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I think the choice of New Zealand was an excellant choice for filming LOTR. The scenery is both beautful and diverse in a relatively small area, which made perfect economic sense for such a project. Weta did a super job on the special effects. World class stuff. You should be proud. Big Smile Smilie
btw. 42 is from NZ too.

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I'm still waiting to see if Pete Jackson ever makes a movie somewhere OTHER than NZ, admittedly, it does work really, really well as ME. But I think it's all just because Pete doesn't like to travel for too long, and likes to get home of an evening.
heh heh... that's true - him making all his movies in NZ I mean...
Hey, have you seen any of his earlier movies? (Braindead, Badtaste) Watch them and you wonder how they ever let this guy anywhere near LOTR! I mean he must have used like a tonne of fake blood to make Braindead - there's this one scene and the guy holds up a lawnmower and charges his way through all the zombies with it; literally 'mowing' them to pieces...
Apart from all the gore (which is laughably fake in most scenes) they are very funny movies with lots of black humour and sharp wit!
Yeah, I've got 'em all, I was already a huge Peter Jackson fan years ago before he ever got a hold of LOTR, but it did worry me a lot when I first heard he was doing it, because of the very inventive, admittedly, special effects that the early WETA produced in those movies. Having said that, Meet The Feebles is still my favorite PJ movie, Porn-Muppets, fantastic! And the effects in the Frighteners, and Heavenly Creatures were pretty damn good, if the movies were a little less funny than his usual work.
About New-Zealand, I couldn't have thought of a better place for it, cos the scenery is indeed so beautiful, plus there are places there (so I'm told) where you can walk for hours without meeting a single soul, so that sounded to me like the perfect location to film any film really. Smoke Smilie
I thought it was a great choice for filming. It is to clear and beautiful.
Well I don't know about NZ but the movie looked pretty good.In fact in looked great...
I am from Bulgaria and there are very pretty sights here too but I don't know
When I watched FOTR, I thought that the scenery was great! Breathtaking actually. It made me wonder where the filming took place. When I found out it was filmed in New Zealand, I was like "wow, that's how that place looks?!!!" Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
New Zealand was a wonderful choice for filming's amazing to think that there are still places in the world that look like that...

*glances out at the city street below her window*
Welcome to the site LadyRanger.

When I found out it was filmed in New Zealand
I thought it was filmed in Middle Earth.
I thought it was filmed in Middle Earth.

Attention all, Val has finally lost his marbles. Now Val, did we not have this "only a book" talk a while ago, have you forgotten it already? Wink Smilie
Attention all, Val has finally lost his marbles.
Whoops! It's got me again Super Scared Smilie Half a lifetime of playing roleplaying games had me searching for elves everytime I went walking in the woods, and now I'm relapsing.

Oh well, don't fight it Very Mad Smilie
I think New Zealand is the perfect place for Middle-Earth
I think New Zealand was an excellent choice! I can't say enough good things about how consistently good the sets, the locations, and the cinematography has been. Those are three aspects that have been absolute triumphs in both films so far, and I’m sure that won’t change in ROTK. On another note, seeing how beautiful New Zealand is has really made me want to go there.
Elf Smilie
Perfect, pure magic !!!!!
Yea, i couldn't think of a better place to film, but then again, i'm a bit biased. But i've seen some shots of America, canada and Europe that are just as beautiful.
I agree with Nell, we have a diverse asortment of terrain in close proximity, and i spose thats the clincher, and enabled P.J to spend more money on the sets and stuff, instead of fiying the cast and crew all over the world.