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Hey All!
This is a leading question I put up just to get your attention, but it does have a purpose, so please bear with me.
I've been reading the threads about the movie FotR, and it got me wondering, as threads here on this Planet often do lately:
Does anyone here do more than just watch the movie? There is so much more to the DVDs than just the movie.
I personally like to switch on the captions so I can read the dialogue, but I also like to turn on the Special Features and hear the different actors talk about the movie as it plays, or the producers and director talking about it as it plays. It gives a lot of insight into the movies, such as why there's no Tom Bombadil, why they expanded on Arwen's role, and other things that make the movie more interesting.
Does anyone here know how Billy Boyd (Pippin)and Orlando Bloom (Legolas) first met? Or why Merry bites that apple when he and Pippen steal the dragon rocket? Which of them screams when it's fired off? Why doesn't the Ring bounce and roll around on the floor when Bilbo lets it fall from his hand? Why is Saruman only using one hand when he's torturing Gandalf on top of Orthanc? Why don't they show the right side of Viggo Mortensen's face when they first hear the goblins in Moria? And why is Ian McKellen talking to a ping pong ball?
There is so much more to the movies than just the movies themselves. Some friends of mine ask why I don't just get a bootleg copy of the movies I like, and the answer is, besides being illegal and not right, I like to get a DVD so I can get the extra features on the legitimate copies.
If no one here has done this before, I hope they try it now. Listen to the cast talk as the movie plays and you learn more about them and their experiences as they made the movie. Listen to the producers and you hear why some scenes were deleted while others were expanded on. Plus it will give you more material for posting here, just as it's given me. Smile Smilie
Thanks for listening.
When did Ian Mckellin talk to a ping pong ball?
To answer those questions he posed, you must have the extended edition DVD and watch all the extras.

This another of those threads that got missed because first posts often don't show up in the menu until they get the second post. So if you make a post, it might behoove you to add a second post to ensure it shows up on the menus so other members can respond to it.
Why stop at FoTR?
Some of the best extras I've seen were on Two Towers- especially the 4th disc. not be missed, if only to hear the epic saga of Orlando Bloom breaking a rib.
Personally I love the extras, and there's hours and hours of em on the extended versions. I find the set and prop making the most interesting. When we first heard that lotrs was gonna be filmed here I was cabinet making, so I wrote wingnut films and asked them for a job on the set. They wrote me back saying sure, get in touch in a few months, but I never got around to it, and I lost the letter. Man I 'm kicking myself now...