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Most of it was great, right up with Shore's usual standard of work. Then the bloody Irish bit came in , and it went all Titanic, and then Enya, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Most of it was great, right up with Shore's usual standard of work. Then the bloody Irish bit came in , and it went all Titanic, and then Enya, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
That's typically you, *plastic. I just loved the Irish bits in it, and the drumsounds of Khazad-d’m were fantastic. And Enya, well... that's Enya. Not too bad though. It goes well with the film, let's say that... I've bought the CD now, and I must say it's one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. Titanic was a fluke, and there are some more CD's with filmmusic that I have but they are just not music. At least this one is!
I do agree that most of it was fantastic. You're right, I just don't like that fake Irishy thing at all.
I wanted to invite everybody to listen to music which "perfectly captures the atmosphere of Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings Trilogy" (listener's feedback).

Put on the headphones and open Tolkien's book.
Submerge yourself into a world of sacred wisdom, ancient traditions and legends with

"Tales of the rings"
"Leaving Shire"
"Shadows in the night"
"Sacred Forrest

No welcome for mp3magnet until if and when he returns with anything other than an ad for his website.

Okay, I was too judgmental here; appology below.

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You guys can be angry with me all you want.
However, I am an independent artist who is unlikely to gain a single cent from you visiting my site. I worked pretty hard on my Tolkien songs and I do not have 30 millions or more to spend to advertise my work.
I though that is appropriate to place a link to my site to disscussion about LOTR music.
If you do not want to go to my site, please do not bother. As far as knowledge of Tolkien goes, I read most of Tolkien's books, unlike a lot of people out there who think that
"Lord of the Rings" is the movie.

Sorry, Magnet. I thought maybe you were one of those fly by night billboard posters who just drop in to forums post their ads and then depart never to be heard from again. I should have given you the courtesy of withholding my judgement. I for one will visit your site and listen to your music. Next time I shall try to be more diplomatic as well as more friendly.
I'm with you magnet, being another struggling musician who gets no recognition or money from the years of hard work I put in to my music Ishall head off to your site immediately and have a listen. Maybe you could return the compliment and have a gander at
No Tolkien themed stuff yet, but I'm working on some (at Taz's request) and it should be starting soon.
I will sure visit, magnet, when I find the time. You made me curious! But since I was unable to listen to the Skwerl's music, I don't think there's much chance that I can listen to yours... (darn comp! Must do sth about that!!)
Sad Smilie
How ancient is your PC Tommy? Cos mine was pretty archaic til I did all that work on it, but it could still handle Mp3s.
I got given the CD for christmas. Loved the music. Every time I play it I want to go see te move again.
*stupid And I can see the movie all over again, just by listening to the music. It's wonderful! Big Smile Smilie
Computer isn't that old, Plast, it's just that I still have to install all the players... I never find time to do it, and when I do have the time, I just forget it! Smile Smilie

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Then you're just lazy Tommy. Go get musicmatch, it doesn't take long, and it's great and free! if you're interested.
I'm working on it, but won't get through even half of them today. Sad Smilie

Youse guys don't need no Poastin Nonymus, yous juss needs a lil more diskressiun; tis a matter a curtisee to da utter reeders. :P

Fun though, wasn't it. Big Smile Smilie
I reckon he means it. And I meant as in Narcotics Anonymous, or Gamblers anonymous, what with Posting being an addiction.
*gives grondy a little more work to do*

Then I realise that this conversation no longer makes any sense! And I believe I had more quality posts than Tommy in amongst all the rubbish. At least my count is not quite as much lower as it was yesterday compared to hers.
Yeah! What the hell have you done to my amount of posts, Grondy? What have I done to you? Sad Smilie
Plastic must have had a lot more than me, simply cos he posts more. And he's still at over 400 posts, even close to 500! I get to start at 200 again! Life's not fair!
No it isn't and today atlast I'm made friend to this board Sad Smilie so whatta you complaining about?? okay ok you have posted a lot more post then i did ...
It takes hard work and determination to get to where I am here. Especially since we got so many new members. i used to be able to keep up my phenomenal lead in about half an hour every morning cos there were only about 5 or 6 of us posting here regularly. i won't tell you how long it takes at the moment, but I come here twice a day now, and it takes a lot longer to get through than it used to. And at least I keep my posts vaguely relevant tommy :P
*hopes there's some really cool title for 500, like Nazgul, expects to be disapointed again.*
Congratulations! After all that work you are now officially deemed a GUIDE. Oh Thrill, Oh Joy, The Skwerl's a guide. *shout Hey everybody, the *Plastic is a GUIDE. Whoop! Whoop!

Oh well you may as well try for 1000, when you get there you'll probably be given a non-working paper watch and be named Moderator. Big Smile Smilie
O.. no.. that that would be the end of this board... nooooo.... then make him a nazgul instead of moderating him.... Big Smile Smilie
1000, I'll be a Nazgul. Dear god don't give me moderator controls, I'll make everyone look really daft, and me look great and no-one will know.
And GUIDE? What a letdown!
Am I doing all this work to become a guide? I don't think so... Smile Smilie Let's stay friend for a while then... Smile Smilie What about Web Wizard? Or Cave Troll? Or Balrog? Or even Dark Lord of the Planet? Big Smile Smilie
*Grondy intends to move most of this conversation to a pub* Big Smile Smilie
*quickly* Ithinkthesoundtrackwasreallygreatandthecd
Big Smile Smilie[Edited on 9/1/2002 by TomBombadillo]
Does anyone know if Reprise intends to release a disc two of the score? A bit early to be asking, I'm sure, but I wondered if anyone had heard any rumors. There are a lot of cues that didn't get on the album, and I want more! And preferably without dialogue thrown ontop- I hate that. The second Gladiator disc had some lovely bits of music that got wrecked by Russell and friends talking all over them. If I want to hear dialogue, I'll watch the movie.
THis whole week, over one of our radio station they were giving away LOTR soundtrack - and I got mine on Tuesday. Yeah!

Is it that bad?
AHEM!! I am neither narrow minded or biased, but Enya is the princess of Evil and must be gagged for evermore. Big Smile Smilie
Nononono! I like the other comments better! Big Smile Smilie
Enya went great with the movie, like I said before, and I'll stick to it. And Jehanne, we share the same opinion on this! Smile Smilie
Every time I play the record, I see the whole film before my eyes again! Wonderful! Smile Smilie
I finally bought the soundtrack last week and am listening to it as I'm writing this. The more I hear it the better it sounds. I'm glad Howard Shore received the Oscar for best original score, it was well deserved. Smile Smilie

I'm sorry Skwrl, but I still think Enya's singing fits in quite well. Wink Smilie
Frankly, I'm disappointed with you Grondy, extremely disappointed.
Cool, another one for our side. Poor Plastic, soon you'll be alone in your Enya-hating. Nyah nyah!

Naw, I'm only joshing you. You're entitled to your bad taste, poor deluded fool. I kid, I kid!

Anyway, this is from an article on the Oscar reception held by the Society of Composer and Lyricists (I snagged it from, a good site for movie score reviews and news). Howard Shore was asked about a possible expanded score release (yes! great idea!):

"Everyone seems to want to know what the deal is with an "expanded" release of Howard Shore's Oscar-winning score to Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings. I had a chance to talk with Howard about this very issue the day before he won his award, and I will attempt to sum it all up here:

The Fellowship of the Ring will be released on DVD this August, in the original theatrical version. Then in November, the Special Edition DVD will be released, including an expanded version of the film. Some areas of expansion include the prologue, the opening Hobbiton sequence, the Lothlorien scenes, and other areas of the film. For this expanded edition, Shore will be doing three different things:

-Writing new music. Some scenes were never assembled, and therefore were never scored. Shore will be writing new music for those scenes.
-Expanding current cues. Some sequences, that already have underscore, will be expanded for the special edition - and therefore the existing cues need to be reworked to fit the picture.
-Recording previously written music. While working on the score, there were a number of scenes that Shore wrote the music for (including the gift-giving scene in Lothlorien) but because the scenes were edited out of the film before the score was recorded, the music has never been heard. (Although it was already written.) Shore will finally record these passages, and they will be integrated into the film.

In addition to that, Shore has been adapting his score into a concert suite, which will be performed this August by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, conducted by John Mauceri, with a childrens and adult choir. That piece will also be expanded into an hour-long concert version, to be performed in February 2003 in London. Chances are quite good that this expanded concert will feature music from the expanded edition of FOTR.

So how does this all relate to an expanded FOTR cd? The news is mixed. Howard has always said that the original CD release was a "condensed" version of the score, and he's quite happy with it. But it would be great to release a more complete work, which would make a lot of people happy. However, at what point to do that? That is the key issue. If an expanded FOTR release came out this summer, it would probably not include the "Expanded Edition" material. People would undoubtedly complain, and then there would be another release. (Can anyone say Phantom Menace?) Compound that with the reasonable possibility that Shore might be asked to do the very same thing he's doing now (new music for the DVD) for the next two films (The Two Towers, The Return of the King), and the logical answer starts to take shape.

Unless something happens to really push it through, it's probably safe to assume any major expanded score release of The Lord of the Rings will not show up until the trilogy is completed, and on DVD. In that event, though, expect a significant box set comprising of the scores from all three films (potentially totalling a staggering eight or nine-hours!) plus a recording of the concert version - which in itself, if adapted for all three scores, could run three hours long."

Well, I had the soundtrack before I even saw the movie. I really like that music.
I wonder how it would have been if Plastic had been in charge of the music part.
Smile Smilie
By the way, I find Enya-music very relaxing.
You mean nauseating surely?

And if I'd been given the job of scoring it, it would have been far better! Come on sing along...
"Santa Dog's a Jesus Fetus, Santa Dog's a Jesus Fetus, Santa Dog's a Jesus Fetus, has no presents, has no presence in the future...."
Okay Plastic, anyone who can sing those lyrics and keep a straight face can't be all bad. :P

I think Enya's performance in the FOTR was great; however, I wouldn't spend my hard earned money to buy an Enya album, as her music gets old real fast. Smile Smilie
If Enya is already causing so much commotion here, I can't think what the words 'Michael Jackson' would cause. Big Smile Smilie

Did you know he will appear in Man in Black II? (but NOT as an alien).

Sorry Grondy, a bit off the subject here.
NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Surely some mistake? :o:o:o
Big mistake! If they want to cast him, than surely as an alien! :P

I wouldn't buy an Enya album either, it's just that the music goes so well with the film, it couldn't be better... I'm not a fan though, not at all.

Slightly off topic here: how many oscars did FOTR get? I didn't quite get that...

Tommy- Four of them, for Cinematography, Visual Effects, Make-Up and (veering wildly back on topic) Original Score. Not a lot, but that's not really a surprise.
Great! They got the Oscar for Soundtrack? Well-deserved I would say! Dunce Smilie

I had it twice, but I gave one away with my essay... Smile Smilie
I love the soundtrack! my favorite track is the Lothlorien one it rocks! Big Smile Smilie
Come on Plastic!
Enya's not really that bad is she? I find her music wonderful and very relaxing - and I love Irish music too!
My fave pieces from the CD are #2 (concerning Hobbits), #17 (the breaking of the Fellowship) and #18 (May it be).
I loved the music and I thought it accompanied the movie beautifully.
Come on Plastic!
Enya's not really that bad is she? I find her music wonderful and very relaxing - and I love Irish music too!

Yes, yes she is. I love Irish music too, but I hate tedious cack.
I think Enya's voice was made for elvish. I think even Tolkien would have approved.

It's interesting to note that on her 1991 CD, Shepherd Moons, there is a song called Lothlorien. I think she's been campaigning for the job, or something.

It's fair to say that Enya's music is not everyone's cup of tea. I do like it though. It's like audio Kava... Sleeping Smilie

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THE SHADOW OF THE PAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...rules

Hey,did any of you guys listen to old-irish-music-like Lord Of The Dance(not Michael Flatley),Leaving Of Liverpool,Whiskey in the jar and all?If not,you'd better.I think they quite overrun the new celtic-irish wave.
Yeah, I liked the old 'Whiskey in the Jar' tune; couldn't ever sing much more than the chorus though.
I can do the Thin Lizzy version....
try singing Lord Of The dance in your bathtub,under water!
Hey,did any of you guys listen to old-irish-music-like Lord Of The Dance(not Michael Flatley),Leaving Of Liverpool,Whiskey in the jar and all?If not,you'd better.I think they quite overrun the new celtic-irish wave.

OMG!!! Someone who goes along with me! Tongue Smilie I thought it was only my kind of music... I mean, not many youngsters out there like this kind of thing. But it totally rules!!! Hey raptor, have you heard those sung by the Dubliners? That's the best version I ever heard! And I love Lord of the Dance, but I never tried singing it under water, I wouldn't know why either... Big Laugh Smilie And one of my other favvy's is "Dirty old town". *starts a spontanious happy dance* (I know, I stole that, sorry Halo) Big Smile Smilie
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