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I for one, hope that bit gets edited out. Looks like there is going to be too much gratuitous violence in the TT. Bummer. Sad Smilie
well that just sucks...if they're impaling Saruman in TT, does that mean he's not going to last for the scouring of the Shire, do you think?
oooowww ouch! what a way to go.

Chicka, do you think maybe the hobbits did that to him? instead of just shooting him I mean. That wheel could be Ted Sandyman's?

Still, I must be offended at this blatant departure from the books *froth froth.
Well, I didn't expect any less really. And that ain't how you spell Kebab!
Altogether now...*sings* A Wizard's Staff has a Kebab on the end.....
A kebab on the end...doo da, doo da
A wizard's staff has a kebab on the end
Hey doo da day.

Shoot, I know that in 'Who's Scarier' I said that I wished they'd kill of Saruman in TTT so that I wouldn't see him humiliated in the Scouring....but this is too much. Must watch what I wish for in the future. And the worst thing is that I can't b*tch about it now. Sad Smilie
I'm all for leaving out certain elements and adding things to make the movies more exciting to those "Non-Tolkienites" but to put this in is absolutely terrible. PJ must have just finished watching a "Friday the 13th" movie or something when he thought that one up. GAG! I say we start a petition and get that part out of the film. Hell I think it would be better just to let one or two of the Nazgul have their way(hehehehe) with the wizard. :P
I wonder if wormtongue gets away though... I rather like Christopher Lee, but if you are leaving out the scouring of the shire, there's really no need to keep Saruman around (people still get confuzzled at the two bad guy names... better to get one out of the way)
This would just be ridiculous! :o
aaaarghh! that sounds awful! I tried to open the weblink to that site but its closed down. Can anyone tell me whats exactly happening to the TT's?
It was a picture of Saruman "skewered" on a spikey wheel. Possibly a mill wheel, but we will have to wait for TTT to find out Sad Smilie .

I would have liked to see Saruman's end remain as it was in the book. The scouring of the shire was important to the narrative.
Probably the spiky wheel was one of the gears or cogs in the machinations of Isengard. I expect we will be treated(?) to another of PJ's infantile wizard duels, between Gandalf and Saruman, with the latter being propelled backwards through the air by the force of the "New" Gandalf's counterattack, resulting in Saruman being hoisted on one of his own petards. Very Sad Smilie
I have heard it from insiders that Legolas gets the kill for Wormtongue (who pushes Saruman over the edge of Isenguard).

(No... I'm not sure if it's true, but this is a film school intern... he is a big huge jerk with only 19 years under his belt - he is obviously perfectly suited for HOllywood with the ego he has and the opinion that all should bow to his knowledge)
So does that mean that Wormtongue throws Saruman at the companions and not the Palantir? My god the mind boggles Mad Smilie They better not have another fight like the one in the first movie, old men fighting just seems wrong......just a bit of mind duelling would be so much better.. This isnt the WWF!
Being impaled sounds like the outcome of an infinate number of fantasy, sci-fi etc etc etc movie villains, and only one time was it done with style, in the Lost Boys Big Smile Smilie
Ahem! I just have one thing to say, The Green Goblin, in both the original 1978 comic book, and the Movie of Spiderman, best skewering ever, okay?
Well my mind seems to remember one nasty villain falling and being skewered on the top of an ornate wrought iron picket fence, now that was satisfying indeed. Can't remember which movie it was, but the effect was quite deadly, so the bad guy wasn't a vampyre.

Wasn't Ming the Merciless skewered by the nose of Flash Gordon's rocketship in that 1980's camp movie?
Oh yeah Ming got it bad! forgot about that one! The guy in Ghost got it with a sheet of jagged glass i think(please correct me if i'm wrong) and now I think about it there was a pretty cool impaling scene in both Excalibur and Bram Stokers Dracula...I retract my earlier statement! Plenty of cool impalings...can you think of any more? Cool Smilie
The Omen, when the priest gets it from the steeple of his own church, and the guy who gets decapitated by a sheet of glass.
D@mn Grondy, I know that movie and I can't remember for the life of me what it was... I'll be thinking about that for days now.
Plastic: I'm thinking Gothic, how did Steerpike get it in the end?
Steerpike fell through the ivy onto a sword, so does that count? I dont know if it went right through or not Big Smile Smilie !
Darn it! I wanna see the pic but it's not there anymore! Sad Smilie Anyone know where I can find it?
Titus sword went into Steerpikes head, so it's close, but no cigar.
Maybe the pictures a fake? Maybe PJ just had that picture taken to make people think that's whats going to happen and then does something compleatly different. From what I've heard Peter's a big fan of the book, so if he likes the story so much then why would he change it? Also, Christopher Lee is a big LotR fan and I expect he would have had a grumble if too much was changed. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens...
Titus sword went into Steerpikes head, so it's close, but no cigar.

Well I've only seen the TV version of Gormengast...but guys whos buying the book tomorow. Eee! I'm so excited *breaks into a spontanious happy dance* Disturbed Smilie
From what I've heard Peter's a big fan of the book, so if he likes the story so much then why would he change it?

Are you having a laugh? Have you seen the first movie?

Btw. Good one on buying the Gormenghast trilogy, truly very good indeed, but don't get too upset when you read Titus Alone and realise that even the best writers can completely lose the plot. Wink Smilie
From what I've heard Peter's a big fan of the book, so if he likes the story so much then why would he change it?

Are you having a laugh? Have you seen the first movie?

Very Big Grin Smilie

I didn't see the picture either... Or maybe a long long time ago... Very Sad Smilie
Yeah Titus Alone was truly appaling...dont read it and expect it to be anything like the first two......hmmm you've probably read it already by now.....hmmm! Big Smile Smilie