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I'm against pyrated copies of anything on principle. However, I do have some ancient softaware of that ilk. When I find something I really like, I always go buy the real thing. Wink Smilie
Yeah, I tend to agree, still I covet his access to the movie at home on his couch. But, I'll buying the DVD when it comes out.

Ooh, but my other delima is should I buy the DVD when it's released or wait for a fancy box set? You know they are going to put all three movies together in a box set, and I'm not sure that I could justify having both FOTR and TT on DVD, then buying the entire trilogy in a box, too. Hmmm. . .

However, I found it very frustrating that A&E has now come out with a fancy letter boxed version of Pride and Prejudice on DVD with some extra footage and interviews etc. I'm having a hard time justifying buying the new DVD, even though I really really really want it. I've already got one DVD of P&P and it's adequate quality. I don't want the same thing to happen with the LOTR series.

Ok, I'm babbling.
There's nothing wrong with having too many copies of something. I've got a load of pirated movies still, cos bits often get cut when the VHS release comes out, so I keep them for that. And I do own three sets of the Star Wars trilogy, one original (and knackered) one Digitally remastered widescreen, and one Special Edition (which I often think about setting fire to).
However, if you don't like accumulating piles of crap, then it's easy enough to sell your old copy when you get the new one. Or, like me, be charitable and force it on a friend who's never seen the movie and needs to be educated. Smile Smilie
*I'm with stupid... er.. I mean Plastic Wink Smilie

I would also like to set fire to my SE Star Wars. I will be buying every incarnation of LOTR, if someone were to knock on my door and offer me a pirated copy.. I'd probably buy it (If I had the cash...)
I must admit that I have spent a number of unkonwn hours on the internet trying to find a free copy of the illegal copy of the Fellowship so that I could keep watching it ove and over and over, even though I know it is very, very wrong. But the temptation is so strong. If someone were to contact me and say hey guess what I got in and you can have it here it is, I would take it and tears would fall the entire time I was reaching for it. I just love Tolkien that much. It is just that I don't want to wait until August for the basic DVD and then till Novemeber for the Directors cut. It seems a shame that evrythig boils down to the almighty "dollar", but it does. Even PJ would never have done this for art alone. He did it for the money. I read somewhere that he had hired a research firm to look into the estimate of Tolkien fans that would fill the theater to see a very well done film and that would pay to see the films before he even considered doing the trilogy. What ever happened to art for arts sake. Damn I hate money, even though I love having it. Wink Smilie
arts sake? Isn't art done to be appreciated? And really, isn't the measure of success how well it sells? And PJ had to get "investors" and make sure they didn't lose their money. ARt done for art's sake is almost a slap in the face to the very people it's trying to reach out ot. Let's not confuse art like "pi$$ christ" with things we "all" can appreciate like monet's "Pastoral Garden".
Re: Art for Art's Sake and the Movies - I've gotten quite an eduction watching HBO's Project Greenlight documentary series. For those of you who haven't seen it, they held a contest for the best screenplay and the prize was that the postAuthorID would get to make his movie with a $1 mil budget (uh, small budget in Hollywood terms). What was so interesting to me was seeing the real business side of Hollywood - and I mean business. Most of the decisions in the movie were made for business reasons, not artistic, though ultimately, the end product will be praised for it's artistic qualities. I think PJ made LOTR with a pecuniary interest, yes, but also to pay homage to a fabulous work, and I don't really have a problem with the fact that movies are BUSINESS - not art. I mean, I do think some of them are real art, but making a movie, in reality, is like turning over a piece of real estate. Project Greenlight has taken a lot of the sentimentality and awe from the process, and has expanded my understanding of why certain cuts or changes are made in a film and how they are made.

Ultimately, I think PJ did a great job with LOTR, and he was true to the book and the art - but it's also clear that there was some shrewd business dealings behind it b/c he was able to convince all of these actors/producers/technicians to hang around New Zealand for 16 months of filming. And above that, he convinced the movie studio that if they investeda certain amount of money, they'd get it back in spades, and they are. Haven't they already recouped the cost of filming all three movies with the release of FOTR? That's pretty shred stuff.

