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Tom is a major power in Middle Earth, possibly a match for Sauron even while in the confines of the Old Forest, so it does seem odd that he should be missed out of both films, particularly PJ's.
Putting that part in the film though would mean cutting back on other parts. As the whole adventure with Tom was a sidebranch of the main story, it is perhaps the easiest part to be edited away without effecting the overall story. Afterall, for all of his power, Tom contributed nothing more (that was mentioned) to the war of the ring.
The way I prefer to look at it is like this though. Gandalf once said to Frodo, that while Tom was the first, he would one day dwindle (with his ever shrinking forest presumably) and be forgotten. And now that has happened....
and as I think about it again, I get a really sulky face
what does anyone else think about this?

I get pissed off! But then we knew that Tom's scenes would be cut out anyway, so I was able to control my anger. At least until Arwen showed up at the Ford of Bruinen. Mad Smilie
Oh my God!! that got me so pissed!!!!! If theres any character they could afford to drop its that unnecesary bint! That was my singlemost major gripe about the movie (most of it was superb) I can see the point of her inclusion, the romantic interest and to bring more of a feminine touch to an otherwise overtly masculine book but to replace another characters scene...Is that the only way they could have done it?
Weeeeell, at least they didn't do the Bombadil scene with Arwen instead....... and Goldberry could have been the name of her trusty doggie.Puppy Smilie
I like that canine touch. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Dog Lovers of the World Unite:

Let us lobby PJ to include Arwen's pupdog, Goldberry, in the TT scene where the trio of Arwen and friends, single handedly (actually two hands, four paws, four hooves, and two feet) finally overcome Saruman with Arwen's Elven blade 'ORCRIST' (a specimen of the finest Damascus steel, made in Toledo by skilled Taiwanese craftsmen), Goldberry's bark (which is more deadly than her bite), and Asfaloth's soft shoe routine (which can lull even a Nazgul to sleep).

And God help us if JP happens to be listening.
Very Big Grin Smilie Like that too.

I too was pretty pissed off by the fact they had left out good ol' Tom (and I think you can see why). But I got over it by thinking: if they would have put him in, they would have needed some major actor to play him (and I can't think of any but Robin Williams and John Cleese off the top of my head), otherwise it would have sucked bigtime anyway.
Robin Williams would have worked or what about Brian Blessed?
Cute little doggy Goldberry would have proved a real menace to Sauron, fouling on his furntiture, chewing his nazgul legs and shedding heroically in the path of his orc hoards. Just enough to distact the Dark Lord while our plucky little pals made it through in all the confusion It'd work dammit! Sit Goldie!
OH...MY...GOD! Robin Williams as Tom Bombadil! That's freakin brilliant! Now that you mention that...D*mn Peter Jackson! Very Sad Smilie

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the only think i can come up with is that we are all thinking of this as the book, and its not. its a movie.. from that stand point, Tom would cost a lot of money, take up a lot of time, to do him justice. and in the end the viewers would just wonder what he had to do with anything to begin with! I agree, as a tolkien fan, i would like to have seen him.. but from a movie viewers point of view.. i guess it makes sense.. some things had to be sacrificed..
Still would have been nice if PJ would release a directors cut with ALL the missing scenes Big Smile Smilie .......ok, i'll keep dreaming Sad Smilie "...and his boots were yellow la la lala laalalaa..." Sad Smilie
Fingers crossed for a surprise in the extended version then?
:crosses fingers: Disturbed Smilie
all extremities firmly crossed Dog Smilie
aren't the directors cut being pressed on DVD?
It's coming out on both DVD and VHS Boring, WOOHOO! Welcome back btw dude, where you been?
don't know I guess i wasen't in a tolkinesque mood or something. but it's started itching again, maybe because the dvd releasae is so near Smile Smilie
There was NO Tom Bombadil footage shot. Here is a PJ quote:

"What we did contemplate," Jackson recalled, "and it was really for the fans, was to have the hobbits walking through the Old Forest and to see a feathered cap come darting through the trees, to hear the sound of Tom Bombadil's voice and song and then have the hobbits turn and run away as fast as they could! (laughs) We thought (that)would acknowledge Tom Bombadil in an affectionate-joke kind of way. We didn't have time to do it."

Sad Smilie

As much as I'm against unsubstantiated rumors I've found myself reading them anyway. Here's some good news that I found ( if it's true) on Spoiler alert!:

There is an interview with Orlando Bloom in a German magazine "Bravo" where he apparently says that in ROTK the Hobbits return to find Saruman in charge of their home.

Indicating the scouring of the shire is in. I did read elsewhere that Saruman is killed in the Ent attack on Isengard. And at another site, a guy claiming he had seen the script for TTT (though he didn't know how old it was and whether or not it was the final script) said that Saruman is killed by Gandalf also at Isengard. Who can say which, if any, is true.
I get pissed off! But then we knew that Tom's scenes would be cut out anyway, so I was able to control my anger. At least until Arwen showed up at the Ford of Bruinen.

Simple as that my friends!!!