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Yep just checked, you're absolutely right.... hangs head in shame Sad Smilie
First, I would like to welcome you to the forum alakdhol.
Second, I did notice Peter's slip as well. Only because awhile back, I had listened to a Tolkien scholar discussing LOTR and noticed his pronounciation of Celeborn. Doubting his pronounciation (for Seleborn made sense to me), I checked the appendix and; lo and behold, the C was suppose to be pronounced as a K. Considering the number of people Peter Jackson had working on Elvish, it is a surprise they slipped on this one. Smoke Smilie
Welcome Alakdhol! I too noticed the mispronunciations. Look under the Gandalf thread under characters. According to appendix E in LotR, the letter f has the value of v when used at the end of a word. Therefore Gandalf should be pronounced, according to said appendix, Gondolv. Grondmaster made a very compelling rebuttal however.

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yay, i'm not the only one who noticed it. my friens always say that i am to picky...
Hi Alakdhol, welcome to the forum, if I haven't done so already. Smile Smilie

My Gandalf/Gondolv rebuttal was posted on 13/7/2002 at 04:27 under Gandalf under Characters. I had to go back to see what I said; it was merely common sense. Wink Smilie
You're not picky at all, this guy is claiming to be making a film for everyone. Wrong he is making a slap dash film for his bank and the general public. I have nothing against people trying to make money on a project, but why not try to make a film for the fans where it sticks to the in the majority. That way the general public who have never read the book will also read the book as well, then hopefully leading to some informed arguments. Alot of you may of noticed that i'm not very fond of the film. I'm sorry but I am very protective of one of the four books that got me through a life threatening illness.

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Sorry to hear that Ross. but happy to know that LotR's helped you in your recovery Happy Elf Smilie

I know that Celeborn is Keleborn and Gandalf is Gandalv etc but I still have to try very hard to use it that way. Tolkien admitted that few people would ever use this way of pronouncing his names and even only a few die hard fans would take a serious enough interest in the appendices to notice the correct versions. Therefore I accept the movie version as ok. any readers of the book will eventually discover the truth. anyway Seleborn still sounds right to me Tongue Smilie
Gandalf Would be prononced gandalf as it is in common tongue not Sindarin as his name in that is Mithrandir.
its OK i'll let you off as you chose a cool character for youre name. We all make mistakes antway, well apart from me i'm infallible haa haa haaa (mad cackling laughter)