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One for the film lovers! Which scenes (or bits of scenes) are your favourite? And why? Is it the music, the script, the costumes...?

Never mind that the scenes were not in the book - this thread is purely about the films.

Please do not make comparisons between film and book.

I'd rather leave out RotK until the EEDVD is out.


TTT - Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit

Frodo and Sam bump into Faramir and Frodo says anyone who opposes the enemy should not hinder them. Faramir walks over to the body of the Southron killed in the ambush, looks down at him and says...

I wonder what the man's name is and where he came from. and if he was really evil of heart, or what lies or threats had led him on the long march from home, and if he would not really rather have stayed there in peace.

I'm glad this speech was included, and glad it was given to Faramir. To me, this says a lot about Faramir's character. He is not just a warrior, he considers consequences and circumstances. There is something noble about the way he speaks of his enemy. An understanding?

I guess I am allowed to post here even if I am not a film-lover, just a film-liker?Wink Smilie

I like the scene where Boromir is teaching the hobbits to use their swords. It is so sweet and shows the real Boromir befor the Ring gets a hold of him, and the loving older brother that Faramir knew.
And the hobbits tackle him and Aragorn? Nice one.

Is anyone going to mention the elves at Helms Deep?
Is anyone going to mention the elves at Helms Deep?

I was going to, but you pre-emptied me. After having seeing the Rohirrim falling into dispair, it was so moving to see the elves arrive. I love the scene where Theoden is putting his armour on too, and he asks "What has the world come to".

For some reason I always find the opening scene of FotR, where Gandalf lets some fireworks off from the back of his cart quite moving too. It kind of shows the old wizard's soft spot for the Shire.
The elves were there for a WOW factor and it worked. Their formation was striking and they looked so...... elvish.

Boromir's death is a good one. Boromir redeemed. His words to Aragorn are quite moving. It is beautifully shot as well with the trees and the light and shadows.

OK, great, thread, Vee! Here's my faves (pls consider I haven't gotten the chance to see the EE DVD, so I'll resume to the actual movie):

-the Prologue: all of it, with an extra for the "But they were all of them deceived, for another Ring was made", "But the power of the Ring could not be undone" and "Darkness crept back into the forests of the world. Rumours grew of a Shadow in the East, whispers of a nameless fear."
-Gandalf showing a bit of his inner Maia, scaring the h**l out of Bilbo! hehe
-the scene with Gandalf leaving Frodo ("Keep it secret! Keep it safe!") and the moment we see Barad-dur for the first time;
-Gandalf's face when Frodo says "Wait! It's some form of Elvish, but I can't read it..." and when he says "Sauron's spirit endured!"
-Saruman's "For that is why you have come, is it not, Gandalf, my old friend?"
-Arwen's appearence;
-the Ford scene;
-Boromir's "Gondor has no King! Gondor needs no King!"
-the scene when the Orcs that surrounded them in Moria run, scared like s**t, with Gimli the only one actually happy for the unexpected turn of events; Boromir's question to Gandalf "What is this new devilry?", Legolas' dismayed stare (leting his bow down) and Gandalf's answer: "A Balrog! A demon of ancient times..." and from this point until they run to Lorien (with a special mention for the music after Gandalf's fall and the tear u can see in Frodo's eyes: that was the most moving moment for me in the film!);
-Galadriel's temptation (she looks so Noldo in that scene: "In place of a Dark Lord you would have a Queen...");
-Boromir's last stand and his final speech.

I'll be back with those from TTT,
I loved how in the beginning, how frodo runs to meet gandalf and they stand there looking at each other.
The first look at the Shire when Gandalf arrives is lovely. I like the old guy scowling at Gandalf and then smiling when the fireworks go off. I think of him and his wife as the Sackville-Bagginses but I don't think they are. They just scowl like them.

Bugy - I forget the Prologue but when I see it I find it very moving. Galadriel's voice has just the right amount of 'power' and 'fear'.

And yes - the music following Gandalf's death is wonderful. I cry every time.

And in TTT - Haldir's death, the slow motion, the music, the look of almost surprise on his face......

