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Hey, y'all! just saw TTT for the 1000th time Wink Smilie ( Honestly, I'am doing a marathon here) I came into this movie late when it frist came out and just loved the film it's my fave Helm's Deep was no Pellinore but it was a great battle. Cool Smilie Smoke Smilie

PS: the only movie I have seen this much is both volumes of Kill Bill Very Evil Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien Smile Smilie 1000 times? Yikes. And how many times have you read the book?
Is this the first time we saw TTT...... same as the one about FotR?

I enjoyed Theoden et al tremendously...... even with the changes made...... Loved Helm's Deep and nearly burst when the elves arrived. It was a big WOW WOW WOW.... and then I remembered there were no elves at Helm's Deep (apart from Legolas). But it really worked for me, especially the sadness at the elves dying fighting for men. I know it wasn't in the book blah blah blah but it did portray the bond between elves and Men as seen in the Last Alliance with Isildur and whatsit and thingy and Sauron and the finger.

I was, however, bitterly disappointed at how Faramir was portrayed. For me those changes did not work.

Loved Gollum. Loved the chats he had with himself.

Overall there was more I enjoyed than disliked. I left the cinema feeling extremely awed and red eyed.

Hello,Vee yup it is the same as TFOTR glad to hear from ya once more. Faramir was really not a big issue for me I liked both Faramirs.Theoden was cool! I was always a fan of the Erolingas Big Smile Smilie
1000 times? Dude, you have serious issues. I think it's time you got out of the house.

I liked TTT, Helm's Deep was the best part of the movie. Didn't like how they messed up Faramir and turned him into a partial enemy to Frodo and Sam.
A 1000 times! Jeez, that's getting on for twice a day, every day for the year and a half since it came out. You may have got excellant value from whatever you paid for the DVD/video, but maybe you should consider getting a life. Shocked Elf Smilie
Yes, very funny guys heh, really only 7 or 8 max! Big Smile Smilie y'all make me laugh alot thats why I come around.
1000 times? You are either an alien or someone who has lived to be 6,020,003!
i just happen to be doing a marathon as well. But a much longer and more different one. I'm going to read TLOTR on my birthday. That'll be 12 times, and I'll be turning 13. Then again at Christmas. And that'll be 13 times, and I'll be thirteen. And then I'll read TLOTR every year at my birthday! Then I won't have to remember how many times I've read it. It'll be my age! But it'll take discipline, cause I really WANT TO READ IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very Mad Smilie Very Evil Smilie Exploding Head Smilie Very Evil Smilie Disturbed Smilie
Whens your birthday? try watching the special extended edition "1,000" trimes (yeah right) your eyes will melt and then the carrion fowl will pick your decaying corpse......................................................................... sorry got a little carried away there.
Another thing that struck me when I first saw TTT was the sheer scale of everything! Man, it was phenomenal! I had to watch all the extras when the dvd came out just to see how they managed it with models and fight scenes. The detail is unbelievable and part of what makes it such a great film.

Hello, Vee I was impressed w/ Edoras and Helms Deep.PJ nailed it perfectly Cool Smilie
I was very confused with Barfagorn taking a dive, then suddenly Arwen showing up, the horse kissing, etc. Ah well, it was a nice surprise, i guess. I was hoping that Barfagorn would die in the movies, anyway.
i thought that the two towers was the better movie, out of the three! especially the extended version but it really made me sad to see haldir die, i wouldve done the same thing aragorn did and jump off that ladder into the orcs! i wouldve been extremely mad, if only haldir hadnt turned around...
So many WOWs in the Helm's Deep bit - and when Gandalf arrives, just as he said he would, riding down that impossibly steep slope with the riders of Rohan and the sun behind...... amazing cinematography. Big WOW!
Yes, taken right out of the Ten Commandments : Mozes exclaiming "Let my Rohirrim go!!!!" and then sending his army through a sea of Uruk-Hai.

Does anyone know why PJ put ’owyn in Helm's Deep and ’omer out of Helm's Deep? Just to make TTT as far from the books as possible?
Yes, taken right out of the Ten Commandments : Mozes exclaiming "Let my Rohirrim go!!!!" and then sending his army through a sea of Uruk-Hai.

Funny you should say that but that is exactly what I was thinking - it was an epic scene and I did think The Ten Commandments but Charlton Heston could never play Gandalf as well as Sir Ian.