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Wish I had seent that! I love French and Saunders and all of their other comedy shows they did seperatley. Can you tell us some of the gags Plastic? Anyone else who saw it?
If only I could remember them all... frodo (or dildo, or dodo, or dido depending on what they wanted to call him was reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when Grandalf found him at the start. Then they had the wrong sized cups in Bilbo's house ("I'm meant to be big so I should have the big cup surely?") and the inscription on the ring was Llanfairpwyllgwyngogerychwm etc. etc. gogogoch. And there was way too much other stuff to remember but it was hysterically funny. That and Dale Winton as Saruman Big Smile Smilie
I get so confused by who's doing what where where and how over in Britland. I thought French and Saunders was an old old show that was popular before Absolutely Fabulous (one of the greatest comedy shows of all time), and that Jennifer Saunders was doing some other things. But apparently, French and Saunders is still running? And spoofing LOTR. Excellent.
They only do about one show a year now, occassionally you get two if you're lucky. But they always base it around a movie spoof, Titanic was particularly good as I remember...
Man I would love to have seen that! Have you taped it, Plastic? Surely you have? Wink Smilie
'Fraid not. I only realised it was on when I was flicking through the channels, so had no time to find a tape. Sorry.
No problem. Wink Smilie
I read in the paper today that they have been given an award, is that true? Very Big Grin Smilie
No idea, probably.
They have been, quie sure now. Don't remember what really, but they have.

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Birthday Smile Smilie
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Well duh!
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Waa! Sad Smilie I missed the LotR spoof! Does anybody know when its out on video?
wish i'd seen that too! Sad Smilie