The very Beginning, of the Fellowship - the prologue! That blew me away... The forging of the Rings and the Massive Battle @ Dagorlad, did justice to the utter scale of the War and who was involved, and also gave a hint at what may be around the corner in the later battles - Helm's Deep, Pelennor Fields, Battle outside the Black Gate (no Mouth of Sauron... *sniff* sorry, forgot about not comparing book n film)

For me, that what got me all excited about seeing the movies... "Sauron pinging Elves & Men about like mosquitoes".

My favourite character in the film and book was Gollum, and virtually all the scenes where he was present made me wanna laugh, cry and grin evily. Superb for a CGI!

Cool Smilie
You are right about Gollum. For a CGI character he was very real. Full marks to Andrew Serkis.
I'd rather leave out RotK until the EEDVD is out.

Right there with ya on that one Vee!

I like the scene where Boromir is teaching the hobbits to use their swords. It is so sweet and shows the real Boromir befor the Ring gets a hold of him, and the loving older brother that Faramir knew.

Nice point Amarie, I agree!

Boromir's death is a good one. Boromir redeemed. His words to Aragorn are quite moving. It is beautifully shot as well with the trees and the light and shadows.

Yes I agree Vee! Boromir’s death is definitely a great scene, and also an area where I think PJ, and Co. succeeded (one of the few places) in deviating from Tolkien’s original story. Please note that I’m not deliberately trying to make a comparison between the books, and the films, but this specific scene is one I’ve wanted to point out for a while.

As we all know, in the books, Tolkien does not go into specific narrative detail on Boromir’s death, but rather leaves that part of the story to the reader’s own imagination. I thought it was a brilliant move on PJ’s part to show his interpretation of what actually happened with this event (and nothing wrong with the change, because Tolkien didn’t set this in stone), and it worked out perfectly, and powerfully for the film. We always spend so much time bashing PJ and Co. (myself included) for all of the unnecessary changes in the films, that in all fairness, we should at least also point out some places where there were some changes made that really worked, and again, the death of Boromir scene is definitely one of them.

Oh boy, there are soooo many scenes that I like in the movies (even though I’m a book purist at heart) that I almost don’t know where to begin. Logically I’ll guess I’ll start with the SEE of FOTR. For all the newbies that don’t know me, being essentially a book purist, I don’t even acknowledge the existence of the theatrical cuts of the films. If it weren’t for the SEE DVD’s, I would probably not like these films very much (although I do like the theatrical cut of ROTK), but I do feel that the SEE DVD’s offer the book fans soooo much more (since nearly everything they add back in is all stuff straight from the books), the positives definitely outweigh the negatives (and believe me, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this, and breaking it down), and the SEE’s do deliver justice to Tolkien’s original story IMHO.

Anyway, I basically like just about everything in the SEE of FOTR, but I’ll start with the Prologue for now. For me, since The Silmarillion is my favorite book of all time, the Prologue scene is one of the greatest scenes in the entire trilogy, and probably my personal favorite since that’s probably as close as I’ll ever get to seeing anything from The Simarillion on the big screen. The Prologue scene is worth its weight in gold IMHO, and easily atones for at least 5 PJ and Co. bo-bo’s.

I mean geez, we get to see Galadriel, Cirdan, and Gil-galad get their rings, and then we get to see The Battle of the Dagorlad, which is just simply amazing with Gil-galad, Elendil, Isildur, and Elrond. As if that wasn’t enough, then we get to see Isildur keep the One Ring, and for those of you who haven’t seen the SEE of FOTR, Isildur’s death scene at the Gladden Fields is greatly extended, and what we’re actually seeing there is something that is described by Tolkien in Unfinished Tales. You can say what you want about PJ, but in the Prologue alone he gives all of the hardcore book fans two solid treats from the Sil. and UT, and that earns big points from me! More to come later’
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my favorite scenes have to be the battles.
I like watching massive battles in the theater!
I am starting to appreciate the Prologue more thanks to you guys!

I agree with the battle scenes being very well done. When I think of how those scenes were achieved, the effort and skill put into them by actors, artists, craftsmen etc.... well, take my hat off to them.

Favourite battle scene? For me it has be Helm's Deep - the rain, the dark, the urak-hai, the chanting, the elves, the whole dang thing!
Yes I agree all of the battle scenes are nothing short of amazing! Even though I have some issues with some deviations from the book in regards to Helm’s Deep, overall I like that scene a lot, and I find myself enjoying it more and more each time I see it again.

