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This is my first time on Tolkien Planet, I think it's a good site and all but I noticed 1 thing in most discussions. Many people seem to think that PJ wrote the script and all but I thought his wive did. And many people blame PJ for changing Denethor and other things.... well actually offcourse you can blame PJ because he's the director and all. But his wive made the script. So I think she made the changes.(I'm posting this here because I read most discussions here)

Offcourse this minor issue is too small for it's own topic so this topic is also because Im new.

Hi everybody!!!
Hey, I'm sortta new too.If you dont know where to get started I've began my own forum and there are only two pages on it so you could join, just go to The Quest Of A Thousand Years.
Wow, seeing the title of this topic, i thought for a moment that PJ became a member here at PT. Not that i'd care about anything like that, of course.

The script was indeed written by Fran Walsh=Ms PJ, and Philippa Boyens.
lol, I didn't even noticed that when I wrote the topic title
The script was indeed written by Fran Walsh=Ms PJ, and Philippa Boyens.
And PJ also was one of the three culprits officially, or at least he kept his oar in the conversation for if he didn't like it, it didn't get in the movie. not get me started...PJ can go to
Hello, Sjow!
I truly wish PJ would become a member here, so I could employ my super-annoying tactics on him, and drive him to madness(not a far trip!) and finally to spontaneous human combustion!
Okay, self, calm down...
Sjow, I am sorry if you like Mr Peter Jackson and I have offended you.
Welcome to PT, enjoy your stay. Smile Smilie
ya i'm not a huge PJ fan either, i was happy with FOTR but he really 'down hill' with the TTT and ROTK. Personally i think PJ could use a swift kick in the... but i could be wrong.
After seeing FotR I nearly didn't bother going to see TTT but I'm glad I did. Once I had managed to treat the film as a film BASED on LotR I was able to enjoy it. I think PJ did a great job - there are bits I don't like because it's not true to the book but as films they were all great. I know the elves weren't at Helms Deep but that is an awesome part of the film! Otherwise why is everyone on this site waiting for the DVD - if we all hate the films so much why are we buying the DVD?

I say Well Done PJ for what you got right, and a smack on the wrist for ruining Faramir.

Cue hundreds of people saying they aren't buying the DVD - yeah right!

Maybe they're just buying the DVD to melt it in their toasters. "It must be destroyed."
Personally, I think the microwave might do prettier things to them...

But I am guilty of buying them, too. So I am also a hypocrite-and loving every minute of it!

You see, Sjow, we are all pretty passionate Tolkien enthusiasts, but in the end most of us are friendly. So don't be intimidated to ask questions if you feel the need(not that I will know the answer). Ask a council member, or if it is really tough answers to trivia you seek, talk to Virumor or Valedhelgwath-they, among several others, know everything, honestly. Also, I would recommend the Wheel of Tolkien or the Khazad-Dumish Inn to you, if you haven't already checked them out; they are a great place to start. Enjoy!
I say Well Done PJ for what you got right, and a smack on the wrist for ruining Faramir.

I too say "Well done," for the most movies go at least, but I think he deserves more than a slap on the wrist for ruining Faramir! How about a kick in the rear?
Well it wasn't PJ who did that to him, really. It was his wife, Ms Walsh, and his concubine, Ms Boyens, as they wrote the script in which Faramir couldn't give lectures on the history of Middle-Earth and act as the perfect son-in-law. PJ didn't have any other option than fellow the script or else those nasty females would make his life miserable... am i playing devil's advocate here or what?

Besides, it was funny how that horse dragged him back to daddy. That really showed he was a valiant and honourable warrior. Farfromthebookamir rocks!

At least it looks that Faramir's got a few more lines in ROTK SEE; he talks about the weather to ’owyn, for instance. Real ladykiller.
What do you mean? Women let things go so easily. I'm sure they said, "Whatever you want, PJ." Okay...maybe not. Wink Smilie

Farfrombookamir....hahahahaha...I like that.

I wonder if Vir will be sued for defamation of character....... concubine indeed? Addleheaded Goldiggers will be in touch.....
You people art something else! Elk Grinning Smilie

I liked all three films for what they were/are and can hardly wait the less than a month so I can watch the RotK EE DVD twice: first just as it appears and the second time with Fran, Philippa, and PJ's overdubbed comments as to their justification as to why they did and didn't do it per the book.
Oh, don't get me wrong...I'm dying to get my hands on the Extended Version DVD!

Hey, my 100th post! Smile Smilie
100 posts?! You'll need a whole lot more if you want to win the free ROTK SEE DVD, which includes my comments on every minute of the movie! Not to mention footage of the pie-eating-contest between PJ, Ian McKellen and John Rhys-Davies ! (how else to pass those rainy, lonely nights in NZ)

I can't guarantee if the DVD comes scratch-free, of course.
Actually, that would probably be pretty interesting -- a Vir's commentary section on the DVD. Very Big Grin Smilie Hmmm...I better start posting a whole lot more...
Hi, Sjow! Hope you'll have a good time here!!! See you!

Movies can stand for themselves but watched from the prespective of the books then they truly suck!!! And explanations that some parts are as they are because of the people that didn`t read a books are at least iditioc. If I didn,t read trilogy a hundred times before I watched movies I would be lost as a child on his first day at school. Im not saying that everything suck but it should have been three times better, the worst part is that everyone thinks that LOTR is filmed perfectly so we`ll probably never see the real LOTR on the big screen again. Maybe if I won the lotery!!!

My best scene from all three movies is when Gandalf speaks the black speach of Mordor in Imladris(FotR EE)!!!

Anyway all best to you and cya around!!!

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