Am I babbling yet?
I agree with everything everyone has said. I understand business is business and u have to make money. Besides aren't we all interested in the money..... I am just gratefull that technology finally caught up with Tolkien... It was and is the greatest film I have ever seen and I know the next two will be great too. Besides screw art if I want that I will visit Paris again. I want more brain bashing, blood gushing, Orc mauling, magic welding, sword fighting, good vs evil stuff.... Big Smile Smilie
we all know all too well that money is necessary. But still I think that the huge success of Tolkien's books was possible above all because he absolutely did not need to worry about the financial success. He did not feel obliged to please as many people as possible. He tried above all to express himself, his own yearnings and fears. And because of that he could introduce a fifty-year-old plump hobbit as the main hero of a heroic romance! I believe very firmly in art for art's sake.
Tolkien was also very interested in what his peers thought. If it was art for arts sake, he wouldn't have tried to get it published at all, just let it sit there on his desk and be happy that he did it.
Hi Swampfaye!
I do not think that "art for art's sake" is something that we do only for ourselves!
For Tolkien, art was Sub-Creation: he wanted to make our world more beautiful and more rich. For us, not only for himself. Yes you are right that he wanted to have readers, wanted to be able to "captivate their attention", as he put it. And he was very happy that his work made him earn money, and he was very indignant against pirates which did not respect his copyright.
However, he always insisted that when creating his books he was guided by his own taste and preferences and not by the supposed taste and preferences of his potential readers.
I think that Tolkien was really a "medieval" artist working above all "ad maiorem Dei gloriam" ("for the greater glory of God"). And it's thanks to this earnest attitude that we love so much his world. We feel that he wants above all to give us something. His art is a gift for us.
I once knew a boy who was very very popular. He told me that in his opinion you may be a leader only if you lead people in the direction which they themselves want to take. But do we really want such leaders? I want to be guided into new worlds, by someone who will teach me new things...
For me, art for art's sake does not mean scorn for potential readers, only a wish to lead them into unknown...; [Edited on 26/2/2002 by Eryan]
back to pirates...

I downloaded the japanese version of Fellowship (looking quite guilty) it has the words in English and Japanese subtitles (this could start a whole new thread on subtitles - I personally prefer dubbed...) and I could hear the audience in the background and thought it was very interesting what they laughed at. They really laughed heartily after Gimli announed his "you have my axe" and looked up at Legolas. When Legolas looked a little queasy, they laughed! Now... I chuckled at this look, but the rest of the audience (in each 13 times I've seen it) didn't laugh. I chuckled because I know the elves/dwarves distaste for each other and this the Japanese know too (if you have seen Lodoss War or any of their fanatsy anime, it's quite a familliar theme). They loved pippin almost as much as the Americans - I must say I was surprised when they did laugh, because they were so very quite during the rest of the movie. They laughed when Sam said it was the furthest from home he had ever been... I thought that was unusual. They didn't laugh when he said he was trimming the grass under the window, or when he said he heard something about a dark lord a ring and the end of the world, but they did break out in laughter when he said "don't turn me into anything un natural".

I beg your forgiveness for my weakness and promise to do pennance. But don't worry, I'll be buying every incarnation of LOTR - I've seen it 13 times on screen. I will be seeing it when the TTT trailer comes out... probably several more times.
13 times?! That's 39 hours of this movie! Holy cow! I like it a lot myself, but that just boggles my mind.
Swampfaye: Be careful not to burn yourself out! The movie isn't Mozart. You can get too much of it, resulting in its becoming hateful. Please slow down, take a break, give it a rest, or at the least, instead of seeing it next time, just play the movie over in your mind and contemplate on it. Smile Smilie
I feel certain by the time I do get burned out... the next movie will be out and I can move my glutony over to TTT -

I noticed another time when the Japanese crowd laughed at a line we didn't laugh at: when Frodo said: "I will take the ring to Mordor...though, I don't know the way," they thought that was really funny.

