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I absolutly hate that aragorn can ward off the NINE!!!!!!!!! i stupid he probably couldnt take one of them thats what he even said in the book that there too powerful for even him! Stupid Stupid Stupid
What was he supposed to do there on Weathertop, just stand there at let the Nazg’l kill the other hobbits and capture Frodo and the Ring? They couldn't out-run the Nazg’l; so Aragorn armed himself and the hobbits with flaming brands and tried to hold them off with those: Nazg’l don't like light. This delayed the hobbits from being killed outright; while Frodo was being wounded by the deadly Morgol blade, after which the Nazg’l no longer felt it necessary to face the flaming brands and they left while the poison did its job for them.
I guess this is one of those situations where the attacker was not prepared for resistance. Many predators in our own world, like sharks for instance, will not bother pray if it can offer any form of resistance. Thats why many people have survived being killed by sharks simply by kicking at them.
The Nazgul thought they were going to be chasing easy meat. They were not prepared for flame weilding maniacs like Aragorn. Besides the Hobbits and Aragorn were in the middle of the lone lands and all the Nazgul needed to do was wait for the consuming power of the Morgul blade.
What was he supposed to do there on Weathertop, just stand there at let the Nazg’l kill the other hobbits and capture Frodo and the Ring?

Sure, why not? I didn't like those guys anyway.

Besides, should Evil (look, I even wrote it with a capital letter) always lose?
Evil shouldn't always lose.. would be a welcome suprise if it actually won something...
and i don't think that aragorn much cares did YOU like them or no Big Smile Smilie
he was just doing as he saw fit Smile Smilie
Evil usually manages to win some battles, even conquer worlds, but always lose everything in the end, because some savior always pops up on the most inopportune times and manages to prevail in -usually- the most convoluted way possible.

It's called clich’.
To be honest, I've always considered the true power of the Nazgul to be in fear. Tolkien was in WWI/WWII (can't remember) so he knew the true power of fear on a battlefield. No matter how skilled your army, no matter how thick their armour or sharp their spears, if they get $*!%^#~ terrified then you may as well be commanding an army of mice. The Nazgul could destroy on the battlefield almost for the sole reason that everyone was scared when they saw them (I'm sure Fell Beasts helped too).
Anyway, back on topic, Aragorn probably managed to drive away the Nazgul with light and heat, and a swinging blade.
Oh, I just thought of something. Might the Nazgul have sensed the blood of Numenor, and therefore have been a little more scared than they should have been? Just a theory.
In the Lord of the Rings, at one point Legolas tells the hobbits about the strength of will of Aragorn when he led the dead army from Erech to the fords.

"In that hour I look on Aragorn and thought how great and terrible a Lord he might have become in the strength of his will, had he taken the ring to himself. Not for naught does Mordor fear him"

It seems that Aragorn has the strength of will enough to stand against a Nazgul as he further reveals in the house of healing:

"Alas! For she was pitted against a foe beyond the strength of her mind or body."

I think that this might explain it Wink Smilie
"All that glitters is not gold,not all those who wander are lost"

Trust Gandalf to point out the right guy
Even on Weathertop Aragorn stood up to four or five Nazg’l’I forget which it was’and chased them away, even though they had finished inoculating Frodo with their dastardly Ice shard. He didn't know they were finished; and they didn't want to stick around to get a piece of him. And most importantly he didn't let their main weapon, fear overcome him.
I thought that it was all 9 at Weather-top?
No, it was just 5. The other 4 i believe were still chasing Gandalf.

That is true about fear being the greatest weapon of the dread Nazgul. In age after age in the world of reality you see massive armies with the war drums or shouting or wearing such as to strike terror into the hearts of those having to fight them. If a person can be paralyzed with fear the enemy has won already.

I often wonder what Tom Bombadil would have done had he had to face the nine, or even one of them.

The fact that he was not the least bit fazed by the One Ring, nor the dangers out side of his and Goldberry's home shows him to be absolutely fearless. Just think, an entire army of Tom Bombadils, what a sight that would be. Strange looking soldiers in brilliant green and yellow, calming advancing upon a bunch of screaming, foaming orcs or Nazgul , and all the while whistling and sing 'fol de rol and hey!' Brilliant.

It is doubtful whether Bombadil would have any power outside his little realm.

Virumor has a fair point. Still if the Nine attacked his land I would guess he might actually resist them. After all, all these cold barrow Wights living next to him couldn't harm him though it is unclear how powerful they actually are.


In any case if a confrontation arose between the Nazgul an him I would think that it would be like the contest of Finrod and Sauron where they would strove for mastery though songs of power.