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Thread: A Hobit with a Mullet! Say it ain't so!

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As long as hobbits have brown curly hair PJ can style it any way he wants and be in keeping with the text. I for one think Frodo's long tresses are rather a hindrance for an adventurer: hard to keep clean and styled, too easy to snag on things like trees, brush, and orc and Gollum fingers. Look at the greasy mess sported by Strider, I'd think he would want it hacked off or covered by a helmet. Oh well, its only a movie. Big Smile Smilie
Mullet hairdo? where did that come from? I thought we already saw that pic with short hair? Does it grow long in TTT?

I dont get it. Why change Frodo's Hairdo? Sad Smilie

And if it just grew long, wouldn't it be long at the front too?[Edited on 23/2/2002 by Allyssa]
Who here knows the word "Hoax"? Or "Joke"? Wink Smilie
The more I think on it the more I think it may be an hoax and hopefully so. Besides I betting that when the last film comes out that PJ will be calaborating with the producers of Harry Potter and we will see a Harry Potter meets LOTR titled " Harry Potter and the Nazgul that Got Away"! LOL

This clearly is a joke. But I don't get the mullet thing. What's a mullet, anyhow?
A mullet is a really vulgar hairdo. I would never even look twice at a man with one, let alone a hobbit. This prankster stuff is really getting out of hand!
Thanks, Alyssa. I was getting weird thoughts by now...
I thought that the prank was getting out of hand three months ago already! :rolleyes
Must be quite hard being an aussie and not going for men with mullets...:wink
Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie
Good one, P-man, good one!
*looks at Frodo's mullet*
...Shocked Smilie I can honestly say thats the most terrifing thing I have ever seen! It probaly roams the streets at night eatting lost pets and the contents of peoples dustbins...hell, its probaly got its own political system. Big Smile Smilie
HA - HA - HA ! Very Big Grin Smilie

What a horrible picture ! Wood looks absolutely ugly.

I gues that Internet is the safest way to make pranks on Tolkien fans. Otherwise you could get ambushed with bow and arrows, killed, burned and your ashes flushed down in toilette.
Must be quite hard being an aussie and not going for men with mullets...:wink

They dont all have mullets you know Wink Smilie . The ones that do, are not worth the bother.