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I suppose it depends on your definition of "big". Chris Lee as been in lots of fun movies, like horror films, and Clint Eastwood's spaghetti westerns. Normally all he need do is look tough with a mean stare and his job is practically done. I've always liked him in the parts he's played. Big Smile Smilie

I can't comment about the bad script until I've seen the movie; however, AOTC is meant to be a Saturday Matinee Movie so it doesn't need sparkling modern witty dialogue. After all, it was made for the fourteen year old boy in all of us. Dog Smilie
The dentist I have had from the age of four looks like C. Lee's twin brother. Even today he scares me....
Christopher Lee is a god, if only for his work with Hammer Horror movies as Count Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster etc. etc. it is quite fitting that he gets to be in a Star Wars movie now, as his counterpart Peter Cushing (now sadly deceased) played Grand Moff Tarkin in the first Star Wars Movie 25 years ago. It's odd then that as the scariest man alive (he also did the voice of Death in the Discworld animations) he should be so massively not scary and suck so badly in AOTC, I mean, calling him Count Dooku? It's a bit of a huge homage to his glittering career isn't it?
Well, the 14 year old boy's gonna have to go through puberty for this one b/c there's some suppressed steaminess that really doesn't cut it. Look it's a good show for a matinee, you're right, but I was expecting a little more. I mean I though the first one was pretty good. I was disappointed in this one, that's all. Let's hope the next one is as dark as they've promised.

Christopher Lee is great. And I agree, he's one of the classiest and scariest guys out there. Can't wait until TTT!
I'm with you actually Yummy, probably because I expected too much from this one. I expected nothing from TPM which is why I liked it so much, it surprised me. So I hoped this one would be fantastic, and to be fair some of it is, but I was still left a little disappointed, especially with Count Dooku.
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Why thank you Grondy (said the man who can no longer be bothered to post Smilies unless he can remember the code from his head)
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Birthday Smile Smilie Pary Smilie Wow! Congratulations Plastic! 2000 posts eh - you wouldn't want to loan me a couple of hundred would you? Just checking, I've a long way to go till I reach 1000. Sad Smilie

Whatever happened to the 'posting freak' title? I liked that...gave me something to shoot for.
Geez, I'm only a "regular." How pedestrian.
I dunno, but don't you want to be a member of the (Jedi) Council like me? I think I'll be Mace Windu again, as he has a purple lightsaber, for "when you absolutely positively gots to kill every last battledroid in the room"
Course I want to be a Jedi council member. But the 'posting freak' was cool. I like the (tall) green Jedi with the funny tentacles on his head though - the one that grinned when he Force shoved 3PO down.
He is cool ain't he? I did know his name, but I can't find where I read it now....
Finally got my Pirate on Thursday and have been watching it constantly since. I'm convinced at last, without the constant niggling nicotine cravings that the Pictures induces I am now able to sit there and love the d*mn movie. Though the Kaminoans look too much like Jack Pumpkin from Tim Burton's excellent Nightmare nefore Christmas, so I keep thinking they're going to burst into song...
Too true! One of the reasons why I avoid the cinema - can't smoke. I hope I get rich one day so that I can open up my own 'Smokers Only' cinema, bar, restaurants, stadium and airline. As it is, all I can do right now is refuse to set foot in a restaurant or that doesn't offer a smoking section. Very Sad Smilie

But I think the pirate at home doesn't quite match up to the theatre experience...was quite disappointed actually so I went to see the movie again. Smile Smilie I thought the Kaminoans looked like cotton swabs actually. Them and the old Jedi master in TPM. Instinctively grabbed my ears to check if they needed cleaning each time.
Hee Hee! Very good, cotton swabs, yeah!
You'd think with the amount of screens you get in a multiplex they could make at least one little one a smokers screen wouldn't you? And my local cinema (by no means a multiplex) has now added a bar, yet you cannot smoke in it, talk about torture of the worst kind!
I've never understood how you can have a bar and yet not allow smokers to indulge! I understand and grudgingly accept the no-smoking rules on commercial flights - that's fine - but in a bloody bar? I heard in NY that they won't even allow smokers to own certain apartments. And you definitely can't smoke in bars in LA. You Brits seem to have caught the bug from the Yanks too (it's all Tony "I'm American, me" Blair's fault) - as late as a year ago I could still smoke in most offices in London. Not now though. Sad Smilie
Yep, though to be fair it was heading that way well before Tony got in, the top floor of the bus went out about 6 yeays ago at least, as did most of the trains.
Get over the smoking thing it's a repulsive habit!!!!
But that's just my opinion!!
Easy there Ms. Cotton. Smile Smilie Just because some people think lady spiders and bushy-tailed synthetic rodents are repulsive, doesn't give you license to rag on their filthy habit. Animated Wink Smilie
She's right though, but it's MY filthy habit. Animated Wink Smilie
Eh? Is my second-hand smoke clogging up the air in this thread or something? True, it's a filthy habit, but sanctimonious newbies are even more repulsive in my opinion.

