
I have the exact same thing as you Grondy and Loss!
And it Is over-eating... I'll try and take smaller sips when drinking my beverages...
Try getting straws with a very reduced diameter bore: this will require too much mouth suction for the same volume of fluid, resulting in smaller sips and less fluid intake for the same amount of work. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well, someone sure knows their physics.
Or has sat through 12 hours of movie many times Orc Smiling Smilie Maybe taking a sip between each scene change might work as well Smile Smilie
And to make the 12 hour torture complete: add some laxative to the fluid and put a lock on the toilet.

And show these movies in an airplane on a trans-pacific flight. Exploding Head Smilie

No thankyou Grondy dear.
Vir, your middle name would not be Eyor would it?