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Maybe he's talking about that big paper things which stand in cinemas... like Aragorn in full height?

That's where I ordered the hobbits. Of course, you can ask at the theater about the stand ups there, sometimes they will give them away to those who ask (but usually they give it to an employee who will sell them on ebay or something... so check ebay too)
those stand-up things are kind of creepy math teacher had an Apollo13 one propped up in the back of the classroom...scared the crap out of me daily...
Welcome TheVulcan. Hope we provided you with the answer for which you were looking. Smile Smilie Also glad that some of our members weren't as clueless concerning your request as I was. Big Smile Smilie
Thanks for the help, unfortunatly I live in the UK, and only ship inside the US :-(, and I was really after a Legolas one. I'll keep watching this forum, hoping someone will find one!
Ebay? Where's that.
I have to check with my local cinema, cos I know they have some of these thingy's, and I would really like to have one. Just for fun! Big Smile Smilie
I used to get them from my local video rental store, but it means you'll have to wait until the video comes out; sorry I couldn't be more of a help!
If you live in the UK, try the local sci fi convention. I'm certain you can get them there, though I must tell you I haven't seen a Legolas stand up... Only Gandalf, Saruman, Hobbits and Frodo.

Also, try the nearest Planet Hollywood. If they don't have one, I know they can order them.
You're welcome. So they did have em there? Smile Smilie Great! Bit of a seach, but hey, you got them now! Smile Smilie
No, he didn't get it because they haven't been published yet. :P
AHHH!!! Crap! How much longer can we wait! First we have to wait a year for the first movie, and another one for the second one, then I hear the video won't be coming out till August, and now this!!! I don't think I can deal with this anymore... Smile Smilie
Lifesize FOTR Standups can be found at the following URL
You can get standee (cardboard people) at or at f.y.e at the mall. Or maybe try google....Lord of the rings standees Big Smile Smilie
I bet someone in this thread already ordered a Legolamb bust as well?
For us Brits, try 'Forbidden Planet' they do a mail order service and I know from receiving previous catalogues that they do a wode range of stand-ups of various sci-fi/fantasy characters so it may be worth giving their website or their shop a visit especiallyif you live in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Cardiff etc......I cant remember where all their stores are but there are a fair few of them scattered about the place!

Ebay is also another good source for LOTR collectibles/DVD's etc

Other good sci-fi shops here are (great place to make your own standees, your head on Aragorn's or Arwen's body)
Sheffield Space Centre
Last evening, Silme showed me this neat little online store. I think they have just about anything Tolkien related that one would want. And they have reviews from people who have purchased some of the products.
Tolkien Town
Happy Shopping!
Of course, PT does not endorse this online store. I just thought you might like to browse through all the interesting Tolkien products.