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I think that both Elijah Wood and Sean Astin just reinforced my feeling that I could kick them both for a week and not get bored Big Smile Smilie
In FOTR I liked Frodo best in the beginning of the movie, when he meets Gandalf and also at his home when Gandalf explanes to him the story of the ring. There we meet a happy Frodo, full of joy and full of life. And when he asks: 'what must I do', he shows no fear but courage, responsability and perseverance. Afterwards Elijah does bring out Frodo's doubts and fear very well. But I missed his courage. Why didn't they let him defend himself against the black riders at the Weathertop? In the book Frodo attacks the black rider and that's why the knife hit him in the shoulder instead of in his heart.
I have seen a few other movies with Elijah Wood, and I think the best is yet to come. Frodo's character will be more important in the following movies. His feelings will be more extreme: weariness, dispair, but also anger when the ring is trying to controle him and wiser, self-assured and stronger. I belief Elijah Wood will do a great job expressing all those different emotions. I am really looking foreward to that part of the story.

I always felt the Gandalf in the book was a bit cold. Ian McKellen gave him more emotions in the movie (at the coulsel when Frodo says he will take the ring you see that Gandalf feels pity for him and wished there could be an other way). I liked that.

Indeed, they all did a very good job.
I can't wait to see the next part!
Movie Frodo was sappy, Sam was a blockhead. I'll kick 'em once you're finished, Plastic!

I didn't like McKellen - Gandalf was too emotional. I liked the cold & cross book version better.

As facial expressions go - I thought Legolas/Bloom was the best one. Didn't have much of a part, but still he did it well. I also like the introduction, when Elendil looked at Sauron, and with a resigned look, walked over to get killed. That was awesome.
Thanks for the nod Yummy! And ignore the rodent! Elijah Wood turned me into a Frodo lover! I *detested* Frodo in the book.. all his whining *ifing and butting* and *oooh, I know elvish!* As much as Plastic wants to kick Sam that's how much I wanted to kick Frodo! But Elijah Wood was so expressive, I guess that's what I needed to *connect* to the character. Sam... well, I never was able to get that little troll from Bashki out of my mind, even though I loved Sam in the book. Sean Austin has permanently replaced the Bashki Sam. I very much liked the way he portrayed Sam - not overdone (like Bashki) or pushy, just protective. A little more like a big brother.

Other nods to Boromir/Sean Bean - when he gets the ring, and at the council - I finally have some sympathies for him (in the book, it was Faramir who made me understand why Boromir did what he did). Orlando Bloom was outstanding. Fabulous young actor - just so much I can say about him that would be a rehash of what everyone else has said. And I thought both Sir Ian's were fabulous. Bilbo was *exactly* like I imagined him and Gandalf (who I didn't care for in the book) was expressive (despite make up) and I am glad for Sir Ian's nomination. Everyone was much improved in my mind due to "facial expressions" I think it was what I needed to "connect" with them all (even SarumaN).
How come nobody gives the Ring any credit? It looked exactly like I imagined it to be! Especially the nice sound it made when it hit Bilbo's floor - not a wimpy 'ting' or a glassy 'clink' or even a brassy 'dink' was a solid and evil sounding 'thungk'.

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dude, I loved the way the ring hit the floor. I thought that was extra primo special. Cool effect, nice touch.

My complaint was the scene with Frodo and Aragorn at the end. As I recall from the book, Frodo doesn't have a good bye scene with Aragorn, he runs away, and Aragorn tries to find him, but realizes he can't get to him, so he must save the other hobbits, right?

I had a chance to watch the Prophecy the other night, and it's one of the first parts that I recognized Viggo Mortensen. He plays lucifer, and does an excellent job. It's a cool part - he's evil, but neutral to the story and actually ends up helping the good guys. I loved the way Viggo played the character, and I watch the movie just to see his little part at the end. I'm interested in seeing what happens with him in the next two films. I would like them to flesh out his character a little more, and I expect they will do that.
All heil goes to the Ring, I loved the sound it made, and indeed it looked just like in my imagination. I want that ring! (and don't worry, I can handle it, I'm Tom Bombadil, remember? :P ) Big Smile Smilie

The facial expressions were excellent in this film. Very emotional characters, all of them, even Gandalf. They did a great job, and I hope they'll continue to do so in the next episodes... Smile Smilie

