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I saw American Beauty on a plane...couldn't get it to be in english, first off, then once I got it I dozed off in about 10 minutes...I remember liking Being John Malkovich, but I can't remember anything about the movie itself.

Whoopi Goldberg hosting? *gag*...*choke*...puke*
what show?
From somewhere in the deep dark recesses of my mind I seem to recall that Aragorn inherited both the 'Shards of Narsil' and the family ring (opon which the camera dwelt at least twice). I think the ring was Isildur's. I can't spend the time to look it up right now as have places to go and posts to delete. Wink Smilie
Call me paranoid but I think the main reason they're waiting for a full year 'till the next release is to mark the fan's reactions.

Then they'll probably screw us - and use our enthusiastic reaction to FotR as a basis. By then we wouldn't remember what we really thought or said about it anyway, so they'd get away with it. Again. Wink Smilie
Welcome to the forum Fireteam. I for one thought the visual imagery was excellent, beautiful even. Most of the inacuracies were necessary to pull the movie's story together after certain sections were omited due to time limitations. For instance, there can now be no scouring of the shire in 'The Return of the King' and Gimli can't stand for Galadriel's honor against Eomer in 'The Two Towers'.
i for one was leary of the accuracy of the portrayal but i was very pleasently surprised. i hope the other two are as well done the are alread filmed correct? thanks for the welcome
Yes the film has all been shot; however, it still has to be edited
Yup. Grondy's right again. And I agree with him too. The imagery was excellent, nothing really harmed the big lines of the story, and New Zealand was a great place to shoot the movie. The scenery was really wonderful. Smile Smilie
Btw, welcome to our forum, fireteam! You'll meet some of the other oldies soon, the real ones then, not me. Big Smile Smilie
i can't believe we have to wait a full year for the next chapter. thanks for the welcome tom. will they release them one at a time on dvd or will they wait and release them as a boxed set.i feel the visual imagery was the best i have seen for a long time if not ever.also i have a question aabout the ring aragorn was wearing was it anything special or just a common ring they seemed to focus on it quite a bit.
You're welcome, fireteam... Wink Smilie
I think they will release them one by one on video and DVD, but there will be a box edition, there's no doubt about that!
I don't remember anything about a ring Aragorn was wearing... I must see that film again soon! Smile Smilie
yes if you watch the movie again i believe he is wearing the ring on his left hand please let me know what you find out about it. i have seen it six times already i love it.well i will be back on after the buckeyes game keep me posted.
Hello Fireteam, welcome to our little haven. I reckon the whole Movie looked totally fantastic, you're right. And I reckon that ring will have something to do with Arwen eventually.
so you noticed the ring as well. thanks for the welcome. in the end doesn't aragorn accept the role as king of the humans? or am i thinking of someone else
Yeah, he becomes the king of the reunited kingdom of Gondor and Armor. As his destiny foretold.
that is what i thought i haven't read the books in a while where can i pick them up at.i really am impressed with the knowledge in this forum.
By crikey, I think he's got it! And you are paranoid Ungoliant. The reason for waiting a full year between releases is that you just don't go releasing sequels that quickly, unless you make Ernest films, in which case you just never learn the words "Straight to Video". That and so they can hype it and get three years worth of merchandise profits.
thank you all for sparing the time to invlove me and answering my somewhat simple questions for for such a knowledgeable group. now i must find the books to refresh my memory so i might not sound so dense on the subject
don't worry about sounding dense,'ll find that Grondy's about the only one here who consistantly knows exactly what he's talking about...
I always know what i'm talking about, it's just that sometimes, nobody else does, and occasionally, I am very much aware of the fact that oi'm talking out of my arse.
Your welcome Fireteam. Sometimes what I write isn't what I meant to say, often I make mistakes, which at least shows I'm human. When I forget to wear my diplomatic hat, I can tick some people off. And I enjoy the give and take of this place.
thank you all for the kindness. i hope i can contibute to these conversations. now when gandalf returns he comes back as gandalf the white correct? which book is it i said the second one but my friend says the third one. who is right?
It's the second one, oddly enough in the Chapter "The White Rider"! You were right.
Oy! why can't there be any scourching?? There can be! only.. I'm not sure yet if there will be... I'll let you know in a year or two about it Smile Smilie
Oh that will be extrememly helpful then won't it??? (hope I can convey sarcasm as well in writing as boring does) Wink Smilie
Wait a minute here: about Aragorn's ring: didn't Arwen give him sth in the movie? Sth he didn't want to accept? But he had to in the end? The love scene at Rivendell, remember? Wasn't that a ring? Smile Smilie
it was a necklace... and her eternall life
It was (and it was also what I was thinking of when I made my earlier comment, which turned out to be wrong) it probably is Isildurs (or Elendils) but I may yet be proved right, with Pete Jackson anything is possible Wink Smilie
thanks for the info on the white rider.not to jump to far ahead but doesn't eowyn killed the lord of the nazgul ? i believe he says that no mortal man may harm him and eowyn responds wit hthe comment that she is no mortal man but a woman or am i way off the mark. you all are one crazy group of folks
You are right Fireteam, except the money says Glorfindal/Eowyn/Arwen will do the deed with her Girl Scout knife. Combining characters into one role sure keeps the payroll down.
To hell with the fans, it's my movie, and I'll make it any way I want.
Big Smile Smilie
You are right Fireteam, except the money says Glorfindal/Eowyn/Arwen will do the deed with her Girl Scout knife.

