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I was told that the apples Aragorn threw to Merry and Pippin as they left Bree had lables stuck to them, but I've never managed to see them myself. I think the biggest mistake I've noticed so far is they got Glorfindel's sex and name wrong when he met the party after Weathertop Wink Smilie
My favourite would have to be in Moria, when the steps are falling down around them, at one point when you look at Merry, it's actually a small boy (his body double, evidently) right in shot, full face. Very disturbing.
For me, it was the on again, off again chain around Frodo's neck when Gandalf was talking to him in his bedroom at Rivendell. I noticed that on my first viewing at the cinema.
What about when the Argonath's arms are backwards after the Fellowship passes through them?
How about when Frodo's sword, Sting, stops glowing blue after they leave Balin's tomb - even with that whole hord of orcs and goblins closing in on them.
What about when the Argonath's arms are backwards after the Fellowship passes through them?

Ya know, I was told about that and looked for it but never did see it. I know what specific scene your talking about, with the Argonath far in the background, but to me it just appeared to be an effect of the distance.

There's also something about a car in the scene where Frodo and Sam are leaving the shire and Sam says "This is it ...If I take one more step, it'll be the farthest away from home..." In the background you can see a smoking chimney which, if you just glance at it, might look like a vehicle of some sort travelling down a very dusty road.
I never saw any car, I am wondering if that is just a joke! Big Smile Smilie
I think the biggest mistake I've noticed so far is they got Glorfindel's sex and name wrong when he met the party after Weathertop Wink Smilie
And his horse, Asfaloth, didn't even notice the switch.
I never saw any car, I am wondering if that is just a joke! Big Smile Smilie

I know all about the car, as I noticed it in the theatre!

When I saw that "Car" out in the backround, I was sitting with my soda and a bucket of popcorn watching in awe as JRR Tolkiens masterpeice came alive on the big screen. Anyway, I saw that thing and I said to myself, "What the hell...?".

For months that small Image bothered me. Was it a car? Was it a dust cloud perhaps? My mind was going crazy with thoughts and questions! Then... That wonderful day came when FotR Came out on DVD....

Dun Dun Dunnnn...

I reviewed that scene over with a passion of finding out If that was a car. And if it wasn't a car... What was it? After 4 watchings, I finally came to the conclusion that it was NOT a car... It was...


Yes ladies and gentleman, That car scene was just a Hobbits house in the backround. I checked over and over and I am quite sure of it. I hope that answers your question Stone Helm! Big Smile Smilie

~ Orimono Shujin, PT's Only Accident Prone Bartender!

Thank You, Thank You. I'll Be Here Til' Thursday! Big Laugh Smilie

A Hobbit house at speed?? Big Laugh Smilie Good one! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
A Hobbit house at speed?? Big Laugh Smilie Good one! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

I don't know whether to take that as an excuse for sarcasm, or just a joke. Orc Going Huh Smilie

Anyway, as I said before, It was just a Hobbit's house under a hill. Nothing more, Nothing less. It only seemed like a car because the wind was in a sort of... Upwards thrust that day. Trust me, I know. I was right up to the glass on a 36" TV Screen! (Havent seen as good after that...) Big Laugh Smilie

So people, I say once again. It is not a car! It's just a hobbit house.

*Smokes Some Pipeweed* Smoke Smilie
Me and my boyfriend zoomed in to take a look. A big cloud of dust and some big metall thing reflecting light. It looked like a car to us..
I saw it again the other day, and there is a scene where Arwen has arrived to help Frodo get to the ford and Aragorn carried Frodo to put him on Arwen's horse. You can see clearly that he was carrying a dummy Frodo if you look at the face. I thought that was disturbing.
The current Internet legend is that a car was visible in the FOTR theatrical release and the video but that it was edited out on the DVD. One DVD owner claims he can see the fogging of the image where the edit was done.

For general info on movie errors (whether accurate or not), see:
I noticed that when the Hobbits fall down the hillside and onto the road, Pippin nearly falls into some poo. Big Laugh Smilie When Pippin shouts mushrooms, The camra comes further away and the poo isn`t there anymore!

Also, at the beginning, the narrater says, "...for none now live who remember it." That`s not true because Elrond was there when Sauron was defeated and he is still alive! (Well he is Imortal. But he shouldn`t be in that scene!) So Angry Smilie

They are some silly mistakes. Mad Smilie Well nothing can be absolutly
perfect, can it?
wasn't the whole movie a mistake?