Hmmm, I disagree on the Boromir thing, but Sam...I think he did very well with the appearance, and also with the happier scenes, and the 'cheeky grin' that I feel Hobbits are supposed to have...but he couldn't look genuinely upset...he just looked like he had wind and was grimacing, so I couldn't believe that his character was truely sad in the film. Boromir in the book was not worth two thoughts about, and I suppose Sean Bean did give him a little more 'personality' in the film, and the character was given a whole new image...but I still don't think he was any good... Have you seen 'Extremally Dangerous' (I think that's what it was called) a BBC two part drama that Sean was in? He played some kind of was a couple of years ago I think...but that was good, he managed to actually act well in if you see it advertised...give it a go...I know it's un-LOTR related, but you seem to be a bit of a Sean fan...

Cool Smilie
I have to defend Boromir - Sean Bean - I never cared for Boromir in the novel, but the Actor got me really wrapped up in Boromir and to this day I can't watch his death scene without getting choaked up. Bilbo was excellent and Sam... wow - It's very hard to get what you want in a movie from your favorite character, but Sean Astin met my expectations and frankly made me love Sam even more. I thought Sam was perfection. Everyone was so darn good that I am amazed at their abilities and the directors ability to bring it together...
Most of the actors did a fairly good job. I would really like to kick Sean Bean. I hate his acting anyway. In fact I hate everything about him. He makes me puke. Sorry to all you brits out there but the guy needs to go back to acting school. I too prefered the Gandalf in the books although Ian did a great job with the character and showed his talents to the max. I can't wait to see him carry off the (coma ridden Gandalf the White) in the second book. What about the Orcs. Got give it to them. Hell, they were off somewhere everyday burning a dooby before every shoot knowing they were having the honor of dying before a bunch of goody, goodies. lol They deserved an Oscar just for that! LOL
I'm a brit, and I hate Sean Bean too, so no apologies neccessary jg!
Ok, ok, I'll add more to make it a little more relevant...
I liked the facial expressions of Gandalf, he was very 'father-like' in his concern for the Hobbits, not just Frodo, but Sam too. Frodo was totally convincing with his twisted, pain-ridden face and haunted eyes, but I'm not sure that Bilbo, Boromir, or Sam gave their best expressions...I just didn't feel convinced enough, oh, except when Bilbo did the whole 'ugly, evil, twisted' face thing, that was pretty good...when I had peeled myself from off the ceilling and swallowed my heart back down again...

Mad Smilie
Most of you won't know me, but some may remember... I found, or shall I say 're-found' this site and read the topic, and I feel I need to say something, even if it is only "Yep, I hate Sean Bean too"...
No, really, that is it... Smile Smilie Hmmm, I have to go, I'm a busy bunny...

I love the movie for showing the friendship the Fellowship shared so much clearer than the book did. Especially i like the scene where Boromir teaches the hobbits to use their swords, I read the book after I saw the movie and I understood better why the young hobbits liked him so much. I though all actors were great (I guess even Liv Tyler was almost acceptabel as Arwen..), and sir Ian is the perfect Gandalf. I agree that Gandalfs rection to Frodo taking the ring was wonderfull. I also love Legolas' expression when they come to late to save Boromir and he dies. It's just a breif shot, but the little tilting of the head makes Lego' pain seem so real. Heartbreaking, both Legolas and Gandalfs expressions.

God I love this movie!
Me thinks Sean Bean also did a fine job with the lead role in the adaptations of Bernard Cornwall's Napoleonic War series, 'Sharp's Rifles'. Cool Smilie
Never saw that one. But I didn't care a d*mn about the Boromir in the book (well, maybe a little) and I cared even less for the the movie-Boromir. Jumping Flame Smilie
I agree with you on that one, Prog. I also like Gandalf's expression when Frodo says 'Wait, there are markings.'
I agree about Boromir, Val. You could actually say the same thing for a number of characters. Poor Marton Csokas who played Celeborn. Both Gimli and Legolas, though, they will get a chance to shine a little more in the next two films anyway. Overall, the extended version serves all of them a little better.

