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Grondmaster says: Halo_Black originated this thread with
My friend Vicky found this on an suggested that I post it here.
Gandalf: an excellent feast Elrond, but what is this delicious meat?

Elrond*grin*: its a secret

Legolas*scoops something off his plate*:hey... isn't this the Ring of Power still on the chain Frodo wears round his neck and never takes off?


Gandalf: its hobbits, isn't it Elrond?

Big Smile Smilie Heh, me like.
I didn't think it was possible for anyone to make a worse interpretation of Elrond than Peter Jackson.
Ah! Now that's classy! Me likes it a lot!
LOL Big Smile Smilie

nice hobbittsssesss
oh ick...but haha anyway...
That was so bad, its good. I thought about deleting this topic; but just didn't have the stomach for it.
Big Smile Smilie
heh, I'm kinda glad I posted it actualy. Silly yet amusing.
Good one, Halo. I'm with Grondy here. Cool Smilie

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I never noticed you here while I was here, Chika, except today... Wink Smilie
Oh, and Plast, thanks for being here, without you I would never have beaten the 100. And I also would like to thank my mum for not understandin English and not being able to handle a computer and dad for paying the internet bills, and my cat for always being there for me, and my friends for not knowing who Tolkien is but still laughing when I try to make a joke about sth in his books, and my brother for paying for my books, and my other brother for driving me to the comp shop whenever I need to go there, and my other brother for having my comp fixed, and my grandparents for having died before I was born.
Big Smile Smilie
Nice. One good thing about the movie is that there's more jokes on LOTR on the net nowadays. Before it was only on the Tolkien Crackpot Theories site. Is there a LOTR version of tfn yet?
A LOTR version of what? Wink Smilie
*sigh* I don't think I'll ever be able to follow you guys here completely...
CHIKA!!!! Come here, I need you!! :P
tfn, The, great site! And I think we're the closest thing there is to a Tolkien themed version, sad but true!
Hmmm. Never heard of the Must go and see soon then. There's a great lot out there that I'm missing, or so it seemes...
Sad Smilie
Well check it out, but you won't enjoy it unless you're a Star Wars nut like me & Plastic. The humour section is ok though - I liked the Top Tens best. Another funny SW site is the rassm collection of SW humour, that's even better than the tfn stuff. But for Tolkien stuff...well, we're the best Smile Smilie
I'm not a SW fan at all. Never watched it. I wouldn't know the difference between SW and ST ! But I'll see anyway. Smile Smilie
Never seen Star Wars! I had no idea people like you still existed! Dear god!
The only reason I know anything about Star Wars is because of my band director...he's obsessed! I took a music theory type class a few years ago, and we watched Star Wars - for the musical content...or something...haha...

*recovers from shock*

Tommy! Never SEEN Star Wars? How on earth did you ever manage to avoid it?

damn, where's that Vader icon when you need it....
Star Wars is the only lesson you'll ever need in how to score a movie. It's perfect, you'd only notice the music if it was taken away, and yet you're humming it for the rest of your life. A big thumbs-up to John Williams, greatest film-score composer ever! (and a personal hero of mine)
John Williams is awesome...the music from Schindler's List made me cry more than anything else. Sad Smilie
have to agree again, truly fantastic!
But not, I must say, as memorable as the SW theme. Especially Vader's Theme - da da da da da ra dadada! .

And the theme song! Each time I hear the Fox intro, I expect to hear the SW theme song immediately after. And get terribly disappointed even when I know it's another movie coming up.
Phew! And I thought it was just me!
I reckon Tommy's going to see Episode 3 when it comes out though. Word is that Gabriel Byrne's gonna play Moff Tarkin.
as if havent seen star wars isn't bad enough but if you can't even teel Star Trek from Star Wars... ttssssssssssssss you .. you... just... have to... argggh..... it's.... i .. just.... owh nevermind...

Has anyone seen the star trek series yet? (the Enterprise ones I mean not the new season of voyager, which reminds me the very last 2 episodes of voyager are great!! just great! but i liked year of hell better...)
Won't get Enterprise here for ages (damn terrestrial TV) and don't tell me about the end of Voyager, I haven't seen it yet!
I thought it was going to be out last fall, but when I have looked for it , couldn't find it. Maybe 9-11 postponed it or maybe I know nuthin. Chikakat or her cousins probably would know.
I'm pretty sure Enterprise is out over in the states, it's coming onto Brit Sattelite screens this month, so I'd be surprised if it's not.
7th season isn't yet here in holland Sad Smilie won't be till next month, but there's the BBC for... and I don't know when enterprise will be displayed here.. I hope it's not a great disappointment coz of there antiqueness when you compare it with DS9 or Voyager
I think that is what will make it better, more of a hands on approach with the ship, less techy-bollocks talk, and more of a Kirk approach to things (prays that there will be more of a Kirk approach to things)
Phew! And I thought it was just me!
I reckon Tommy's going to see Episode 3 when it comes out though. Word is that Gabriel Byrne's gonna play Moff Tarkin.

Just saw this, Master. Are you baiting Tommy or is this a real rumour?
Real rumour, he's signed on, nobody knows exactly who he's gonna be, but odds on it's Tarkin. Though apparently he wants to see some kind of script first! He'll be lucky.
Well, you've got no excuse now'll have to watch ANH first though Tommy, in order to understand Byrne's character. Then ESB & RotJ just to complete the trilogy. Then TPM, in order to understand the whole thing. AotC to build up your excitement. Then Episode 3, to watch Gabriel Bryne. Easy.
You must be kidding! Gabriel Byrne in Star Wars? Must see all the videos then... Wink Smilie
No, you are kidding, right? Though I read this somewhere too, it was denied in some other place again, so I thought it was only a rumour... Smile Smilie
I do hope he's in! It's been ages since he's been in any film... Smile Smilie
Seems pretty likely, it's in all the Movie mags this month, but he hasn't signed anything yet.
*Grondy says to a Pub with most of this topic too*

'Enterprise' was on last night but I forgot to watch. Oh well the reruns won't be long in coming out.
Plastic says lets just go to the pub and get drunk! Big Smile Smilie
Sign, Gabe, sign! It's time you made some fame! I know he detests being in these successmovies cos the role gets stuck to you, once you've played a role like that, you'll always be referred to as: the one who played... Smile Smilie But I hope he's not as stupid as to withdraw! Smile Smilie
he's stupid enough to think Lucas is gonna show him a script!
That's why he don't want to be in there! Big Smile Smilie He's a simple Irish peasant, with a good healthy mind and a pair of brains. So I guess he won't sign. Big Smile Smilie
I've read the whole conversation, and am compleatly lost. I haven't watched Star Trek since the klingon dude found out that when you slice those fuzz ball thingies in half, you got two of them. As for Star Wars, I'm a fan, but I'm not obsessive. I'ts a good series.
I've read the whole conversation, and am compleatly lost.
And when I added the missing first thread it didn't help any, did it? This was a thread I should have deleted, but the were having fun so what the heck. Good and Evil Smilie