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I'm trying to get my new DVD player wired up to my stereo system as well as my TV in time for it. Look Around Smilie
I visited Newline's official LOTR site, and I get the impression that the extra footage will be on the November release. Just to be safe, I pre-ordered the video for August 6th and will get the special DVD release in November.
I am not sure about the August DVD but why take chances?
Rednell Wary Smilie
The Extended one is indeed not out til November, both on VHS and DVD so we prehistoric technological types can still see it, WOOHOO! But I'm still getting the august 6th one as well. I can always give it to somebody as an Xmas pressy after. Wink Smilie
August 6th! August 6th! I'm so excited I...I... Exploding Head Smilie
Darn, will have to wait until November to see the "gift-giving" and traditional elven greeting between Legolas and Arwen. Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

I think I will cancel my order. I dont really need a copy of the cinema version.
I just ordered a new DVD/VRC Player so I can finally watch the movie again, come 06 AUG 02 or a day or two later when the A**** preordered DVD arrives in my mail box. Cool Smilie
6th of august great and the special in november Smile Smilie i'll get them both... it's quite clever marketing Smile Smilie but it's a bit anal for all the fans but goad marketing

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Tumtutum... Nearly there! Big Smile Smilie Can't wait! Big Smile Smilie
GrbldegooklrargalmnkrrrrAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhhh!!!!!! Exploding Head Smilie

Really, don't mind me Wink Smilie
I just went a couple hours ago to buy the DVD. I'm going to give it to my dad as a present. I think he's definately going to like it. I didn't even know there was going to be special edition. My dad prefers to get the original theatrical releases so i wen ahead and got it for him. Big Smile Smilie
I Belgium the DVD was already available last weekend!
No need to tell you I bought my copy right away! Smile Smilie

I really like the extra stuff. Especially the Two Tower behind the scenes preview.
Heh, my copy showed up monday morning cos I ordered it from Ireland, where they're pretty bad at dates I think Wink Smilie I picked even more holes in the movie than I did at the pictures. Still really hate Sean Bean...
OMG!! I love this movie. I think I have permanent goose bumps now! Yes, I know, there is much that is missing, but the good far outweighs the bad IMO. And the special features were great! Did anyone happen to catch the little Shelob model that dude was holding in one of the making-of features? Looks good. And Gollum looks pretty good too!

BTW Plastic, I didn't care much for Sean Bean's portrayal of Boromir either, but it was passable at least. And I'm still trying to figure out what everyones problems with Hugo Weaving and Liv Tyler are. I can see that Hugo wasn't exactly all smiles, but then again, what did Elrond have to smile about? Things weren't exactly cheery for the elves in ME at this point.

I think Liv Tyler was the perfect Arwen! I know, you all haven't gotten over the Glorfindel thing, but aside from that, wasn't LT the perfect elven princess? She just naturally looks like an elf I guess.

Well, I'm sure I'm just begging to get beat up, but that's my honest opinion.
I thought LT was a good Arwen. As for the Glorfindel thing, well, I think she did better job than he could have anyway. The chase scene was fantastic!

HW is still too old and too ugly to play Elrond. I haven't changed my mind on that one. Elrond was really a warm, kindly character and should have been portayed as such - with some smiles!

It seems that most women love Sean Bean. I had never thought of Boromir as sexy bofore! And what about the death scene? I cried again. He really brought something to the character, and deserves an award for it.

Having said all that, arent DVDs fantastic? This is my first one, and I just love that you can pick which scene you want to look at. Makes the editing for the kids easy too. Looks like the TTT is going to be brilliant and I am very excited about the extended version. Did you see the elves passing into the west? Maybe there is hope for Tom Bombadil yet...
I have no problems with HW as Elrond, or Liv as Arwen, I actually liked the chase to the ford more in the movie. I just still think that it looks really sucky and crap everytime Frodo puts the ring on, and scary Galadriel is just as s**t.
I reckon if you just remember that at the end it says "based on" Tolkien's work, then it is a fantastic movie. Just a crappy literary adaptation. Boromir was too much of a git the whole way through for my liking, he didn't show his good side til the end, whereas he's supposed to start off fairly likeable as well BEFORE the ring gets a hold of him. And I'm not forgiving Strider for nicking his best line, and saying lets hunt some Orc, dear god...