Dont you think that the actors expressions are much more important in a foreign/ subed film? I think the cast of LOTR were exceptional at expressions... they steal scenes without even speaking!
(have I gone too far off topic Grondy?)
I don't think so, you're still talking about your pirated copy of FOTR and how different people react to the spoken word/subtitles with respect to the actors expressions. Sounds like fair game to me. Smile Smilie
Good Big Smile Smilie I was talking to an aqaintance in Mexico and asking him where people laughed that he thought it was unusual (since he had read LOTR - in English). He mentioned they laughed when all the bugs came out when the nazgul was sniffing for the ring and Frodo went into a trance. He said they really thought the dwarf tossing line was funny, and I noted that I had heard from a friend in NZ rthey thought that was funny too (I mean really funny).

Anyone else watching a pirated video? cause I feel kinda like the black sheep now...
a friend of mine has a copy, and he was going to give it to me, but we got in a small argument and therefore he's withholding I guess I've got to wait till the real thing comes out...
Oh, just say you're sorry! He'll forgive you and love you all the more for it. Take the high road, it's a reward in and of itself.

However, if he was a real jerk, let him suffer in your absense for a while. Smile Smilie
Question - have the pirated copies that you guys might have seen been of excellent quality? B/c my friend's copy is not the best quality. It's not terrible, but it seems at first like it was filmed by a digital camera in a theatre. However, I'm not convinced that that's the case. It could just be some sort of advanced promotional copy that's been copied and downloaded and copied and downloaded too much. What do you think?
I'm not going to commit myself, so I'll just say that I may have one. And it may be of great quality. Wink Smilie

I don't feel that there's anything wrong with having one either, since I've seen the movie at least three times at the cinema, and will definitely buy the DVD when it gets out.

Or, depending on my mood, I may get two original sets (in case one wears out) - I have at least two original sets of Star Wars video sets, two sets on pirates for everyday use, two Special Edition original sets on VCD (one for the shelf (never opened), the other one for important guests), and I've seen the movies at the cinema countless times. I saw all the originals at the cinema at least 4 times, the Special Editions 3 times each, and I even watched TPM 11 times at the cinema, although I hated it. Sad Smilie Lucas surely can't complain.
11 times?!? And Swampfaye saw FOTR 13 times?!? How the heck do you guys find the time? Do you just never sleep or something? I mean, proportionally speaking, that's a huge chunk of your life! I'm impressed but scared!
39 hours is nothing compared to the anount of time I spend slaving as a mom... Divide it into 3 months and I've only spent 13 hours a month watching movies. It's only taken the place of other movies I might have seen... Smile Smilie
Well, I can still manage LotR, but I'm totally obsessed with Star Wars. My old office was full of SW nuts (we engineers are geeks I suppose) so we had a field day when TPM came out. I watched TPM all day during the first day, and had nothing to eat except for popcorn. :P Same thing the next day.

I used to have Star Wars weekends once a month with my brothers, where we'd watch the SW movies over & over again. I even watched it's quite funny. And played the SW drinking game, bought all the figures & ships, substituted the word 'pants' in all the SW lines...stuff like that. I think my husband is dreading the release of AotC. Actually, I'd rather watch SW than have sex. Big Smile Smilie
Now I agree with every thing there, except the last thing Smile Smilie Though if you'd asked me that two years ago I would have agreed. (I have indeed watched it over many a girl's shoulder and hoped she didn't notice) Big Smile Smilie
Plastic, c'mon - "many" a girl's shoulder. What do you have a revolving door at your flat and you entice women up to your snake ranch to watch a little Star Wars? Geez, if some guy came on to me that we could watch Han Solo in action and create a little of our own - I'd be history. Even though Star Wars is great, it's still on par with being a Treckie to many girls.

A little intellectual honesty is all I ask!

