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In the scene with Bilbo's (and Frodo's) birthday party under the party tree, the song in the background is not on the soundtrack. It sounds like a flute and all the hobbits are dancing to it. Does anyone know if Howard Shore wrote it or used it just for the movie? If anyone knows the name of it I would appreciate knowing also. I really need to download it.
Didn't they play "For he's a jolly good fellow" then?

It's too long ago that i watched that flick.
It's too long ago that i watched that flick

And he's not gonna watch it again!
Oh yes he will! He's hooked on them, he just can't admit it.
I noticed that two. The music was very earthy and ancient Celtic sounding and it was not on the soundtrack. I loved it and would like to hear it as well. What do you mean he will not view it again- Vir, did you not like the movies?
try here
i havent looked for the tune in question, but seems pretty good for things like that
sorry in advance if its not right Big Smile Smilie

The Song is called Flaming Red Hair. It's one of Howard Shore's Compositions. here's a link to it on Youtube: you can get it off this CD: