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Put your backs into it, you lazy fat trolls... We want to come in.

Sorry Arco, I've no idea. Languages are not really my thing.
Well I re-viewed it and think the Orc army was chanting something like,
'Your mothers sprout mustaches and wear army boots, while your fathers sit around in their undershirts drinking milk!'
While the head Uruk was exhorting them and thinking:
'Come on ladies, get with the program, lets take this place before morning, so you lot can clean up the mess you and these whiteskins have made while I brew me a nice cup of tea and get back to crocheting doilies for my cozy cottage with the roses and picket fence.
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Maybe they were shouting 'please open the Gate, fellows' in Russian. (Rh’nian)
Could be Vir, could be. They may have heard of the gates of Moria and are shouting "friend" and versions of it like buddy, comrade, buddy, pal, chum or mate to see if that works here too.
Yes, but apparently they didn't awake the Watcher in the Mud. What a disappointment.
No it was "Is your Dark Lord in and is he interested in double glassing or new facia boards?"
How about this:
'We represent the Local Council and as you know, this fort has been scheduled for demolition to make way for a new round redoubt.

What do you mean this is the first you have heard about it? The plans have been on display in your local planning department in Barad-d’r for ages. It is too late now for any formal complaints, those should have been rendered to the planning commission months ago.

What do you mean you have never been to Barad-d’r? Oh for heavens sake Rohirrim, if you can't take an interest in local affairs that's your own lookout.' - not by Douglas Adams
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They were saying, 'Knock Knock! Anybody'? Or do you want one of us to answer the door? Okay, I'll bite.

Who's there?