And dude, if I could get a guy to make the moves on me while watching Dune, I'd be his forever. Hmmm, maybe I should try that sometime. [Edited on 6/3/2002 by Yummy]
Must agree with you Plastic - having both at the same time is definitely better! I've done the same thing too Big Smile Smilie

God, I would have loved meeting non-engineering blokes that liked SW as much as I do. Most of them thought that they were too 'cool' and cultured for SW - which was a real bummer since I really liked some of them. But how can you commit to a guy who doesn't think Solo is the coolest bloke in the universe (albeit a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away), or hum the Imperial Theme song whenever he thinks he's in trouble? Or one who doesn't know the difference between an X-wing and a Tie-fighter? What kind of relationship can you have with a bloke like that? :P

[Edited on 7/3/2002 by Ungoliant]
Know what you mean Ungoliant. Except for me its: How can you possibly have a relationship with a guy who doesn't know a Noldo from a Sinda? There are so few good men in the world!
Ok! After much effort and hard work and much support from an unnamed forum member (Swampfaye)LOL. I now have a rather good copy of Fellowship (pirated) of course. Am I proud? Am I ashamed? Do I feel dirty or cheap? Hell know! I went to see it six times! I bought the books 30 yrs ago. I have several figures. I have the Buger King Glasses. A copy of the one ring. And an oficial movie poster. Damn I deserve it! I am going to convert it MPG and then burn it to CD and watch it on my DVD player on my Television. That's what I am going to do. Then when it finally does come out I am going to buy two copies of the first edition and two copies of the directors cut and so on and so on. I am a Tolkien nut!! :P
Well, I was talking a long time ago, back when women were loose and times were easy. They had no idea that the Video had somehow turned itself on Big Smile Smilie The revolving door is now knackered I'm afraid, and some of them girls are so dull you got to watch somthing to pass the time (I used to have my SNES set up by the bed, though that was far more difficult to get away with)Big Smile Smilie
And if only there were women around that were into Tolkien and SW and Dune and stuff, life would be better, that was one of the many bones of contention between me and my ex-missus, the 6:00 TV, Friends or Star Trek? Tis an easy one for most, but I should have realised that she was wrong much earlier. And she had no idea why my then-band was called the Dagobah System :o
You wanna come round and watch Dune sometime then Yummy? Wink Smilie
dude, i'm all over it, but I'm not sure if you could afford to pick me up take me to your pad then turn around and take me back home at a reasonable hour. I mean we're talkin' about a trip across the Pond, right? From grand old England to the Big Easy. But, yes, I'd be up for that in theory.
Except for me its: How can you possibly have a relationship with a guy who doesn't know a Noldo from a Sinda?

Oooh, that's a tough one Allyssa! Can't you set your sights lower and settle for a bloke who can tell between the movie Merry & Pippin? Big Smile Smilie

jgpoole - Happy Viewing! Smile Smilie

Tis an easy one for most, but I should have realised that she was wrong much earlier.

rofl. That's priceless Plastic. Big Smile Smilie Next time interview 'em first! That's what I did... But you know, my main complaint growing up was that there weren't enough blokes that liked Tolkien, SW, Dune *and* football. Until recently, my idea of a perfect day would be to stagger out of bed at noon with a hangover, grab a sandwich and a bottle of wine/beer and read Tolkien in the garden until I get tired, and trundle off to the pub, drinking & discussing the finer aspects of SW/watch football with mates, and lazily watch the day go by. Maybe you ought to start a club for Tolkien/Dune/SW/ST fans, and meet up once a week or something. Then you can meet interesting girls?
Scared to think what kinda girls would show up for that club. I'd be there (but maybe not for the ST part), and if we could drink some pints (Scrumpy's a fav of mine) and talk some American football (b/c I know jack-sht about european football, other than soccer, and even then, I don't know much about the players and personalities.), that would be grand.