As for facial expressions, my vote goes for Gandalf's reaction to Frodo offering to take the ring to Mordor. You can clearly see sadness, pride and even relief in his expression all at once. That scene, if nothing else, justifies the choice of Ian McKellen to play Gandalf. I confess to getting a lump in my throat when I see it. Just that one brief expression when he closes his eyes before he turns to look at Frodo.
If I was Sean Bean I think I would be quite unhappy with the editting department. Having just watched the extended DVD version, I think many of Sean's best parts ended up on the cutting room floor when it was first released. In the extended version you see more of his anguish and reasoning behind wanting the ring to go to Minas Tirith. His final battle scene is so much more heroic on DVD. Rather than just seeing the trail of dead uruks, you see him making his fighting retreat. His death scene is very moving.

My favourite facial expression of the movie, however, has got to be Elrond's at the end of the Council of Elrond when the hobbits come running in. That was pure comedy.
I liked Sam and Frodo and Gandalf just fine. I got the impression that Viggo didn't do much real acting in this movie, just battle scenes. But what he did was fine, it will be interesting to see how he handles TTT, in which he will have a bigger part. I liked Sean Bean, he was a good actor. I did not, however, like Orlando Bloom. He looks like I imagined Legolas to look like, but he didn't have any good lines (though this is not Bloom's fault), and I didn't appreciate his aloofness.
I liked the acting of Sean Bean the best of all, and like you, Amarie, I particularly liked the scene when he is teaching the young hobbits the swordplay. His Boromir is, of course, very different from the book Boromir, far more noble and royal. Even his desire for the Ring comes from very noble reasons: he desires it to save his people, whereas the book Boromir wanted the Ring also to gain personal glory. Actually, the movie Boromir seemed to me to be much more royal than Aragorn!
Actually, the movie Boromir seemed to me to be much more royal than Aragorn!
I felt that too, Eryan. In the book though, I always saw Aragorn as a king in waiting. He knew his time would eventually come, but he knew he must remain hidden until the right moment, but at the same time he was determined to fight Sauron with every bit of strength he had. In the film, however, it tells you that Aragorn has exciled himself from his fate, and wishes not (almost refuses to accept) his role as king.

The one scene where he does show his heritage over Boromir's, however, is when they first meet in Rivendell. Boromir swans in, all proud and warrior-like, while Aragorn is stood quietly reading a book. Boromir is so dismissive of a great heirloom, while Aragorn shows it true reverence. I think in that scene Aragorn appears so wise and noble, and yet very humble.
In the book though, I always saw Aragorn as a king in waiting. He knew his time would eventually come, but he knew he must remain hidden until the right moment, but at the same time he was determined to fight Sauron with every bit of strength he had

Very true, Val. Book Aragorn IS a king already in Bree, where he first reveals the masterful, royal side of his personality. And let me say that i is also true for YOUR Aragorn (from your story about Rangers of the North). Aragorn from the movie is different, almost... timid. He almost seems to be dominated by Arwen!
Those are good points about Aragorn and Arwen Val and Eryan. And Amarie, I loved when Boromir was sword-fighting with the hobbits too.
What I really hate in films, is the unnatural red colour of lips of male characters. When I see that lipstick red, the illusion is irreversibly broken and I am most annoyed. Sadly, the FOTR film ist not free of that cardinal sin. Just look at some shots of Frod!o!
Hmmm, I've never noticed that, Eryan. Perhaps you should try adjusting the color setting on your television. Wink Smilie Then again, some people just have remarkably red me Kiss Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
It is not just my TV set, it's lipstick and nothing else... well, I know that usually people do not notice such details and I am quite unhappy to notice them as that spoils my fun!
So you have such very red lips Prog? Strange, I didn't notice that on your photo!
I do the same thing Eryan. And I just HAVE to comment on everything I notice. It bugs the h*l out of my boyfriend. Wink Smilie Celebrian does it too. We went to see Deep Blue Sea because we had heard it sucked, and we laughed all the way throug it. In "Mission to Mars" you can see in the close up that one of the male caracters CLEARLY has to much eyeliner on. I can't remeber who he was, but i think he was the oldest of the astronauts. And it fades later in the movie.
I think the actors did their job just for the creators of the movie I can't say a thing but judging by your reactions I think they have failed...
I'm happy with the job done by both the actors and the creators, as long as I think of them not as movies adapted from the book, but as movies adapted from parallel stories written of the same incidents, except as seen through a different participants's eyes and after much passage of time. Still an excellent story and it helps me rationalize the differences.
I thought Elijah Wood was good as was Legolas!(Orlando Bloom)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Gimli was good too!