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Can anybody tell me about the giant warrior statues along the river?

If you are talking about the statues by the Great River near the end of FoTR, they are of Isildor and Anarion.

Elder son of Elendil, who with his father and brother Anarion escaped from the Drowning of Numenor and founded in Middle-earth the Numenorean realms in exile; lord of Minas Ithil; cut the Ring from Sauron's hand; slain by orcs in the Anduin when the Ring slipped from his finger.

Younger son of Elendil, who with his father and his brother Isildur escaped from the Drowning of Numenor and founded in Middle-earth the Numenorean realms in exile, Lord of Minas Ano, slain in the siege of Barad-dur.
From the Index of the Silmarillion.

The statues were built by the numenoreans in Gondor at the mouth aof the Anduin. Check out the last chapter in the Silmarillion -The Rings of Power and the Third Age for more details. They are the ancestors of Aragorn and he is safe there.

If that is not what you are referring to, then I can't help you.

Am I correct are am I leading Kate astray? I hope not.
Welcome to the forum Kate, it is great to have you join us.
In answer to your question:
That would be the Argonath, the Pillars of the Kings that guarded the passage of the Great River Anduin They marked the ancient northern border of Gondor.
Maybe someone knows more about the history of Gondor and can offer more information.

Long have I desired to look upon the likenesses of Isildur and An’rion, my sires of old. Under their shadow Elessar, the Elfstone son of Arathorn of the House of Valandil Isildur’s son, heir of Elendil, has nought to dread.

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This was said by Aragorn in the FOTR.

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Thanks for answering my question and welcoming me to the forum. For movie buffs out there -- do you know if these Pillars were created just for LOTR? I seem to remember something similar from an old movie (something like Jason's Quest for the Golden Fleece). Ring any bells with anybody?
Kate: Welcome to the forum. Smile Smilie

I remember something like that, but not which movie. I also imagine that there is some historical basis for this type of setting, as I really doubt that old JRRT invented it. Probably somewhere in Greek, Egyptian, or Mesopotamian antiquity there were such statues at the gateway to the land, or possibly just in their literature. Anyway, it worked very well in the book and Peter Jackson's rendition mirrored my mind's eye vision of this magnificent and awesome portal. Cool Smilie
It looked Super Wow Smilie to me.

Hi there Kate! Welcome here indeed! Stroll around and join in the fun... Big Smile Smilie
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Hmm..I`m very confused..on wich hand ( and finger) does The Dark Lord wear his ring? I see that Elijah in the movie switces hand and finger ( if I`m not way off here)...Does anyone of you know?
As Sauron hasn't had access to his ring or his ring finger since the end of the Second Age of Middle-earth, I think the question being asked is:
From which of Sauron's hands and fingers did Isildur remove The One Ring Question Smilie
I do not know the answer to your question, Celebrian; and to preclude some wag writing, "From the hand that was missing the finger" or some such obvious thing, I will say, "Please don't." Tongue Smilie

Does anyone really know the answer?
The hand that was missing the .... oh right, sorry Grond. Wink Smilie

In the movie I think it was the ring finger of his left hand, though I could be wrong. And Sauron had a finger, according to Gollum anyway....
Returning once more to the question of Argonath: JRTT did not invent them. A very similar pair of two giant statues of some Egyptian pharaoh are set somewhere at the Nile, at the entrance to the ancient Kingdom of Egypt.
Just As Eryan Said JRTT Did Not Create Those Statues. If I Remember Corectly There Was Somthing Like That In Turkey... May Even Have Been A Wonder Of The World. Sorry Guys Cant Remember To Well. And Yes Eyan They Were Also In Acient Egypt Too! Cool Smilie
Well it's not a wonder of the world, cos I had to study those for Latin this year and there weren't some giant statues among them. Not two, anyway.
The wonders of the ancient world are (as far as I can remember):

- the pyramids of Egypt
- the giant of Rhodos
- the mausoleum of somebody ( Tongue Smilie ) situated in Turkey
- the pantheon of Athens
- the lighthouse in Alexandrie, Egypt

All right I can't remember the other two, but I can assure you that those two statues (or sth akin) weren't on the list. Smoke Smilie I'm pretty sure of these 5 anyway.
In English I believe it was the 'Colossus of Rhodes' and another that might almost fit the requirement were the 'Pillars of Hercules' at the entrance to the Mediterranean, were one to go back in time before the great melt.
Right as always, Grondy! Thumbs Up Smilie