Big Smile Smilie
Sorry for the late reply,but: Orimono_Shujin, it was meant as a joke Wink Smilie
How about when the Black rider comes along the road and the hobbits are hiding beneth the tree? The rider jsut appears on one side of it he is not shown on the right side of the tree as he enters...the cast mentioned that on the extended version in the commentary Tongue Smilie
What about Aragorn - seemingly - wearing white slippers when he's kissing Boromir farewell (on the forehead, people).

Not kidding = check into that it's true Smoke Smilie
Really Ross? I'll have to check that out.
Wasn't me stony, it's just that virumor is a purist like me with a quote like
wasn't the whole movie a mistake?

and the fact he has Morgorth as his avatar it's quite understandable that you think it's me.

oh yeh,
Wasn't the whole movie a mistake!
Exclamation mark for me, as I know I'm right.

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Wow man I hope you get to read this post cause you haven't sseen the best of the mistakes
1When The Balrog puls Gandalf of to the edge of the brige...first you can see that the bridge is completely straight but second late gandalf is pulls himself to some kind of ladders...
2When Aragorn and the orc are fighting...the orc pushes Aragorn to the tree and you can see how he drops his sword and then a second later when the orc threw the shield Aragorn drops his sword again
3When Aragorn and Boromir are talking when camera shoots from above you can see that Boromir has put his hand on Aragorn's shoulder but from Boromir's point of view there is no hand.
There is more but I can't think of it right know
I am sorry for the mistakes permited pls write and tell me what you think!
That first one I`m going to look closely on, next time I see Fotr. The others I`ll check on while I see it, if I remember them. Big Smile Smilie
Here’s one:
In the prologe where Galadriel is talking she says for none live to remember. Elrond & Tom Bombadil remember of it.
Yeh, that's because PJ hasn't read the books!
Wow things are getting even worse!
About that mistake with Gandalf pulling was in TTT too.Is that dumb or what!?!? Very Mad Smilie
and where the hell does Brego come from when he comes to save Aragorn? ive a feeling that Legolas might have sent him (if he thought Aragorn was dead, he would have dropped the pendant over the edge) Brego obviosley hadnt been ridden in the fight with the wargs, as he had a headclooar and leadrope on.

also, when Aragorn is first seen riding Brego, his leadrope is trailing, but it then seems to miraculousley become tied like reins!
Who the heck is Brego?

Brego was the son of Eorl and he built The Golden Hall of Edoras and it was also his son who trod the 'Paths of the Dead' and left his arms, armor, and bones outside the still unopened stone door.

Aragon's horse in TTT was Hasufel, Arod was that of Legolas. Gimli hitched a ride to Helm's Deep behind Eomer on Lightfoot. Was Aragorn's movie horse named Brego? If so it's another case of PJ's meddling with a good story. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I bought the book LOTR:TTT photo guide and there are a lot of pics of scenes that weren't in the movie (most probably will appear in the extended edition).
One of it showed Aragorn releasing Brego, which is actually Theodred's horse and his quote is, "Turn this fellow free. He has seen enough of war." So I guess when Brego appeared to help Aragorn in the movie it's supposed to mean that he was repaying Aragorn's kindness, but since the scene of him being released was cut off, it might seemed confusing and insignificant.
Okay, I just finished reading about the First Battle of the Fords of Isen in UT and Theodred's un-named horse could have been one of those dispersed by the Dunlending horsemen and Orcish wolfriders, which then survived and wandered back to Edoras. So I'll let PJ name it Brego and consider this part of his addition to the story could be plausible, even though it never happened according to the tale that has been handed down to us via Professor Tolkien. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
You're right, Grondy, PJ probably never read UT Very Big Grin Smilie My explanation would fit in the movie version of LOTR only. Wink Smilie
It's quite obviouse that PJ has never read the UT or any Tolkien books by tthe look of it!
These are some I got from a website but I haven’t checked them allSmoke Smilie

1)In the scene where Gandalf pulls up to Bag End, you can see the microphone in the lower right hand corner.

2)In the scene when the creature in the water grabs Frodo and Sam yells for Strider you can see a light coming from the left side of the screen behind Strider, which is strange considering there are no other lights in Moria except for the faint light of Gandalf's staff.