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that I hate Sam even more in the Movie than I did in the book, that really takes some doing.
My DVD arrived today and hopefully my friend will show up tonight with some longer audio cables so I can wire my new DVD player into my stereo and watch the movie for my second time ever. Cool Smilie D*mn its been a long wait. Smile Smilie
Ohhh, but worth the wait, Grondmaster...worth the wait.
Big Smile Smilie
Yes it was, just finished watching it, and it was GREAT! Now I'm off to see if I want to refute any of our old threads or whether I agree with what you all said you actually saw. Big Smile Smilie
Oh, come on Plastic. It's not that bad! They did a great job capturing the mystic atmosphere and the difference between the different inhabitants and characters. They only had three hours to tell the whole first part of the book.
I only have two things that bother me. The first is how Merry and Peppin are introduced. They look like two fools who just bump in to Sam and Frodo and decide to walk along. While actually it was Merry who arranged the whole disappearing from the Shire. They were young and unexperienced, but certainly not that foolish.
The second is the weathertop. I really don't like that scene in the movie. It makes Frodo look like a chicken. WHile the other Hobbits try to defend him, he just droppes his sword, falls over some stones and is so scared he puts on the ring. WHY!!!! He doesn't put on the ring because he is scared. He puts it on because it commands him to. And he certainly doesn't drop his sword. He attacts the black rider. That's why only his shoulder is hit and not his heart. Can anyone understand why in the movie that black rider missed his heart? There was no reason to miss it. Strider only shows up when Frodo is already hurt.
As for Sam, I missed his devotion and loyalty to Frodo. I mean, it seems he only stays with Frodo because Gandalf asked him, not because he loves his friend so much. But I hope we will still get a glimp of that special friendship in the next movies. And I also missed his funny way of thinking, like throwing that apple to the guy's head in Bree or threatning to make a hole in all the boats if he can't come along to Mordor.
Weathertop was totally wrong in every respect. Why the hell would an experienced ranger like Strider set up camp on top of Amon Sul itself? What happened to the "Elbereth, Gilthoniel!" Which actually got rid of them? And how come Frodo didn't do in the witch king with his pig sticker? And a whole load of other stuff I can't be bothered to go into just now.
As to Sam and Frodo, they seem even gayer somehow, I thought Sam was going to cry when he lost Frodo in the field, and then I though they were gearing up for a big tonguey snog when he showed up again. A lot like Aragorn and Boromir at the end, oh dear god....
One thing I liked a lot about weather top was the hill itself! Pixie Smilie It's hard to believe there just happened to be a hill in NZ that just made the perfect weathertop! I know it isn't described like that in the book, and if I remember correctly it seemed bigger, but this is a case of the movie coming up with something that was totally better than my imagination!
I'm fairly sure that the camp in the movie was NOT on top of the hill, it was in weathertop hollow, like in the book.

Strider fighting off the Nazgul singlehandedly was a bit silly though. It kinda made the ringwraiths look a little whimpy. The ommision of the 'O Elbereth! Githoniel!' line is almost inexcusable. It would have required a little more of the dreaded 'exposition' but they could have explained with just a few lines of dialogue. I'm sure PJ had his reasons.

As for Frodo and Sam being gay.....don't get me started. I thought the STRONG FRIENDSHIP (something that perhaps appears odd today because it hardly even exists anymore) between the two of them was accurately portrayed.
Friendship such as Sam and Frodo’s was very common in Tolkien’s time. In fact Tolkien only sought out male friendship while a student in Oxford. I think Tolkien has drawn on his love and friendship with, perhaps, Lewis, to create the relationship between Sam and Frodo. There was never any sexual attraction, just a deep genuine love for a friend. Our society is so hung up on labels and political correctness and what other people think that stupid discussions start claiming that Sam and Frodo are gay. I do not believe that was ever Tolkien’s intention nor does it have anything to do with the story.

Grondy changed the hokey numbers into maybe apostrophes.

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Well said Rednell!
In eastern Washington State, there is a large conical shaped hill named Steptoe Butte which stands out from the rest of the rural landscape. Upon its summit are or were the burned out remains of a hotel. It exactly meets my imagined view of Weathertop; and I went to University in Pullman, thirty miles from it. Click on the following URL for pictures:
I like those photos, Grondy. Although I sort of thought Wethertop would be a bit steeper.
I think I'll have to get me a copy soon, or I'll start loosing track of your conversations... Disturbed Smilie Animated Wink Smilie
I did it! I'm among the people again! I'm alive! I can talk with you guys again! I'm modern! (oh dear God no) Smoke Smilie I guess you know what I have! Aren't you proud?
Congrats, Tommy. You are probably more modern than I am. I purchased the video to hold me over until the DVD in November. Smoke Smilie
The movie was amazing man, honestly. I'm an ass and rented it 3 times instead of buying it...cuz i don't have money at the moment. But I'll get the November edition. That movie is great...and I Still want to watch it again. I don't like to think of the little details while watching a ruins everything. Just sit back and enjoy the damn thing.