But, as I'm over here, and y'all are over there, I'll have to content myself with the beer-swilling, pick-up truck driving Rednecks down here in the South.
ummm... my husband is a truck driving redneck....but he doesn't drink beer - so long as you stick to the *beer drinking* redneck truckdrivers... I won't wory.
*dreams of women who actually LIKE footy, rather than the odd one who tolerates it*
May have to take a raincheck on the Dune date then Yummy, might be a bit of a pricey bus fare Wink Smilie A Scrumpy drinking yank! Have you had REAL scrumpy before (you can only get it in farmers barns drunk from old jamjars, and full of dead rats and stuff) It's massively illegal as well.
Oops, were getting slightly away from contraband copies of the movie here. Wink Smilie
I still like to listen to my pirated copy just to hear the audience laugh.. makes me laugh louder that way. I giggle inanely at the Pippin parts - but I suppose it *will* loose some of it's magic on dvd and my t.v. *especially* if I'm watching it alone... *pout* - Maybe I should have a viewing party as soon as I get the dvd (I will be preordering it and picking it up *first day* available...) Hmmmmm what to make for the party??? Where can I get me some Lembas?
Use some of that very thin dry bread or crackers and wrap them individually in leaves, oak or maple once they have turned to their autumn color; be careful not to use the leaves from poison ivy, oak, or sumac, or nettles while your at it. Have some cheese spreads, olives and mushrooms on hand to go with the lembas, and have large stone urns of Mountain Dew (both kinds) with a couple bottles of a good wine for those of less cultured backgrounds. Big Smile Smilie
I don't do that much work for people who don't intend on paying me... I'll settle for some chocolate covered truffles and chex mix! Oh... I think I know what Lembas is!!! RICE KRISPY SQUARES! You have that in the UK don't you? Smile Smilie
Cant wait for your party Faye. I'll bring the lamingtons and pavlova Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Wink Smilie

(would love to come if I could afford the air fare!) Big Smile Smilie
DVD, hell, you should get stock in New Line!

I really miss this movie. I haven't seen it in ages (waiting for the TTT trailer) and it would be such a nice break from all this horrible work. I'm very envious of your pirate copy...
Rice Crispy treats? I am so there... Big Smile Smilie
I know I'm behind but I just wanted to know when the dvd or video is coming out?
Welcome to the forum Dut_05.

I think the general consensus is in August. Which is why a lot of people don't want to wait; and are trying to get a copy of the pirated version to postThreadIDe them over until they can buy to postAuthorIDized version. Smile Smilie
new line just announced (I think it was yesterday) that it would be out July 23rd. Now... they didn't say if that was US or UK - I was under the impression the UK would get it first, but since they moved up the date of release and moved back the date of the trailer.. they have been "if" "and" and "butting" for the last month.... I think they weren't anticipating such a demand and are rethinking their release strategy (yet agin) but the plain.. no frills dvd is set to come out July 23rd now. Smile Smilie
I just figured out that my family spent a total of 210.00 seeing Fellowship in the theater FOR TICKETS ALONE.

I think I should get a platinum DVD for that Smile Smilie
I'm principally against pirate copies, though I have to admit I own some myself, but right now I'm envying those who have one. Oh well. Guess I'll just have to wait for the video release... Sad Smilie Cool Smilie
Nothing wrong with pirating movies. If they're gonna sell and make money (the genuine copies) then theres gonna be plenty of moolah rolling into the accounts of the actors, production staff, theater owners etc. and you're right in saying that most people who will buy the movie will probably end up getting the swankier legit version. If I had a chance to get a faux copy i'd snap it up but i'm a weeeee bit remote here and American/English deliveries can take weeks . (cant find it here at all as only came out in the theatres last month....seriouslly miffed!)
I've seen the movie only once so far, subtitled and not a happy bunny. Will buy it asap and am going to watch it again next week....woohoo!
Cant believe some of you guys have seen it so many times already! So envious! and re: watching while intimate, am trying to persuade my current flame to enjoy the bookso that when we see the movie she wont mind so much what happens when I finally own a copy!!! (hey she'll prob be doing the same..hehehe Wink Smilie )