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What are the major changes in the Fellowship and what are your views on these changes? Please post your here!
As this is in the Two Towers section I'm assuming you mean changes made in TTT film with reference to the 9 companions.

The major change in TTT film was Faramir. Almost everything about him was changed, his personality, his intent, his strength of will, his humanity and compassion. No sign of the 'air of Numenor'. Whatever excuse was given for changing Faramir is insufficient. I think the film could have worked with Faramir being Faramir and resisting the ring as long as that strength of will was carried on to TRotK. He may have eclipsed Aragorn's glory slightly so maybe PJ lessened Faramir's character for that reason.

Understandably, the visual medium is different to the written and changes are expected and accepted to make it work on screen but Faramir, Oh Faramir!

And the changes made to Faramir also extend to Frodo and Sam at Osgiliath.