I love the sound of the rain falling on armor right before the battle begins (so ominous), and the moment where Gandalf charges down the mountain on Shadowfax at the coming of dawn sends shivers down my spine every time I see it, and it looks exactly the way I had always pictured it in my mind from JRRT’s description.

Okay back to the SEE of FOTR. After the Prologue, I love everything involving the Shire. Just about every one of those scenes is great IMO. Another bit a really like that they added back in for the SEE of FOTR is right after Frodo has been stabbed by the Wiki (as he is commonly referred to on the Net these days), and they’re trying to get him to Rivendell as soon as possible, and they have the moment where Sam says ’Look Mr. Frodo, it’s Mr. Bilbo’s Trolls’ or something like that. That’s such a great nod to the book, and to the history of The Hobbit!

I really like the Bree, and Weathertop scenes as well, and I love the moment in the SEE where Frodo wakes up in the middle of the night and hears Aragorn singing The Lay of Luthien, and then Aragorn briefly recounts the tale of Beren and Luthien for Frodo. Great stuff!

I also really like the small bit in the SEE that shows the Hobbits and Strider trudging through the rain, and the swamp bogs, and falling down in the mud and what not. I felt that scene really helped to show just how long and hard of a trek it really was from Bree to Rivendell, and the hostile elements are beloved character’s continually had to face. Oh yes, still much more to come’
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Favourite battle scene? For me it has be Helm's Deep - the rain, the dark, the urak-hai, the chanting, the elves, the whole dang thing!
And don't forget the uruk-hai's stomping. That part reminded me of the native warriors beating their short spears upon their shields in Zulu. Cool Elf Smilie
That sent shivers down my spine! Did you watch the extras about Helm's Deep? They apparently were doing the Maori chants.....

That sent shivers down my spine! Did you watch the extras about Helm's Deep? They apparently were doing the Maori chants.....

Apparently it all started off ad-lib but looked good enough to be added in. Some of the elven scenes on the wall had to be cut though, because although the Uruk's could get away with it, it didn't look too good when some of the elven stunt men forgot they were being filmed and started giving them the finger back.
And don't forget the uruk-hai's stomping. That part reminded me of the native warriors beating their short spears upon their shields in Zulu.

I seem to recall PJ saying on one of the bonus material DVD’s for TTT that Zulu had been a film that inspired him on some levels when he was a kid, and definitely was a source of inspiration behind some of the Helm’s Deep scenes.
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I've just seen the SEE of FotR, so let me complete it first:


-Gandalf's Black Speach scene at the Counsil of Elrond (great one!!!);
-Gandalf's words to Frodo before they go into Moria;
-Lothlorien! (everything about it!!!)
Lothlorien! (everything about it!!!)

Yeah, the Lothlorien scene is excellent in the SEE!

I didn’t think the theatrical cut of FotR did the Lothlorien scenes proper justice, but the SEE has so much more, and is a lot closer to book canon!
Elf Smilie

My favourite scene of FOTR is the opening scene of the movie when Gandalf enters the Shire, because it is quite similar to the book at that point and hope for a good movie is still fresh at that point.

My favourite scene from TTT? Probably the Helm's Deep battle scenes. Not like the book at all, but it was the climax of the movie, orc hunting to the fullest. And it delivered some fast paced action.

Sorry for comparing with the books, but i think anyone who has read the books before the movies, does this (consciously or subconsciously). At least, that's what my psychiatrist told me.
FotR:One of the greatest scenes in literature, the confrontation between Gandalf and the Balrog, had to be good in the movie (if it wasn't going to be a complete dog ) -and it was. After that, I hate to admit it (being male), but I found the love scene between Aragorn and Arwen quite beautiful, and since it was drawn from Appendix A, possessing Tolkienesque integrity. And all of the scenes with Saruman were great. Christopher Lee did an outstanding job, and PJ has a real sense of how to portray evil. "Whom do you serve?" I agree with Virumor about the Shire scenes, though. They were very well done. If only the Inn at Bree and the Council of Elrond had fared as well.

