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Doesn't he live at the White House, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC?
lol Smile Smilie

oh I missed the show...ah well - doubtless they'll be rerunning it all through the weekend...
Oh, they'll definitely re-run it. Jack Black is hilarious, and the LOTR spoof was lewd enough for MTV, but still funny, mostly b/c of Jack Black's wacky humor. Plus, I loved the opening number - "Movies Kick Ass"

I was flipping around too much to actually see Orlando Bloom get his Popcorn or LOTR. Frankly, I get really annoyed really quickly with MTV and all of the ridiculous people they throw money at these days. I'm not morally opposed to MnM, but I think he's silly and stupid, and I don't want to watch him even for a minute, for fear that my IQ will drop significantly in the process. So, I flipped and flipped, and chatted with a girlfriend on the phone. And thus, missed foxy Orlando getting his award.

I might have to check it out again.