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Thread: i finally saw the movie!

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Only just seen THE movie? Where are you Sauron?

And, aren't you in it? Or was that your double? heheBig Smile Smilie
yeah i know.....
here in india movies releases much later than anywhere else in the world for some reason
harry potter hasn't even released here yet!!!
so i had to listen to all the stories of how great the movie was (on this forum), and couldn't watch it for another 3 months
but i finally saw it, and it lived upto my expectations!
Sauron: Due to transportation difficulties, I don't go to movies as a rule. I've only seen the movie once and want to see it again, but will wait for the fall release of the DVD. As for the Harry Potter film, I have yet to see it. I want to, as I loved the four books and wish JKR would get off her dead fanny and have the next one published; however, I will just wait for it to be on TV, DVD, or VHS. Cool Smilie
Have we all seen the movie now then? :P We seem to have members all over the world here! So great! Big Smile Smilie

I'll be waiting for the outcome of the video before I go and see the movie again. It's still in the theaters here though, and so is HP, but as I said, I'm not going to see FOTR again before the video comes out, and I refuse to go and see HP. I can't stand him, that's why. Cool Smilie