TTT:The entrance into Meduseld by Gandalf was very exciting and splendidly directed, though it had to be interpreted somewhat metphorically to fit the books (or even make much sense).
The only scene that springs to mind at this moment is of the Hobbits in their journey to or from weathertop. One of them gets thrown an apple, because he is hungry. Aragorn says that he already has had breakfast but the hobbit names a whole bunch of meals they have. I can't remember the exact wordings, but I found it quite amusing, and it shows the eating habbits of hobbits.
Vir was right - it is difficult to discuss scenes and not compare them with the book when one has read and loves the books as many of us do so anyone doing that is forgiven as long as it doesn't turn into a book -v- film discussion.

There are manys scenes I find either moving (emotionally), funny, striking or well portrayed that don't necessarily fit exactly with the books some of which have already been mentioned. I like some of the scenes where PJ used quotes from the books but not necessarily in the same place or by the same character. Some of the best quotes have thankfully been used - as mentioned before the scene where Faramir talks about the dead Southron (originally Sam's words) and then there is the Wormtongue speach about Eowyn - "who knows what she spoke to the darkness, alone, in the bitter watches of the night...."

Those scenes that pricked me emotionally include Boromir's death, the Ride of the Rohirrim when Theoden rides along the lines of men clanging his lance against theirs and when we see the beacons light up one by one; Elronds description to Arwen of her future, the scene outside Minis Tirith when the enemy prepares to attack and Grond, Faramir's ride out while Denethor eats and I quite liked Saruman plunging onto the spiked wheel and also when Gandalf and Eomer rode into Helm's Deep at dawn and the eagles flying to Frodo and Sam. I loved the scenes where Gollum/Smeagol talked to himself and even the scene on the Stairs of Cirith Ungol where Gollum framed Sam for eating the lembas and the view of Minas Morgul and of course "You bow to no one" at the coronation.

I'm sure I'll remember a few more when I watch it again.
Gandalf fighting the Balrog
Frodo on the slopes grieving for Gandalf
Frodo hoisting Sam back in the both, where Sam tells him that he promised Gandalf not to leave Frodo.

Eowyn standing on the steps of Meduseld (combined with the music... it gives me the shivers)
Faramir and the Forbidden Pool
Helms Deep (especially when it starts to rain)
Sam pleading to Frodo not to give in (in Osgiliath)

The scene at Dunharrow between Theoden and Eowyn (I would have you smile again, not grieve for those whose time has come)
Faramir charging and riding for Osigiliath in combination with Pippin's song
The charge of the Rohirrim
Eowyn saying goodbye to Theoden
Eomer finding Eowyn
FOTR: All parts with Galadriel, especially the intro; the fight in Moria; the small orc fight at the end (where Boromir dies); the part where Aragorn is first seen and when they first start traveling with him and he gets the deer and the hobbits talk about their numerous meals

TTT: Eowyn on the steps of Meduseld (I love the way the wind blows her dress aand the flags); Helm's Deep (especially the part where Gimli asks what's going on and Legolas replies shall i describe it to you or do you want me to get you a box?)

ROTK: The drinking game (although it's very inaccurate to the characters and not even in the book); Gandalf meeting the Witch King; Pippin singing and Faramir riding out (so much symbolism with Denethor eating!); the part where Aragorn and Legolas are looking out into the night; Eowyn killing the Witch King
Besides agreeing with all of the examples given so far, there are many other scenes that also stick out in my mind as being memorable:

When Gandalf holds his staff aloft in the mines of Moria, and the group looks up at awe at the immensity of the place. The carved pillars and ceiling that seems to reach up forever.

In a similar vein, another great moment is when the party is canoeing down the river and first glimpse the Argonath (sp?), with the carved figures on either side of the river. I thought that was another sense of the grandeur of Middle Earth.

I also liked the light effect when the pillar of light/fire shot forth from Mordor as the Witch King arose from his city. The nazgul landing on the tower (and shrieking) on the outskirts of the dark city as the forces of Mordor began their march, while Sam and Frodo and Gollum hid behind the rocks nearby. I think it gave the viewers a sense of the peril that they were in the midst of, and how everything was only a razor's-edge from being found out and becoming a complete disaster.