Smoking is a choice, but not smoking is a choice too. Being born with a lung malfunction, sitting in a smoky environment isn’t so pleasant for me. My doctor once told me I had to stop smoking or my lung problem would get worse and I don’t even smoke! And believe it or not, but it’s not so easy to find a restaurant or a pub with a non smoking area. Did you know in Belgium more people die because of co-smoking (don’t know the English term for this but I mean people that don’t smoke and breath in the cigarette smoke of people that do smoke) than from traffic accidents. This is a sad thing. If people want to smoke, I can respect that, but the choice of not wanting to smoke should be respected too. Every establishment should have a decent smoking and non smoking area. So I would very gently (wouldn’t like Golly to bite me Wink Smilie) like to ask the smokers among you to consider those that don’t smoke, especially children and pregnant women. I would be very grateful for that.
Why sure, gnampie, since you asked nicely. Big Smile Smilie

All I was complaining about is the fact that more and more places have totally banned smoking, without providing any smoking rooms or areas for those of us who are unfortunately addicted to the weed.

I don't mind having a smoke-free flight, nor do I mind if smoking is banned in public places but at least be a bit more considerate and allow us to have our own smoking sections? That's all we ask for - it's very annoying especially at airports after a 12 hour flight and I to get past the customs before I can indulge. One miserable room in the terminals wouldn't hurt would it?

Same as restaurants - I have the opposite of your problem gnampie since not many restaurants/bars here have smoking sections. I don't like to dine, drink or socialise with non-smokers (no offence Smile Smilie ) so I refuse to patronise such restaurants. Unfortunately that doesn't leave me with a lot of places to go to. Which is why I'm grateful to Taz & PT... Wink Smilie where I can have a virtual cigarette Smoke Smilie and get away with it.

Ah well, maybe one day all this mess will be sorted out.
I'm an ex-smoker and have found that there is nothing more fanatical than an "ex" anything. We don't have the term "co-smoking" on this side of the pond; however, its by product is called "second-hand smoke".

There are someplaces now that even want to ban smoking outside, which I consider a tad bit too much interfering with the rights of people to do them selves in. Rolling Eyes Smilie
We tend to call it passive smoking here. And it became a huge issue a few years ago when Roy Castle (quite the celebrity) died from cancer because of spending his youth playing trumpet in smoky jazz clubs.
I like to take Billy Connolly's stance on it, he did a very funny routine about a woman in a hotel bar asking him to put out his cigar. He was forced to reply that there was no f***ing way he would as she had another 12 floors of hotel to not smoke in, and this was the one 13' square bit of space in the whole place that he could spark up in. You got to admit, the guy has a point.
I am an ex-smoker as well. The problem with giving up the habit is that I am now super sensitive to cigarette smoke. I really can't see why there shouldn't be establishments such as cinemas, bars, etc. where smoking is permitted. If a non-smoker chooses to go in and breathe in the lethal substance then they shouldn't complain about secondhand smoke. However, any establishment in which children are present should not permit smoking. Pregnant women can and must choose not to go into places where cigarette smoke is present. It will take a few more generations before smokers become an real minority in the western world.
But back to Christopher Lee, his voice is where his real talent lies. I can't imagine the poor man playing anything but a villian or creepy horror character.
I didn't like "clones" as well as the other SW movies, but then I thought maybe I was getting old and missed the magic. I actually got a wee bit bored here and there. I was, however, proud that a Canadian played such a major character.
nuff said!
I think Christopher Lee could play roles other than villian roles. And I totally agree about the boredom (sorry Plastic, but it's true)

With regard to smoking, I was taught at a young age to hate the habit, and my mother used to ask people to put out their cigarettes in restaurants. (She's a push broad) But, I feel sorry for smokers now, and I think the laws are getting a little ridiculous. I can't imagine not allowing smoking in bars! I mean REALLY! That would never happen in New Orleans, no matter what California does. And then there's the sorry congregation of smokers outside the office buildings, which I also find annoying, simply b/c I have to walk through it every morning. I wish they had smoking rooms for these people, where they could smoke in the building, not have to deal with the weather (hot, cold, rainy) and where they can get their death sticks into their lungs without much fuss.