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I have just watched the EE of the Two Towers with my husband, and he just asked me if, Eowyn was singing in Welsh in the scene of Thoedreds funeral.
So i was wondering what other people thought of the language used for this part of the film, and do other people from other countries thing it sounds like there native tongue.
It wasn't Welsh (I am). It sounded Scandanavian to me but haven't the foggiest.
It's in Old English (Anglo-Saxon), here are the lyrics:

Bealocwealm hafa’ fr’one frecan forth onsended
giedd sculon singan gl’omenn sorgiende on Meduselde...
’’t he ma no w’re,
his dryhtne dyrest and m’ga deorost,

'An evil death has set forth the noble warrior
A song shall sing sorrowing minstrels in Meduseld...
'That he is no more;
to his lord dearest and of kinsmen most beloved,
Death [took him]...'
but was that in the cd??? i have them but maybe im just being blonde and not looking. I didnt know that. thats awesome!
The scene of Eowyn singing is in the Extended Edition DVD and VCD. The lyrics are in the Music section in the EE DVD, I'm not sure if they're in the EE VCD.
There's also a scene of Eowyn in which she cooks stew for Aragorn, and Aragorn has big troubles with trying to keep the food inside his stomach...

"You are a shield-maiden of Rohan, and you are unable to cook. So i am glad that this is not your destiny."

Well anyway, i don't know if it is Mirando Otto singing (don't think so), but sounds better than Pippin's singing.

Hey, and she looks better than Pippin too.
"Cymru am Byth, Yr gwaid Dewi Sant"

Happy Saint Davids Day PT folks!!!

Quenya is heavily influenced by Welsh and Finnish, hmmm elements of Old and Middle English aside, both of the former languages are fit and well, the latter is dead!!!

Hell knows what my point is, maybe just revelling in my singular Welshness
Bad! Smilie
Dydd Gwyl Dewi!

You're not singular (well you are but not in Welshness) Wiggle Smilie

i would just like to say that Treebeard (john reese davis) delivered Tom Bom's lines superbly. "heed no nightly noises" Wink Smilie