And finally, the look of absolute joy on the faces of the hobbits as they realize the ring has been destroyed and they are chanting "Frodo", only to turn to shocked grief as they watch the mountainside explode and realize Frodo and Sam were there and likely didn't make it out alive.
the Ride of the Rohirrim when Theoden rides along the lines of men clanging his lance against theirs

Yes... I think that was definitely one of the best moments of RotK. I mean the Rohirrim knew that they were all going to die (they were wrong, but there was no doubt in their minds then), but they still charged the orcs...
for TT it is probably "Where are the horse and the rider..." while Theoden's armor is being put on... also when Gimli and Legolas greet Aragorn after thinking that he is dead. Oh, and of course Sam's speech about "the stories that mattered"
FotR... It's got to be the opening scene with Gandalf arriving in the shire. The first time, it's just nice, but after that, you have seen these characters (actually seen, looking like this and all) go through so much bad stuff that it is sort of sad to see the peacefulness that they had before. Plus, it has the Hobbits' theme (music) which is also played in so many poignant parts of the movies, like when Merry realizes that they can't just go back to the Shire like Treebeard suggests because if they lose, there won't be a Shire (in TT).
I'd like to add some special vivid touches that aren't the big power scenes.

Aragorn talking to the youth before the battle of Helm's Deep: the scene that starts, "Give me your sword..." Very strong, real and good. It might be the best scene in all the movies.

Eowyn singing at the funeral of Theodred. I've nailed PJ for a slew of bad ideas/changes, but that moment is breathtaking. (In addition to the fact that by the combination of natural virtues, acting, directing, lighting, WARDROBE and writing; Miranda Otto's Eowyn is invariably incandescent.)

Eowyn striding out to the front of Edoras and a banner blows off in the wind. The Rohirrim get the best music, too.

Escaping Moria, when Sam just plunks down sitting and crying.

When Faramir asks Sam imperiously if he is Frodo's bodyguard (?), and Sam grimly replies, "His gardener."
Doesn't that scene when Pippin goes away with Gandalf MAKE YOU WANNA CRY!!!!!!! Poor Pippin. And poor Merry. IT'S SO SAAAD!!!!! Specially seeing as PIppin doesn't have aclue what's going on, and MErry does, and BOOHOOHOO!! But it's not nearly as the movie I watched two days ago. Now that was SAD. Tragic. But back to LOTR....
I don't really like the movies, love the music. Irima-Arwen
Favorite parts are:
LOTR- Arwen and Aragorn parts. Council of Elrond, It shows that Aragorn is more than a ranger. Fellowship meeting Galadriel.

TTT- The part where are sees what happens when she stays with Aragorn, it was so sad, but it is what will, not will, does happen. Not much else, i hate Eowyn, hate how she gets so many parts in the movie.

ROTK- Arwen sees her son, she decides to stay with Aragorn. Mouth of Sauron on extended dvd, Cornation of Aragorn, and Wedding. Not much else.
Arath posted Saturday 27th January 2007 (09:00pm)
This goes for all the movies im too lazy to put up two more threads.....

anyway whats your favorite scene?

T’rin Turambar posted Saturday 27th January 2007 (09:06pm)
tom bombadil

Grondy says: Add your comments here for all three movies if you wish.
FOTR: The prologue was great. The part where Merry and Pippin mess with Gandalf's fireworks is hilarious and I always need to watch it a few times before my laughter subsides. I also found Gandalf's battle with the Balrog very touching. Gandalf looked like an old man in that scene, but his voice was so powerful and my heart gives a great big leap when he seems to have beaten the Balrog, and then my heart would sort of stop in mid-leap when the whip curls around Gandalf's ankle and he is oulled down. I melt at the "Fly, you fools!". And the scene right after, when the remainder of the Fellowship is outside of Moria and they're crying over Gandalf, is abosulte sorrow, coupled with the soulful music, I just fell it so strongly.

TTT: The funny scene I have to watch over and over is the "Or shall I get you a box?" part between Legolas and Gimli right before the battle of Helm's Deep. And Eowyn offering soup to Aragorn was also a funny scene, though I don't find it as funny as the Helm's Deep one. But the all-time favourite of TTT has to go to the scene where Merry and Pippin are being carried on the backs of two Uruks. Merry is forced to drink some fouls Orc-drink and Pippin expresses such concern it is almost unlike his jolly self. It is touching to see such worries cross the brow of Pippin, who is the youngest of the fellowship. And when Merry says, half consciously, "I'm fine. It was just an act." I feel that he has grown so mature. This scene really shows both Merry and Pippin as mature characters and stout friends. A must-treasure scene.