He wouldn't dare! Mad Smilie If Arwen Eowfyndel killed the Witch King, then I'm going to...going to..can't do anything at all...


Except hope that AOTC & Episode 3 are bigger & better than ANH & ESB combined.
Look, do I havew to keep pointing out that they have an Eowyn on the cast list or is someone going to listen to me?
First of all, hello fireteam, it was a good decision to join us here.

I loved the scenery. The imgae of Rivendell reminded me of the Alan Lee's picture in the illustrated edition of LotR.
I sometimes even thought the made some parts look like painted by purpose.

The ring is of the heriloom of Elendil and it came from Belriand (I think it was the ring which Finrod gave to the father of Beren).

It bloody is as well! Well remembered Pete!
Plastic, thanks. That's onw of the advantages when you're about to read the Silmarillion again.
ok, this has nothing to do with anything being discussed here, but check this's hilarious
Damn I wish I could get Quicktime to work! Big Smile Smilie
If this movie doesn't get at least a nomination from the Academy for an Oscar in Cinematography then we will all know (as we all suspect being fantasy/scifi fans) that the Academy has their head up their collective @$$e$ (and if Mulan Rouge wins for Cinematography, I'm going to send Bin Laden a lgoistical map with a target posted, coordinates and launch statistics from Afghanistan to Burbank, CA)
i agree it will definitely get some nods on the awards side. glad to be included in such a revered group of lotr fans and scholars.
Thanks for setting us straight about Elendil's ring, Pete. I thought I remembered it from some someplace, and I was only off by one generation. Smile Smilie
Offcourse at will get nominations

The movie thing is great Smile Smilie it would be fun if it were real Smile Smilie
Don't worry, the Academy hate Musicals. Moulin Rouge will sink like the Titanic (oh hang on, that's probably not such a good example)
It will definately get a few nominations and maybe even an Oscar...
I really hope the movie gets an oscar..will be totally outraged if it didn't..

I was rather annoyed that characters like Tom Bombadil and Farmer Magot were cut from the movie, though certainly understandable..too much for budget and time. But those characters add to LOTR a certain depth and richness, lends the setting 'reality'. And I think Peter Jackson in some way atoned for the lack of those characters through the amazing scenary..
like the statues of the kings of the river and the ruins of that fort...whatever it was called.

really, really need to read the books again...
I think he made up for it by adding new stuff, like the falling stairs in Moria, and the cave troll bit. And Boromir looking at the ring on the Caradhras.
Oh right. Twas a necklace... Sigh. Smile Smilie
Give me one good reason why the best movie of the year wouldn't get an oscar. Big Smile Smilie

(I read somewhere Whoopi Goldbergh will be presenting them... Yuj? Smile Smilie )
That's easy, cos good films never get oscars, pretentious crap gets oscars. English Patient? Titanic? Need I go on?
I know..GLADIATOR?? i mean, it was good but hardly oscar-worthy. or so i thought. But the Academy does soemtimes pick great movies. Like Being John Malkovich and American Beauty.
Beinf John Malkovich was fantastic, agreed, but American Beauty? Sef-indulgent crap of the worst kind.
If FotR doesn't get the Oscar for special effects, what film will??? Smile Smilie
American Beauty, is that the film with Kevin Spacey? In that case, I saw it... Smile Smilie
When is the show?? What kind of question is that??? (I don't know either...) :P
Me thinks they are talking about "Oscar Night" the show is "The Academy Awards Show" which views sometime in March. Cool Smilie
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