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I'll definitely be buying it when it's released,even though i have the original one on DVD.
I'm looking forward to watching the extended version.
Can't wait.

Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

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Of course I'm bying the extended version! I'll probably end up with two versoins of all three film and the special collectors-edition with new extra material on each film (It will come, I'm sure of it). LOTR is a drug and I'm hooked! We wants it, my preciousss, we wantssss it..
Me too. Gotta have that extended version, in spite of already having the earlier version on DVD and video.

I am also waiting for the action figures. My daughter is desperate for a new Arwen (old one is loved to bits). Does anyone know where I can get one?
Looks like they didn't cut any corners with this one! I've never seen so many special features! This is gonna be awesome! Of course, I'm probably the only person on earth who actually listens to audio commentaries...
Nope, I listen to them as well, Prog. I think they are great. I will probably get it too. I'll make Matthew buy it for me. I am sure he won't argue too much. He is the one that got me into Tolkien, in the first place. lol
I'm probably the only person on earth who actually listens to audio commentaries...

Nope, Prog. My favorite part of the Willow DVD is the audio commentary. well, maybe 2nd favorite part. I really love that movie. Big Smile Smilie

I am counting the days until the extended LOTR DVD is released. I already have the LOTR video and the National Geographic special but there is so much more I have not seen.
I've rented DVD's where the audio commentary was more interesting than the movie! Big Laugh Smilie

I prefer the ones where the people giving the commentary are obviously in a studio together watching the film. The Blade commentary was just a bunch of interviews with various cast and crew edited over top the film. Boring Smilie
I prefer the ones where the people giving the commentary are obviously in a studio together watching the film.

From what I have heard that is what has been done for FOTR. The four Hobbits were brought to LA and did the commentary as they watched the film. Apparently there was a scene in the Midgewater Marshes which was cut from the theatre version but has been added as extra footage in the extended DVD. The actors became so engrossed in the scene (because they hadn't seen it before either), that they sat in silence and said narry a word. The production people had to rewind so the Hobbits could add their comments. I got this little tale from the Billy Boyd website.
Very very interesting.

/me can't wait!! Big Smile Smilie
Ok got a problem. I gotta buy me a DVD player first before I can buy the DVD extended version. Very Sad Smilie Guess I won't...
Then get the VHS version instead, less extras, but still fairly cool.
Gotta have the extended version even though I have the original one Tongue Smilie At first I said to myself that it was a waste of money, but now I gotta have it! I`ll probably end up with all the extra features there is Smile Smilie
You might wannna check this out:
freash new stuff!!!

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Cool piccies! Looks really good! Orc Grinning Smilie

*considers buying the extended VHS version*
*checks her money piggy*
*better not buy that video*
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I have the original DVD, but not the Extended one, because I heard it wasn't worth it. But now that I read this, I'm not sure. I think this convinced me to buy it...what do you it worth it?

Anilorak, not only is it worth it, but it completely blows the theatrical version away!!! Even people I know who haven't read the books, but have seen both versions, say that the extended version is by far superior. If you have read LOTR (and I’m assuming you have, or you probably wouldn’t be on this site) then be prepared for a real treat, as almost all of the additional footage is stuff straight from the books! I can’t say enough good things about the extended version! I sold my copy of the theatrical version of FOTR the day the extended version came out, and I will never in my life, ever watch the theatrical version again. The extended DVD version is soooo much better there is no comparison! I swear it on the Precious! Whoever told you it wasn’t worth it didn’t know what they were talking about IMHO.

Just in case you don’t want to take my word for it, I strongly advise you to check out the Extended FOTR DVD edition thread located in this same forum, where the extended version has been discussed in far greater detail than in this thread. Do yourself a favor, go out and get it as fast as you can, and then come back to PT and tell us what you think.
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Thanks Elfstone! I know what I’m getting for my Birthday on Friday!!! Cool Smilie
I have read the books, twice, in two different languages.

Now you have got me all hyped up.....I can’t wait!!!!!

P.S. Isn’t this the FORT Extended DVD Forum?? And if there is another one, do you mind telling me where to find it, I don't seem to hive time to go looking for it right now.

I'm impressed with the fact that you've read the books twice in two different languages Anilorak!

Yes this is one of the FOTR extended DVD threads, but there is another thread in this same forum entitled the Extended FOTR DVD edition . A person named Ayslhyn started it, so look for that name, and the title I mentioned. Also, it's located right underneath the thread entitled Contacting Graders?. There are three pages in that thread with 64 replies, and Rednell made the last post in that thread on 19/5. Hopefully you should be able to find it now, and Happy Birthday btw!
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Okay......that's it.....I have got to get myself a DVD player. I'm so technologically behind the times, it's just not funny anymore.

Ringy are you telling us you haven't seen the special extended DVD edition of FOTR yet?

You HAVE to get a DVD player, you can find decent ones for pretty cheap now.
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I'm so happy!!! I just got the Extended DVD from one of my friends yesterday on my birthday!!

Glad to hear it Anilorak! Thumbs Up Smilie

That's right Elfstone. I haven't seen an extended version of anything yet!!! One of my friends has a DVD player though. I guess I'll buy the movies and watch it at her place til I can get one. I know that there are some out there at good prices, it's just that I keep spending my money on other things. But I think I'll get my parents to chip in on it since we'll all be using it anyway!

Well get that DVD player as soon as you can, or get over to your friends house, get that popcorn a popping, and be prepared for a real treat! I think you will be amazed at how much better it is compared to the theatrical version!
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heee, just out of interest sake, if you watch the bit where aragorn is singing u can hear the call of a morepork in the back ground, heh, i like the idea of a NZ native bird in middle earth
Well, the Morepork has a very distinctive cry, it sounds just like the name *MOREPORK* plus i live in the country in nothern NZ, so i hear them most nights.