ROTK: I love the Grey Havens scene. It gives such a sense of finality and tranquility that is so hard to resist. You feel sad the movie's over, but you also feel good that Frodo will go on his journey and find peace, while the others live on in prosperity and joy. But there is still that lingering sorrow that lurks in that scene and Frodo's smile at the end, just as he turns to look at his friends one last time... oh! It is angelic to the core! Elijah Wood can be such an angel, seriously. And that smile really signified the end for me.
I absolutely adore Frodo's facial expressions after a) being stabbed by the (overly cute) cave troll in Moria, and b) being stinged by Shelob.
Now that you mention Shelob, I have to say that the expression on Sam's face when he enters with the phial and Sting is also quite memorable.
Well, Sam only had one expression during the entire movie.

He looked as fearful from the huge arachnid as from the tavern wench he was to conjugate with.
Sam's expression was at least better (imho) than Frodo's, which always looked like a manga rabbit caught in the headlights of an on-coming vehicle: two big wide open eyes staring straight ahead, while the rest of his face looked blank.

I was trying to remember the word for the above from Watership Down by Richard Adams. Can anyone remember what it was? The hypnotized rabbit stare?
My oldest son Connagh is a typical boy of his age and has a hundred different interests on the go at once, his latest is Dragons.
I was bored the other day and put the fotr on(ext ed) and he sat on his beanbag in front of the telly with eyes wide.
As we got nearer the Smaug fire works scene I started saying "watch out for the Dragon" which peeked his interest even more.
He's currently having tests to determine if he has Aspergers syndrome, so he doesn't say sentences but kept muttering over and over "Dragon?...aww whuckamudda greff oh Dragon?" He also loved the Balrog part who he's also decided is a dragon.
Your son sounds very cute, Rho! Smile Smilie

Grondy, I think the word is 'tharn'.. WD is a favorite book.

This is a good thread to revive. The death of Boromir is my favorite scene of the whole shebang but seeing the Witch King slaughtered by a woman is a good one too and also the incredible transformation of Theoden. I could watch that one over and over.
Bridge of Khazad-D’m.

when Gollum is in the forbidden pool singing about fishessssssss.....sad

Wow everything is all so hazy...but I guess it has to be the tumble down the hill.  However untrue to the book, it makes me laugh. Still. So yeah. And all the scenes with Aragorn in it.

Hi everyone hope your still all festive! Pippin and Merry finding each other under the fallen Oliphant "I knew you'd find me....." makes me cry every time. Also Ent attack on Isengard.

When I think about FOTR favourite scenes of mine, I think about the whole movie Wink Smilie Well, almost. Just a couple of them, because I'm sure I couldn't remember all of them at the moment.

The scene in Bree, where Aragorn is explaining who the Black Riders are. Beautifully played, his words are full of darkness, mysterious. I realized recently, that there's also something else. Aragorn says it as the story is... I don't know a bit abhorrent to him. Like you could see a bit of shame on his face, when he talks about. Then I realized that the story of Nazgul is also the story of his own race, the weakness of Men, his secret fear. Nazgul are the evidence of this weakness.

Amon Sul. It looks surreal. It's like the worst nightmare. Abandoned place. Dark, tall figures with no faces. The sky.

The sequence in Moria, when goblins run away and the Fellowship faces Balrog. The look on Gandalf's face is so memorable for me. You see him, his sudden realization that something really bad is going to happen and you can see he is fully aware of what it is. He's actually the only one realizing that. Powerful moment.

Of course, unforgettable "You shall not pass". That was the moment when I realized how powerful this old man in grey cloak is (I haven't read LOTR at the time I saw it for the first time) and it still amazes me. I'm always having a bit of breakdown when he falls.

The scene between Frodo and Aragorn, when Frodo decides to leave and asks Aragorn what would he do. The temptation of the ring. The look on Aragorns face. The music.

Boromir's death. The moment he's on his knees, wounded, and the Orcs are passing him is heartbreaking. Like they let him die slowly, they just leave him there, because he's not a threat anymore. He's alive, but he's dead for them. They won't waste their time killing him, they won't let him die in a fight.