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I know in ROTK Peter Jackson was one on the pirates and Legolas shot him with an arrow (due to Gimli) but in the FOTR when the 4 hobbits go to Bree is it Peter Jackson who is eating a carrott? Just after the gatekeeper lets them in. Look Around Smilie

i dunno, i didn't even know he made an appearnce in the movies.
Yes, the carrot guy is Peter Jackson. I believe he puts himself into every movie he makes. Don't remember where he is in two towers though, but I am sure someone will come along and tell us. Happy Elf Smilie
I can fill in with the rest Big Smile Smilie
In the two towers he is a soldier that throws a spear... I am allmost sure that this is during the attack of Helms Deep. In the extended verion of ROTK they show every scene that he has shown his... humhum... "acting-skills". Apperantly he has done this in every movie. (besdide LOTR)
yeah, it was at helm's deep. I really love PJ's appearances in the movies, they're really amusing. Orc Grinning Smilie
He's on the keep at helms deep and does indeed throw a spear. The kids in hobbition at the begining of the first film and on the road to helms deep are also his kids. I forget which but one of the other actors has a son appear in fellowship and then again all grown up as a warrior in the final film.
His kids?? I didn't know that! oh, i gotta have a look...
I only knew that Sam's little daughter (end of RotK) is Sean Astin's real daughter.
And isn't the boy Aragorn is talking to at Helm's Deep - the one with the sword - Haleth, maybe, or something like that, the son of one of the actors?
The boy who's talking to Barfagorn -Haleth, son of Hama, or whatever- is Philippa Boyens's son.

Some of the kids in Hobbiton are also Brad Dourif's kids.

It's all on the Special Extended edition. Wanna buy it? I need to get rid of that piece of junk.
It's all on the Special Extended edition. Wanna buy it? I need to get rid of that piece of junk.
Shocked Smilie Talk about a dedicated masochist: Miruvor went and spent his hard earned money on the extended edition and then sat and watched the entire thing, including all the extra disks, just so he would have all the information to expertly pan it for us. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Thanks Miruvor, it must have been quite painful. Does it still hurt?
Actually Grondy, i got that as a Christmas gift.

Santa can be so sarcastic.

He's still laughing, even : Smiling Santa Smilie