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All I have is a Burger King lighted (with a couple red LEDs) Frodo chalice.

Also I have a copy of "Sting" that is no toy, but which could be deadly in the wrong hands as the edges have been sharpened and the point is extremely sharp. Both sides of Sting's 15 in. long leaf shaped stainless steel blade are deeply engraved with elvish writing and a flourish. The guard and pommel are finished with an antique gun-metal patina, and the handgrip is hardwood with a pair of faux silver vines spiraling three-and-a-half times around it. Cool Smilie

I have recently ordered a matching scabbard for the blade. My sword is 22 in. long overall; I have seen another advertised that is 27 in. long, which must be the large one that the hobbits carried while my shorter one must be the one see in scenes with humans.

The scabard arrived today 24 May and is nicely made; however, it is too big for my smaller version sword: lots of rattle. I have just ordered the larger one and will report on its looks when it arrives.

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:envious-smilie: - if we had one.

A real replica of sting? Awesome. Sadly, my financial situation does not quite stretch to anything of any real value.

It is kind of fun to watch the kids play with the LOTRs figurines though. We have had all the hobbits riding Asfaloth at the same time, an early wedding for Aragorn and Arwen, a palantir throwing contest, and a ringwraith sitting down to a nice cup of tea with the Fisher Price family.

Only trouble is that Arwen's knee joints break easily and Gimli's ponytail keeps comming off. Lotsa fun though.
Ha Ha Ha Smilie

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I do hope the Ringwraith was on his best behavior; young people are so impressionable, and we wouldn't want him corrupting the Fisher Price family, now would we. Did he have his tea with lemon or milk, or just a watercress sandwich and a sugar-sprinkled biscuit? Pumpkin Smilie
I think the Fisher Price family were trying to negotiate peace talks. Had the best china out and everything. If Taz's bandwidth permitted, I would post a photo for all the members with kids to have a bit of a giggle. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Woke up this morning to find Aragorn's minature oilskin cloak in my bed. Kids! Smile Smilie
I will tell you all the most interesting thing to collect and get into is the stuff that Game Works puts out. The minatures that are used for "Gamers" the figures are really good and what is really fun is painting them ourself. I have really gotten into it and have all of the boxed sets as well as the game and many of the blister packs. You have to have patiece and be willing the put the time into the painting but it is well worth it and when all is said and done. They are yours for ever. Check them out at

Ha Ha Ha Smilie Hey! I just got an Elrond action figure. Cant wait to see what the kids do with him!

He is wearing his warrior costume and has a big ugly grimace on his face. If you squeeze his legs, he swings and chops with his sword. Kids will love him! They have been asking for an Elrond, but I hadn't seen one yet. There is also a Bilbo, but I haven't got him yet. I imagine this means that there will also be a Galadriel?

Aragorn has been re-released with much better accessories. Darn! And you can get a Sam and Frodo with an elven boat. I also saw a cave troll, complete with chains and chopping action.

It is totally weird, but I love it! It appeals to my sense of humour for some reason.
Probably dents your pocket book too, but who am I to talk, what with piles of books all over and useless swords gathering dust. Animated Wink Smilie