3)As Boromir and Aragorn talk right before Boromir dies, you can see Boromir's right hand gripping Aragorn's left shoulder in the shot from behind Aragorn's right shoulder, but when the camera veiw changes to Boromir's perspective, looking up at Aragorn, his hand is not there. The scene goes back and forth between these two views several times.

4)Towards the end of the movie, where Frodo is collecting wood and he has the fight with Boromir, he puts the ring on his finger, somehow it went from the chain he had it on to his finger without any problems. the next time he has the ring is when he takes it off (no chain) and offers it to Stryder (no chain) when he is down by the river, he has it on the chain in his hand...too much action going on with that chain

5)When Legolas arrives in Rivendell, you see him dismount his horse and turn to veiw the area. Right after he jumps off you see he is just behind his horse's front leg. After the shot changes, he is a couple feet forward from his last position

6)When the Fellowship crosses a mountain ridge, just before Frodo falls in the snow and loses the ring, there is an aerial shot - where's Bill, the pony, in that shot?

7)In the scene where Saruman is using his magical powers to bring an avalanche down on Cahadras, and the Fellowship, there is a computer generated shot which swings right around the top of the Orthanc tower which Saruman is standing on. Watch Saruman's feet as they approach the bottom of the screen or even better, put in in slow-mo. His feet fade out of view before they reach the bottom of the screen.

8)This error occurs during the battle at Weathertop between the Hobbits and the Ringwraiths. After Sam and the other hobbits are knocked aside and Frodo stumbles back one of the Ringwraiths advances, puts his sword in his left hand and draws his Morgul dagger in his right hand. When Frodo puts the ring on and the Ringwraiths become visible in their shadow form the sword vanishes yet the other Wraiths still have theirs drawn, although they are now holding them upright instead of toward Frodo as they were a moment ago. He advances, tries to take the Ring, and then stabs Frodo still holding out his empty left hand. Suddenly Aragorn appears and the sword is back in the Wraith's hand ready to fight him

9)When the Nazgul confront Arwen across the river, they draw their swords in their left hands. In the next shot this changes to their right.

10)This mistake is in the extended version. When the Fellowship travels through Moria, in the wide-shot before Gandalf starts talking about mithril, you can see Gandalf kick the electrical wire that lies in front of him (that provides the power for the lamp 'crystal' on top of his staff) further ahead of him, so he won't walk straight over it.

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I think that the 'for there are none who remember it' refers to LotR supposedly happening thousands of years ago, and that everyone in those tales are now dead. But wait a sec, how can Galadriel be narrating IF she's dead?? You're right... it is a mistake.
If you watch the aditional info on the discs you hear how much work they spent on making the introduction right so I'm quite sure it's no mistake. Tom Bombadil is not in the movie, and the elves left loong time ago, so no-one is left to remember it.
I think it's a mistake that when Galadriel grows and glows, she has suddenly metal armor or such like around her waist.

I didn't see that before, and i didn't think she's wearing a arrow-proof err vest.
Who says all of the elves left! I'm pretty sure that a large ammount never departed for the various havens. They would just have gone in to seclusion in order to ovoid human weirdo's.
The introduction wasn't right too. I didn't like the way Isildur slashed off Sauron's ring finger by accident and then we see Sauron suddenly destroyed.

Heh, in the books there was a duel between Gil-Galad, Elendil and Sauron and in that epic battle Saurons body got destroyed.

But in the movies apparently, Sauron dies/blows up/dematerializes just because he loses a finger... i mean even his Ring wasn't destroyed.

So, Isildur was shown as a lucky guy who accidentally killed the Dark Lord by chopping a finger off of the dark lord. Apparently Sauron doesn't have an Achilles heel after all. Later on, he is shown as a weak loser who gets seduced by the Ring (like all humans are weak losers according to movie-Elrond). i think PJ better followed the book introduction. Would have made sense instead of the current chimerical abracadabra in the movie.

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Should we take bets on who is the first to answer with the lame arguement that if he followed the book it would last umpteen hours?
This thread has nothing to do with changes from book to movie, we discuss that elsewhere.

This thread is for mistakes we find that PJ didn't intend to be in the movie, things that are not done on purpose, like showing mics and things that apear and disapear from frame to frame.
Wiggle Smilie